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Volume 12: August 1982

The 12th ('Dance') issue of Fast Forward, released in August 1982, is full of people who went on to have distinguished careers in music, and some who were already big names at the time. There are interviews with Kim Salmon (plus live recording of the Scientists' hit 'Swampland'), with Colin Newman of Wire, and with celebrity Denise Drysdale about her early career. There are songs by Brisbane's Tangled Shoelaces and Melbourne's Essendon Airport. There are examples of the explosion of musical styles that (re-)emerged during 1982 including rockabilly, latin / jazz / funk, goth, and Casios. Grace Jones and Bucks Fizz drop in to say hello and there's a vox-pop with audience members at Sydney venue 'Stranded'.

Click on track titles to download individual mp3s, or download the entire issue (220 Mb).

As always the printed zine is highly read-worthy - click on the thumbnails to read the pages full-sized.