SPILL music


Spill specialized in releasing compilations, but we've also released a few albums by individual artists, sometimes in collaboration with other labels.

cover of Julian Williams 'Liquidambar'
Julian Williams - Liquidambar

Julian Williams

  • Liquidambar cd (Synaesthesia / Spill, 2008)
cover of Volvox 'Bad Earth'
Volvox - Bad Earth


  • Egg, Pluto Pup and You cd (Dual Plover / Spill, 2005)
  • Bad Earth cd (Spill/Dual Plover/Freedom From, 2002)
  • Damage Begins at the Mouth (Dual Plover / Spill, 2000)

Hi God People

  • Play to the Temple of Depth (Spill, 2002)


  • The Possible Human cd (FTSM / Spill, 2001)


  • Indoors/Ogre/Silence (HWS / Spill, 1988)