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The Two To The Valley show was hosted by Alison Bolger on Melbourne radio 3CR for several years until 2010, late each Sunday night, with David Nichols, Duncan Blachford and Greg Wadley filling in when Alison was unavailable. Greg's shows were often interview-based, and some are preserved here, listed in reverse date order.

For copyright reasons, most songs have been edited out of the recordings, leaving enough in place for you to hear how they sound and look them up if you want to hear more.

flyer for TTTV benefit
flyer for TTTV benefit at Bar Open, 2004

Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music vol. 2

The second volume of this history of experimental music is a double-cd covering the years 1974 to 1983 . It was launched at Iwaki Auditorium on 27th November 2010. Producer Clinton Green and Sam Dunscombe from Golden Fur talked about the compilation, the history of experimental music, and 1970s tape-recorder opera Atom Bomb, which Golden Fur reinterpreted for the launch. 21st Nov 2010

Dave Graney

Australian music icon and author Dave Graney spoke about his career, from the late 70s in South Australia, through his long collaboration with Clare Moore in The Moodists in 80s London via their mid-90s hits with the Coral Snakes to the 2010 album Supermodified which reworks a set of earlier releases. 5th Sep 2010

Arthur Cantrill and Clinton Green

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill have been making experimental films since the early 1960s, and composing the soundtracks using techniques such as collage, looping and field recording on hardware ranging from tape-decks to computers. Clinton recently compiled these soundtracks in the form of Chromatic Mysteries: soundtracks 1963-2009, which was launched on 6th June 2010 at ACMI. Arthur talks about some career highlights and plays some of the soundtracks. 30th May 2010

Peter Benda

A guitarist in 1990s Toronto hardcore punk bands such as Kops For Christ and now a researcher in Melbourne, Pete Benda discussed Canadian culture old and new, played some hardcore from the 80s and 90s, and offered insights into Canadian and Australian music-making contexts. 14th March 2010

Simon Grounds

Vocalist in 1980s Melbourne band Shower Scene From Psycho and audio engineer on a large number of Australian indie releases, Simon Grounds has been playing and recording music since the first four-track tape decks appeared, and currently uses a combination of tape and computer. Simon related some history of DIY recording and played a selection of relevant records. 7th March 2010

Clinton Green

A sound-artist under the name Undecisive God and operator of the prolific Shame File label, Clinton's releases include the compilation Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930 - 1973. We discussed Clinton's research into the history of experimental music and played some of his own music as well as tracks from Artefacts. 10th Jan 2010

Andrew Bulhak

Andrew Bulhak was a Melbourne indie music identity before relocating to the UK. He takes us on a rail tour of Europe, focusing on interesting indie-pop, electro and shoegazer of the day, mainly from the UK, Iceland, Germany and Sweden but with a couple of US and Australian mentions too. 20th Dec 2009