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Volume 12: August 1982

The 12th ('dance') issue of Fast Forward, released in August 1982, is full of people who went on to have distinguished careers in music, and some who were already big names. There's an interview with Kim Salmon with a live recording of the Scientists' hit 'Swampland', and an interview with Colin Newman of Wire. There's a song by Brisbane's Tangled Shoelaces, who included future members of Wondrous Fair and contemporary Australian composer Martin Mackerras. There's a song by classic post-punk Australian group Essendon Airport, who reformed during the noughties and have reissued material on the Chapter label. There are several examples of the explosion of musical styles that (re-)emerged during 1982 including rockabilly, latin / jazz / funk, goth, and Casios. Grace Jones and Bucks Fizz drop in to say hello. Great interviews include Denise Drysdale discussing her career as a professional go-go dancer in the 1960s, and a vox-pop with audience members at Sydney venue 'Stranded'.

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As always the zine is highly read-worthy - click on the thumbnails to read the pages full-sized.

  1. Jay Ashton (from Bucks Fizz) drops in to say 'hello'
  2. Intro featuring Tsk Tsk Tsk
  3. Blow Monkeys - 'In Cold Blood'
  4. audience members at Sydney venue Stranded
  5. Colin Newman - Interview (includes excerpts from 'Not To', 'Lorry' & 'Map Ref.')
  6. Colin Newman - 'H,C,T,F,R'
  7. Scientists interview (includes excerpt from 'When Worlds Collide')
  8. Scientists - 'Swampland' (live at Sydney University, May '82)
  9. Ed Bahlman (of 99 Records) interviewed by Keri Phillips (includes excerpts of Vivian Goldberg's 'Laundrette' & Bush Tetras' 'Too Many Creeps')
  10. Liquid Liquid - 'Bellhead'
  11. Start - 'Let's Dance'
  12. Crackajacks - 'Jump Cats, Jump'
  13. Eskalators - 'Eskimo'
  14. Hot Half Hour - 'Lamp That' (live at the Jump Club, Melbourne)
  15. Safehouse - 'Things That You Say'
  16. Go Circus - 'Cha Cha'
  17. Tangled Shoelaces - 'World'
  18. Grace Jones drops by
  19. Denise Drysdale interviewed by Jeff Ansell
  20. The Couch - 'Full Treatment'
  21. Flesh - 'Imagination is Wild'
  22. Essendon Airport - 'What is This Thing Called Funk?' (out-take from Palimpest album)
  23. Phil McKellar - 'Some Good Things To Do'
  24. Hot Half Hour - 'Yank' (live at the Jump Club, Melbourne, July '82)