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Volume 13: October 1982

The 13th and final issue of Fast Forward had the theme 'Personality / Fashion / Style'.

A highlight of the issue is a frank and wide-ranging interview with members of the Fall, who had just toured Australia. Ed Kuepper speaks about the Laughing Clowns and the Saints (and there's a live Clowns song), and there are interviews with Tiny Tim, and the features editor of England's then-influential 'Face magazine'. There's spoken material from Charles Bukowski, Quentin Crisp, Phillip Brophy, and two members of the Cure.

There are musical offerings from a number of post-punk bands, including Australia's Manikins, Honeymoon in Green, And An A, and Cough Cough, and overseas groups Blurt and the Legendary Pink Dots. 1982's cow-punk scene is represented by the Sacred Cowboys. There's a send-up of the Boys Next Door's indie hit 'Shivers' done in c'n'w style, and more ...

Click on track titles to download individual mp3s, or download the entire issue (220 Mb).

The scans of the magazine pages are arranged in a table. Do take time to read through them - there's as much interesting stuff here as in the audio tracks.

  1. Charles Bukowski & Quentin Crisp speak about "style"
  2. And An A - 'Holiday Crowd' (recorded in Perth)
  3. Tiny Tim interviewed by Virginia Moncrieff
  4. ***** ***** (Cough Cough) - 'Jungle Song' (recorded in Canberra)
  5. ***** ***** (Cough Cough) - 'Enfante'
  6. Sacred Cowboys - 'Is Nothing Sacred (live at Troy Studios, Melbourne)'
  7. Steve Taylor (Features editor of 'The Face') interviewed by Andrew Maine
  8. Big Bang Combo - 'Shivers (at The Ballroom, Melbourne, Sep '82)'
  9. Jeff Holland - 'Alf Docker Reporting Political Life-Styles'
  10. Laughing Clowns interviewed by Geoff King
  11. Laughing Clowns - 'Mr. Uddich Schmuddich Goes to Town' (live in Sydney, June '82)
  12. The Manikins - 'Walking on Water (recorded Perth, June '82)'
  13. Philip Brophy speaks about sub-cultures
  14. Honeymoon in Green - 'Fireman (Learn't not to Cry)'
  15. Blurt - 'Ted Milton interviewed by Clinton Walker'
  16. Blurt - 'Benighted (recorded in the Netherlands, Aug '82)'
  17. Legendary Pink Dots - 'Stoned Obituary'
  18. Robert Smith & Simon Gallup - 'A Few Stylish Tips'
  19. Mark E. Smith interviewed by Bruce Milne & Robin Plunkett in Melbourne
  20. The Fall - 'Hexen Hour (live in Melbourne, Aug '82)'
  21. Fast Max - 'Subscribe or Die'