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The Spill website had a news page from 1994 to 2017 where we announced releases, live shows, tours and so on. We discontinued the news page when social media became the preferred platform for this kind of thing. For historical interest, news items back to 1994 are preserved here. Note that some of them link to web pages that no longer exist. Artwork that was part of news items has been moved to the Artwork Archive page.

14 May 2017:
the next Hi God People is on 14th May at the Abbotsford Convent, part of the Liquid Architecture event Polyphonic Social
1 Oct 2016:
hot off the mastering presses at Spill - a new EP from Julian Williams' band The Inevitable Orbit
30 Jul 2016:
on 30th July a retro 2006-lineup Hi God People play the Old Bar with Zond
1 Jun 2016:
the latest Hi God People video, from a live performance at Strange Neighbour gallery in Jan 2016
12 May 2016:
Hi God People will be performing in Epics of Desire: A Live Art Series at Conduit Arts in early May 2016.
28 Feb 2016:
we're marking the 10 year anniversary of the Hi God People / Dead C split 12" release by making it available for free on Bandcamp for your enjoyment
24 Jan 2016:
Hi God People are playing at the Strange Neighbour gallery, Fitzroy, on Sunday 24th Jan
31 Dec 2015:
ABC iView's new Replay series includes Hi God People's appearance on Set in 2006
10 Oct 2015:
New Waver is playing live in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane during Sep/Oct as part of Liquid Architecture .. follow the link for details
1 Oct 2015:
on Thursday 1st October .. Clinton Green and Carmen Chan present Improv Idol at the Wesley Anne, Northcote
3 Sep 2015:
to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Spill 3 compilation we've created a web-friendly Bandcamp page
31 Aug 2015:
the latest Hi God People video shows the group performing live at the Castlemaine Festival
31 Aug 2015:
here is a new article on the group Volvox
13 Aug 2015:
on Thursday August 13 at The Channel, Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne, Clinton Green and Greg Wadley present the return of More Talk Less Action as part of the Composure series of events about Australian music composition
15 May 2015:
on 15th May join Hi God People, Dylan Martorell, Zoe Scoglio, Roarawar Feartata and Klara Kelvy at performance event Harmless Pleasures: Ritual, Catharsis and Sublimation in Performanceat Conduit Arts, Brunswick st Fitzroy
21 Mar 2015:
on 20th March, Hi God People perform at the Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine for the Castlemaine Fringe Festival
19 Mar 2015:
on 19th March at LongPlay and online, New Waver hosts Facebook Party
19 Feb 2015:
The next More Talk Less Action music/discussion event is on Thursday 19th Feb at West Space gallery.
31 Dec 2014:
Clinton Green and Greg Wadley are presenting another season of More Talk Less Action to run during the second half of 2014.
30 Sep 2014:
New Waver have a new video We Built This Suburb On Indie Rock
25 Sep 2014:
on 25th September, New Waver is performing The King Of Powerpoint at the NGV as part of Liquid Architecture
23 Sep 2014:
Hi God People are performing in Fluid Fantasy at Conduit Arts on Sunday 21 Sep
11 Jul 2014:
experience one minute of Hi God People in the 60x60 concert at Australian Computer Music Conference at the VCA in Melbourne
19 Apr 2014:
Clag launch their new 7" Choose Your Own A-Side on 19th April at the Evelyn Rooftop in Fitzroy.. out now on Bedroom Suck
20 Mar 2014:
Hi God People join Adam Simmons, Gelarah Pour, Carolyn Connors, Dave Brown and Clinton Green at Conduit Arts on 20th March
6 Feb 2014:
the Hi God People are performing on 6th Feb at Experimental Universe, part of the Yoko Ono exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
31 Dec 2013:
hear the Hi God People at the National Gallery of Victoria in the Melbourne Now program Now Hear This
8 Dec 2013:
the More Talk Less Action series of performances and panel discussions is over for 2013.
7 Dec 2013:
on 7 Dec .. Julian Williams performs his new play I MEET THIS CORNER AS A PARADIGM OF CHANGE at the opening of Slopes Gallery (next to 3CR in Smith St Fitzroy). After an intermission the Hi God People will play a set of standards.
