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Volume 7: October 1981

The seventh volume of Fast Forward features interviews with England's John Lydon - at that time singer with Public Image Limited - and Australia's Laughing Clowns, with a live recording of their song 'Collapse Board'. There's music from a diverse range of acts, and a hello from the Village People. A piece on the 'Audio Arts' cassette label focuses on the distribution of non-musical sound recordings.

Click on track titles to download individual mp3s, or download the entire issue (156 Mb).

The accompanying artwork zine was getting bigger issue by issue, so there's quite a bit of reading here. Click on the thumbnail images below to see them in full size.

  1. Jeff Ansell - 'The Doomsday Demagnetizer'
  2. Stave Adam's Park Drive - 'Spy Theme'
  3. interview with John Lydon of Public Image Limited
  4. Ronnie and the Rhythm Boys - 'I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend'
  5. Winchell's Donut Corp. - 'Halloween Fun'
  6. Johnny Topper - 'Did You Know?'
  7. Crackajacks - 'Shorty the Barber'
  8. Two Way Garden - 'We've Just Fallen'
  9. interview with the Laughing Clowns
  10. Laughing Clowns - 'Collapse Board' live
  11. Johnny Topper - 'The case of the missing Leave it to Beaver'
  12. interview with Bill Furlong of the Audio Arts label
  13. Tiny Holes - 'Walking on Air'
  14. Sunday Painters - interview, includes track 'Lake'
  15. Sunday Painters - 'The Outsiders'
  16. Johnny Topper - 'Did You Know?'
  17. Village People - 'A Big (new) Wave and Howdy'
  18. Pete Best Beatles - 'Citizens Dance'
  19. Pete Best Beatles - 'Dance Song'
  20. Jeff Ansell - 'Our Man, Jim'