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More Talk Less Action

Clinton Green and Greg Wadley co-organized a series of events from 2013 to 2015 to promote open discussion about sound art and cutting-edge music in a friendly, live environment. More Talk Less Action took place at Westspace gallery, except for the final event at The Channel at Arts Centre Melbourne.

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Why Noise?: the aesthetics of noise and 'wrong' sound

  • with Linda Kouvaras, Mark Groves, John Nixon and The Donkey's Tail
  • 22nd Aug 2013

The Sonic City: activating the city through incursion

  • with Haco, Darrin Verhagen, Camilla Hannan, Philip Samartzis
  • 31st Aug 2013

Laptops, Costumes, Pedals and Projections: issues for live performance of experimental, drone and noise music

  • with Julian Williams, Paul Kidney, Michael Pulsford
  • 19th Sep 2013

Junk Music: redundant technology and detourned devices as instruments

  • with Dylan Martorell, Ernie Althoff, Rod Cooper
  • 3rd Oct 2013

Our Ears are now in Excellent Condition: sound in the gallery and online

  • with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Helen Grogan, Rosalind Hall, Rowan McNaught, Kelly Fliedner
  • 23rd Oct 2013

Tone Scientists: sound art and cutting-edge science

  • with Stelarc, Warren Burt, Paul Doornbusch
  • 5th Dec 2013

Composition is Dead: writing music in the 21st century

  • with Cat Hope, Ross Bencina, Warren Burt (with Callum G'Froerer and Cathexis performing works by Hope)
  • 7th Aug 2014

Promoting Unpopular Music: how and why

  • with Justin Heazlewood, Philip Samartzis, Pat O'Brien
  • 2nd Oct 2014

Improvisation: how to win

  • with Lloyd Honeybrook, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Adam Simmons
  • 20th Nov 2014

What does it mean to be a composer in Australia today?

  • with Kate Neal, Sean Baxter, Alexander Garsden
  • 10th Aug 2015

Live video

Ernie Althoff performs at More Talk Less Action

Sean Baxter performs at More Talk Less Action



Clinton Green, Cat Hope and Ross Bencina speaking with Julian Day on ABC Classic FM, in 2014, about More Talk Less Action

Clinton Green and Adam Simmons speaking with Jeff Sparrow on 3RRR FM, in 2015, about More Talk Less Action