5 Dec 2013:
on Thursday 5th the final More Talk Less Action features Stelarc, Warren Burt and Paul Doornisch .. 730pm at West Space
8 Aug 2013:
Clinton Green speaks with Paul Kidney at 3PBS about More Talk Less Action
4 Aug 2013:
Clinton Green speaks with Camilla Hannan on 3RRR about the forthcoming More Talk Less Action shows at Westspace
31 May 2013:
on now at Techno Park gallery in Williamstown, New Waver appears in the group show MAN OF MY DREAMS: perspectives on masculinity
31 May 2013:
the Fast Forward magazine archive got reviewed on Flavorwire
13 Mar 2013:
on Wed 13th March see Hi God People free at the opening of this show at Substation Gallery
17 Nov 2012:
on Saturday 17th November at Melbourne Town Hall the Chapter label celebrate 20 years of operation with a big, all-ages, afternoon and evening gig featuring Clag, Beaches, Twerps, New Estate, Pikelet, Laura Jean, Jonny Telafone, Primitive Calculators, Bum Creek, Standish/Carlyon, Crayon Fields
30 Jun 2012:
the Emu Parade online compilation asks you to donate what you think the album is worth .. proceeds go to benefit people with autism
20 May 2012:
on Sunday 20th May at the Tote .. 90s indie group Clag reform for one (afternoon) show only to launch the retrospective cd Pasted Youth .. supported by The Ancients, The Inevitable Orbit, and Stationary Suns, Chapter Music DJs
30 Apr 2012:
check out this free download released by the Shame File label and mastered here at Spill .. a compilation of tracks by Val Stephens, who was an indie synthesizer musician in Melbourne in the 1960s
28 Feb 2012:
In response to the increasing dematerialisation of culture, the Hi God People have released an EP Suntouch in the form of a biscuit. The biscuit is packaged in a resealable plastic bag with artwork and a download code which gives you access to the songs. Suntouch is available at Polyester city store. Biscuit launch was on Friday 21st October at Kings ARI, Melbourne.
1 Dec 2011:
Here is your Xmas present. Ten years after its first release it's time to put Hi God People's 2001 album Play to the Temple of Depth on the web for download .. For this album HGP took 20 hours of their own live and studio recordings, cut them into tiny pieces, and carefully remixed them, mashup style, into one album of 13 tracks .. HGP launched the album in January 2002 at the Empress with supports by Dworzec and Minimum Chips.
1 Oct 2011:
here is video from a brief Hi God People appearance at a McDonalds drive-through a few weeks ago .. part of the Slow Art Collective's project Shelter, which was part of the Ian Potter gallery's Mis-Design 2011 festival
19 Sep 2011:
Mess and Noise have published an article by Rene Schaefer about the Fast Forward archive
28 Jul 2011:
the archive of 1980/2 Fast Forward cassette magazine is now in place .. browse through this goldmine of Australian and international post-punk
20 Jul 2011:
two videos of the Hi God People shows at Overground, Melbourne International Jazz Festival: Nick Potter's clip of the leaf-blower suite .. Jason Heller's montage of all the shows including footage of the group on Swanston St
2 Jul 2011:
on Saturday afternoon 2nd July at the Empress .. Hi God People support Mexican audiovisual artist Jorge Raminez
12 Jun 2011:
on Sunday 12th June .. Hi God People return to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival to play in Overground
1 Jun 2011:
Saved from the cutting room floor! The Hi-God People appearance on ABC TV Set programme a few years ago had an interesting ending that was edited from the show. The ABC kindly let us have the master tape and we can present the original ending now on YouTube: click here to view
12 Mar 2011:
on Saturday March 12th at Sunshine and Grease .. Mad Nanna, Full Fucking Moon(NZ), Prehistoric Fuckin Morons (Newcastle), Javier Frisco (WA) and Reunion Sacred Ibis. 3pm.
26 Feb 2011:
on 26th Feb at 3pm at Gertrude Contemporary, 200 Gertrude st Fitzroy, part of Dylan Martorell's residence .. Hi God People launch Julian Williams' new album Standing Creek. HGP will be joined by public-disruption performance artist Penelope Trotter. This all-ages, free-entry, easy public transport show starts right on 3pm.
