SPILL music

BOX tv themes tribute

Released: 1996

cover of Box
cover of Box

This compilation was curated in 95-6 by Richard Hagen in Brisbane, with organizational help at the Melbourne end from Spill. It features a selection of Australian indie musicians of the day, some of them incognito, covering their favourite TV show themes. This had the potential to be cheesy, but people were pleasantly surprised with the results. It was uncanny how bands seemed to pick the tv show that suited them. Richard released it on cassette and I rereleased it later on cdr.

from Richard: "The cover photo is from Bruce Robinson's film ""How to Get Ahead in Advertising"", starring Richard E. Grant. Richard photographed it using a nice camera borrowed from Michael Lawley. David Metcalfe selected the best shot for the artwork, and did the printing at a knock down price. Richard's sister, Annette Hagen, contributed the title."

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  1. The Pixels .. Benny Hill .. mp3
  2. Nil By Mouth .. The Mary Tyler Moore Show .. mp3
  3. New Waver .. Four Corners .. mp3
  4. Flip Flop .. Spiderman .. mp3
  5. Ninetynine .. Blake's 7 .. mp3
  6. The Sump .. Prisoner .. mp3
  7. Julian Williams .. UFO .. mp3
  8. Trabampoline .. The Flintstones / The Simpsons .. mp3
  9. Pigshit .. Degrassi Junior High .. mp3
  10. San Jose Cow Muzak .. Gilligan's Island .. mp3
  11. The Worms .. Sesame Street .. mp3
  12. Popemobile .. Silk Stalkings .. mp3
  13. 'Barnsey' .. Laverne and Shirley .. mp3
  14. Wank Engine .. Mr Squiggle .. mp3
  15. Ruff Buff .. Minder .. mp3
  16. The Gatekeepers .. Callan / Twin Peaks .. mp3
  17. The Cheated .. X Files .. mp3