the SPILL label

about Spill

Spill is an ongoing project to facilitate leading-edge independent music.


email gregwadley at gmail dot com or write to

po box 1434
Vic 3053


The label was started in the eighties by a loose group of Brisbane musicians as a way of keeping a permanent contact address for records released by ourselves and others. Since the early 90s it has mostly been run by Greg Wadley.

The first release produced for the Spill label itself was a compilation cassette of Australian bands released in 1991. The second and third Spill compilations were released on cd in 1993 and 1995. As well as this series Spill has released theme compilations and albums by individuals. These are all available on the compilations page.

At first the Spill presence consisted of photocopied mail-order catalogues placed inside record sleeves. We had a website in 1994 - early for a music label - with help from Melbourne Uni computer scientist Richard Hagen. Our first website was text-only, designed for the Lynx browser. See our news archive for historical items going back near that time.

The Spill studio has carried out recording and mastering for many bands and labels.

Mission Statement

Since the 80s the aim of Spill has been to do whatever is useful to facilitate the production and dissemination of music by people with no budget. This is motivated by the belief that the independent music scene produces some of most innovative culture despite being beset by an almost complete absence of cash-flow.

Spill aims to embrace the future rather than the past, and the label released its last disc in 2008. Releasing music for free doesn't mean it shouldn't sound good: on the contrary, being able to produce good music without crippling costs is more important than ever and is still Spill's main reason for being.