19 Feb 2011:
on 19th Feb at Sunshine and Grease .. free performance by Ernie Althoff and Undecisive God .. from 4pm
30 Dec 2010:
on Thursday 30th Dec at the Tote .. celebrate NYE Eve with a night of electronic dues hosted by the new Nihilistic Orbs label
10 Dec 2010:
on Dec 7, 14, 21 at Northcote Social Club, the End Of Financial Year in December residency of the Bedroom Philosopher .. with The Awkwardstra and special guests Josh Earl (7th), Giles Field (14th) and Scott Edgar & The Universe (21st).
1 Dec 2010:
on 2nd Dec .. the opening of Mr Kitly, a new shop at 381 Sydney Road Brunswick
28 Nov 2010:
on Saturday 27th Nov at Iwaki Auditorium, Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne .. the launch of Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music vol. 2 (click for track listing) featuring Ron Nagorcka's tape recorder opera Atom Bomb (1977) performed by Golden Fur, Jon Rose's interactive violin bow, Browning Mummery, Sarah Hopkins .. $20
28 Nov 2010:
from 7 Nov to 28 Nov at the Old Bar .. Kim Salmon's month of Sundays in which Kim reprises a different era of his music career each night, ie Scientists, Surrealists, Beasts of Bourbon and so on
21 Nov 2010:
on Sunday 21st Nov on Two to the Valley I'll be speaking with Clinton Green of the Shame File label, and members of Golden Fur, about the launch of Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music vol2 later that week .. podcast is now online
14 Nov 2010:
on Sunday 14th Nov at Sunshine & Grease, final show in current format .. Rob Mcdougall, Mad Nanna, The Charles Ives Singers, The Donkey's tail, The French, and Tim Catlin .. from 3 to 7pm or so .. $5 admission benefit for Dimitra's hospital bills
5 Nov 2010:
on Friday 5th Nov at the Public Bar .. BangON number two features Aleks and the Ramps, Mia Schoen Group, and Patinka Cha Cha
4 Nov 2010:
on Wed 4th Nov at the Wesley Anne .. the campaign launch for Northcote candidate Anne Martinelli .. speakers Adam Bandt and David Spratt (Author, Climate Code Red), drinks and nibblies with Anne, enjoy local music
1 Nov 2010:
on Mon 1st Nov at the Tote .. Dave Graney and the six-piece Lurid Yellow Mist featuring Mark Fitzgibbon on keys and Billy Miller on guitar and vocals .. Conway Savage and friends .. Go Go Sapien
30 Oct 2010:
Clinton Green has written a new article on Australian cassette culture
30 Oct 2010:
on 30 Oct at Yah-Yahs .. the Native Cats, Lakes, Hissy Mikaye, Jonny Telafone
30 Oct 2010:
on Saturday 30th Oct at at warehouse 127 A'Beckett St .. SOFT FUTURE (featuring members of Zond, Snawklor, Panel Of Judges, Hi God People, and Das Butcher) play HELLO DARKNESS HALLOWEEN PARTY .. kicking off the Hello Darkness film festival
29 Oct 2010:
on Friday 29 Oct at the Birmingham .. Harry Howard's N.D.E. + New Estate + Scale Models .. Harry Howard has played in These Immortal Souls, Crime & The City Solution, Pink Stainless Tail, The Birthday Party and the Shotgun Wedding band, and is joined in NDE by Edwina Preston, Clare Moore and Dave Graney
29 Oct 2010:
on Friday 29th October at Richmond Uniting Church .. Oliver Mann launches his new 7"
29 Oct 2010:
on Thursday 28th October from 7:00pm at Utopian Slumps, ground floor 33 Guildford Lane, Melbourne .. the opening of Dylan Martorell's show duppyhousing .. runs until November 20, Hours Wed - Sat 12 - 6PM
27 Oct 2010:
on Thurs 27th Oct at the Old Bar .. Angel Eyes, J. K. Fuller, and This Free Field
26 Oct 2010:
on Tuesday 26th Oct at the Toff In Town .. Gravetemple - Stephen O'malley (Sunn 0)), Khanate, Ktl), Oren Ambarchi & Matt Skitz Sanders (Sans Attila Csihar) with Marco Fusinato (Solo)
