the SPILL label

the Volvox trilogy

Volvox played in Melbourne between 1991 and 1996. Two collections of Volvox recordings were released on cassette (Bad Earth and Egg, Pluto Pup and You). Recordings were made for a third album, Damage Begins at the Mouth.

The Dual Plover and Spill labels have re-released this trilogy on cd. First out in 2000 was Damage Begins at the Mouth. These 26 tracks are enclosed in green cardboard and felt. In 2002 we released Bad Earth. This is in a full-colour cd cover constructed out of the several different covers that enclosed the original cassette. In May 2005 we released Egg, Pluto Pup and You, the third and final cd in the trilogy.

Download 'Bad Earth'

There are no copies of Bad Earth left, so we've placed the songs here in mp3 format. Click on songs to download, or grab the entire album.

Beetle Paste Dinner Infectious Substances
Lemon Creek Insect Horror
Pure Horror Rotten Merino
Breaking of the Egg Lucky Kitchen
Shit Blake Qld Twitch
We've Got Them Putrid Helicopter
Multivalorisation Same Old Lumps
Interferon I Am Nailed To Molluscs
Strange Eggs in Even Stranger Containers Sad Dog Food
Learning The Stylophone It's Bothering You
Jesus is a Jelly (oil on board) Molasses Talk
Unbearable Beef Drink

a note from Anthony, singer of Volvox: MATTHEW RUWOLK - Matthew, or PSYCHOPATHIC BARBARIAN, lived in the Victorian fishing town of Warneet. He was not one to be defeated by his muscular dystrophy, recording much weird music. Together with Dave Taskas (Reg Egg), he contributed 2 pieces to VOLVOX's recorded matter, both called Interferon. He died in 1996.