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Volume 3: early 1981

Introducing volume 3, Bruce and Andrew play a song from England about cassettes, then a sendup from Severed Heads, before reflecting on the magazine's career to date and following up on Pel Mel, who had 'taken off' somewhat. There's a solo home recording by a member of Serious Young Insects (who had a hit with 'Trouble Understanding Words' around then). A Laughing Hands interview focuses on instruments and equipment. The highlight of the tape is probably the interview with Gang of Four about pop music.

Click on track titles to download individual mp3s, or download the entire issue (100 Mb).

The artwork for this issue was a two-sided poster. It's displayed below as two thumbnails - click these to download the full size scan.

  1. Excitement Pathetix - 'The Age Of The Fun Cassette'
  2. introduction
  3. Artificial Organs - 'Situation Normal'
  4. interview Laughing Hands
  5. 'Laughing Hands Truck'
  6. Mark White - 'Dream About Fun'
  7. AEIOU - 'Last Surfer'
  8. The Couch - 'By the Author of Psycho'
  9. interview with Gang of Four
  10. The Particles - '(Bits Of) Wood'
  11. outroduction