24 Oct 2010:
on Sat 23 and Sat 24 Oct at NSC .. Mirah (USA) supported by the Smallgoods and Wintercoats (Sat) and the Ancients and Mia Schoen Group (Sun)
23 Oct 2010:
on Sat 23rd Oct at the Tote .. The Aesthetics (Dunedin), Panel of Judges, Zond, Hissey Miyake
17 Oct 2010:
on Sunday 17th at the Workers Club .. Rodney Rude's new band (featuring Dean Richards of Disturbed Earth, Equal Local, James Earthenware playing Casio, and Kevin Paine on digital drums .. supported by Harry Howard's NDE and The Saddests featuring J.P.Shilo
16 Oct 2010:
on Saturday 16th Oct at the Birmingham .. the last Paul Kidney Experience show for couple of months, with Porcus Vs Equus, LCD, The Dopetones
15 Oct 2010:
on Friday 15th Oct from 6pm at Missing Link, 405 Bourke st Melbourne .. Boomgates and Woollen Kits play instore, free admission
13 Oct 2010:
on Wed 13th at Stutter .. TOMUTONTTU (Jan Anderzen from Kemialliset Ystavat - Finland), MUD BRICK COUCH (Jarrod Zlatic solo), SIMON TAYLOR, TIM COSTER
11 Oct 2010:
on Monday 11th October at the Workers Club .. Aiden Baker / Chris Smith / Justin Fuller
10 Oct 2010:
on Sunday 10th October at Bar Open .. Guitarelay is an audio-visual improv involving 17 guitarists: Brendan Noonan (The Stabs), Dan Lewis (Aktion Unit), David Brown (Candlesnuffer), Dean Richards (Disturbed Earth/ex-Equal Local), John Nolan (Powdermonkeys), Jon Perring (Slocombe's Pussy), Lara Soulio, Marney MacLeod (ZOND), Matt Gleeson (Assassination Collective), Nick Carson (Hands That Break Hands/Vodnik), Pete Bramley (Penguins), Pete Dickinson (Deaf Wish), Ross Harvey, Seth Rees (Amplifier Machine), Stuart Grant (Primitive Calculators), Tom Hall, Troy Naumoff (Dead Ants)
10 Oct 2010:
the Sun Araw tour hits Melbourne on Sunday 10th Oct at the Empress, supported by Beaches and Free Choice Duo
10 Oct 2010:
on Sunday 10th I'll be hosting Two to the Valley on radio 3CR from 11pm .. tonight playing new and recent local releases
8 Oct 2010:
on Friday October 8th at 6pm .. Bum Creek play an instore at Polyester Records, 288 Flinders St, Melbourne (free, all ages)
8 Oct 2010:
each Sunday in October at ACMI .. Grain of the Voice is a retrospective screening of 50 years of the film work of Arthur and Corinne Cantrill
7 Oct 2010:
on Thursdays 30 Sep and 7 Oct, the Melbourne Fringe Festival revives the "little bands" concept, with performers including Guy Blackman, Pikelet, members of The Emergency, The Bowers, Love Connection, The Ukeladies, The Devastations and Teeth & Tongue, Fabulous Diamonds, Crayon Fields, The Boat People, Primitive Calculators, and Dick Diver
7 Oct 2010:
on Thursday 7th Oct at the Old Bar .. NORTH ATLANTIC AUDIO (ex Two Litre Dolby)
6 Oct 2010:
on Wed 6th Oct at Stutter (Horse Bazaar) .. Jason Forrest (USA) + Pateras/Baxter/Brown + Sam Hamilton (NZ) + Fabio Umberto w DJ Bobo Fantucci‏
2 Oct 2010:
on Sat 2nd Oct .. the Static Age festival features Dead C (New Zealand), Gate (New Zealand), Oren Ambarchi, Blarke Bayer // Black Widow, Marco Fusinato, Breathing Shrine, Candlesnuffer, Make up Sex, Zond and more
1 Oct 2010:
on Friday 1st October at Sunshine&Grease, Clifton Hill .. the Drumheller album launch, with support by Ripples and Tom Hall
1 Oct 2010:
on Friday 1st Oct at the East Brunswick Club .. Hit The Jackpot, Crayon Fields, Darren Sylvester
30 Sep 2010:
there's a new Pikelet radio-only remix EP and it's available free on SoundCloud
30 Sep 2010:
on 30 Sept at The Tote .. Fabulous Diamonds (last show before US tour) + Absolute Boys, Superstar and Yuko Kono (my pal foot foot, Japan)
