released in January 2009

Hello, My name is Julian Williams and I've been doing my thing in music and experimental theatre in Melbourne for years now, how they go so fast. This is my new album and thanks to the Synaesthsia and Spill labels, it now comes to your electronic world.

The album has a densely layered sound. It took me nine months to complete, which is probably the longest I've ever taken to make a rekod. If you're counting, this would be my 15th album or so, but most of the others are ridiculously obscure, mostly in part to my lack of promotional savvy, but they're around, and vary from early 90's noisy hum squelch, to drone poparama song type things. On this album there are conventional instruments like guitars, organs, and wind instruments. There are also sampled everyday sounds from around the house, generally slowed down or speeded up, and then harmonies galore. It reflects my taste in music from the Beach Boys to Pauline Oliveros, although the music I listen to is all over the shop, so it's hard to make comparisons. The byways of this musical world are as varied as a china polluted stream.

Lyrically, I'm writing about my usual interests: spirituality, meditation, understanding humans role in the universe, various rites and ceremonies of tribes in Africa, South America and Asia. Yep, I love the arcane and esoteric landscape my fellow beings. The process of writing lyrics is weird. It's like I'm the antenna catching vibrations, or like a radio picking up frequencies in the air. Even I don't know what they mean most of the time. I like to give each listener the opportunity to make their own meaning. I don't consider myself the author of the work, just the facilitator. My feelings about the album are no different to those reading this. The power of mystery is a great thing to be enjoyed by husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, mums and dads, and every being with ears.

As some kind of reference, I also take part in the activities of a congregation called THE HI GOD PEOPLE. We are a musical and performance group who have played with Sonic Youth, played a gig on a tram, performed on the ABC TV 'Set' show, and released split 12 inch albums with the Dead C and Zond.

The E.P at the end of my album is the soundtrack from a one man experimental movement piece I did in the summer of 2005 at the Ceres environmental park in Melbourne. Its just organs and drum machines, and words about paganism in Europe before its absorption by Christianity. I sang while performing in a muddy swamp to a bemused crowd of organic food shoppers.

I wrote this while living in China going through a tropical summer. Now I am back in Melbourne..

Farewell from Julian Williams