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volume 8 (double-issue)

The 8th and 9th volumes of Fast Forward were released as a double-tape "birthday issue" in late 1981. The editors said (see artwork) that the reason for the additional tape was the large influx of musical submissions received which were worthy of inclusion but would take months to fit into the regular format. So a second tape containing music only was included. Due to size considerations the tapes are presented here on two separate web pages.

These issues contain interviews and music from number of musicians who remain well-known today (The Cure, Kraftwerk, Ian Dury) or were well-known at the time (Machinations, JFK and the Cuban Crisis, Sardine V). There's early material from experimental violinist Jon Rose, and classic Australian post-punk from Crime and the City Solution, People With Chairs Up Their Noses, and Dead Can Dance. There's a snippet of the infamous Public Image Limited riot show in New York.

Click on track titles to download individual mp3s, or click the blue buttons to play them in the page ... or download the entire issue (212 Mb).

The artwork now had become a fully-fledged magazine, so there's a lot of great reading here. Be sure to go through it for information about the musicians on the tape as well as material of general interest. (Click thumbnails for full size scans.)