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Volume 1: November 1980

The first volume of the Fast Forward cassette magazine begins with an editorial by Bruce and Andrew outlining their intentions for the series. There's material about DIY recording techniques, a punk tour of Britain, and the Australian "mod revival". It includes an early version of Pel Mel's hit single "No Word From China".

Click on track titles to play individual mp3s, or download the entire issue (70 Mb).

The artwork for this issue was a two-sided poster.

  1. Introduction by Bruce and Andrew
  2. Tenny Weenys - 'Father Likes Daughter'
  3. Editions - sound engineering, 'All Dressed Up'
  4. Mod in Melbourne, featuring Little Murders 'Trouble With Love'
  5. Interview with Raff Edwards about Richard Hell's UK tour with the Clash
  6. Pel Mel - 'No Word From China'
  7. Informatics - 'Concorde Affair'