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Volume 13: October 1982

The 13th and final issue of Fast Forward had the theme 'Personality / Fashion / Style'.

A highlight of the issue is a frank and wide-ranging interview with members of the Fall, who had just toured Australia. Other interviews include Ed Kuepper, who speaks about the Laughing Clowns and the Saints (with live Clowns song), Tiny Tim (by Virginia Moncrieff!), and the features editor of England's then-influential 'Face magazine'. There's spoken material from Charles Bukowski, Quentin Crisp, Phillip Brophy, and two members of the Cure. There are musical offerings from bands including Australia's Cough Cough and Sacred Cowboys and internationals the Legendary Pink Dots. The Boys Next Door's indie hit 'Shivers' is done in c'n'w style, and more ...

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