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Volume 11: May 1982

The 11th volume of Fast Forward had a "sex" theme which is manifest in, among other things, a striking interview with prostitutes Collette and Chantelle, and another with feminist author Beatrice Faust. There are interviews and songs by Australian groups such as the Go-Betweens, the Triffids, Pel Mel and Wildlife Documentaries (featuring ex-Saint Ivor Hayes), and an interview and two live songs from US band The Cramps. There's comedy including a sendup of the then-booming "new romantic" trend. And there is something of a Queensland theme, with a song by Birds of Tin and material about that state's government of the day.

Click on track titles to download individual mp3s, or download the entire issue (180 Mb).

The accompanying Fast Forward print zine was always excellent - click on the thumbnails below to read full size.

  1. Introduction
  2. Kid Moccassin
  3. Pel Mel - 'Shoes Should Fit'
  4. Go-Betweens interview
  5. Dorian Gray - 'Priceless Dream'
  6. R. Stevie Moore - No Body
  7. R. Stevie Moore - interview
  8. R. Stevie Moore - Advertising Agency of Fucking
  9. The Tablewaiters - 'Confrontation with a Mountain'
  10. Colette and Chantelle interview
  11. Red Dark Sweet - 'Oh! Carol'
  12. The Triffids - 'You Can Keep It'
  13. Blitz Classics
  14. Turn Over
  15. Beatrice Faust - excerpt from 'Women, Sex and Pornography'
  16. Speedboat - 'Sex Without Grunting'
  17. The Cramps - '(New Kind of) Kick' (live)
  18. The Cramps - interview
  19. The Cramps - 'Drug Train' (live)
  20. Annie Bleach - 'Hi, I'm Craig'
  21. Aeroplane Footsteps - 'Latin Whisper'
  22. Birds of Tin - 'Day at the Beach'
  23. The Nolan Sisters - 'Hi to all F.F. listeners'
  24. Wildlife Documentaries interview
  25. Wildlife Documentaries - 'Promise Me'
  26. Premier Peanut
  27. Nuvo Bloc - 'Beaten to a Pulp'
  28. Karen Ansell - 'Theme for the Invisible Man'