28 Sep 2010:
the Make It Up Club's annual Melbourne Fringe Festival shows focus exclusively on percussion .. on September 28th, Robin Fox (processing) and Robbie Avenaim (percussion), Joe Talia, Brad Smith, James McLean, Nat Grant, Matthias Schack-Arnott and Gareth Thomson ... on October 5th, Ollie Bown (processing) and Max Kohane (drumkit), Sean Baxter and Eugene Ughetti , Riki-Metisse Marlow (automated and aleatoric percussion), Bianca Hester, Maya-Victoria, Jen Tait and Harriet Morgan
24 Sep 2010:
on Fri 24th Sep at the Builders Arms .. Chris Smith's Bad Orchestra + The Donkey's Tail + Palomino
23 Sep 2010:
on Thurs 23rd at Builders Arms .. the Actor Buddhists residency continues with supports this week by Milk Teddy and Tequila Mockingbirds
21 Sep 2010:
from 22 Sep to 10 Oct the Melbourne Fringe Festival presents so much live stuff it could never be listed here, though I've picked out a couple of the music shows
18 Sep 2010:
on Saturday 18th Sep at the Curtin Bandroom .. the Pikelet / Richard in your Mind tour hits Melbourne, with supports by Seagull and Denim Owl
17 Sep 2010:
on Fri 17th at the Workers Club .. the Twerps, Bitch Prefect and Woollen Kits + DJ People
12 Sep 2010:
on Sunday 12th at NSC .. Jane Dust and the Giant Hoopoes, with an eight-piece orchestra, launch their new album, supported by Sir
11 Sep 2010:
on Saturday 11th September .. The Ancients 2 album Launch .. at the Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall .. with special guests, the Native Cats and The French
11 Sep 2010:
on Sat 11th at Pony .. New Estate, Infinite Ox, Midnight Caller, Pioneers Of Good Science
10 Sep 2010:
on Friday 10th September, two great Melbands launch seven inch singles .. at the Old Bar: Go Genre Everything, Popsingles, Little Killing, Elizabeth Pistol Club .. at 650a Nicholson St: Acid Casualty, Pissypaw, Superstar, Terrible Truths, Dirtbag
10 Sep 2010:
on Friday 10th at 717A High St Thornbury from 7pm .. Screwtape, Undecisive God, Cleaning Lady, Sean Baxter and more
5 Sep 2010:
on Sunday 5th my guest on Two to the Valley will be Australian music icon, author and RRR presenter Dave Graney, whose new album supermodified has just been released .. for podcast go to the Two to the Valley page in the menu
3 Sep 2010:
on Friday 3rd Sept, Julian Williams launches his new single Isle at the pleasantly intimate Sunshine and Grease gallery/performance-space/record-shop in Clifton Hill .. supports by MV, Mad Nanna
3 Sep 2010:
the Australian Sound Recordings Association conference in Melbourne this week includes some interesting speakers and performers
3 Sep 2010:
on Friday 3rd September at the Public Bar .. BangOn presents New Estate, Actor/Model, Elizabeth Pistol Club
3 Sep 2010:
on Friday 3rd from 6pm .. the opening of the next round of exhibits at Kings ARI gallery
29 Aug 2010:
on Sunday 29th August on Two to the Valley I'm presenting a special on The Fall to celebrate this band's upcoming shows in Australia
28 Aug 2010:
Edition 37 of Julian Williams' From The Same Mother magazine is online
22 Aug 2010:
On Sunday 22nd August from 330pm in the grounds of Melbourne's Heide Museum of Modern Art, the Hi God People perform as part of Dylan Martorell's exhibition Musique Povera. HGP will present a geometrical interpretation of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate, with music by the Hi God People music department, VDO, the Donkey's Tale, Oblivion Hex, Mudra Woo Hoo, Bruce Mawson, Lachlan Conn, and the Charles Ives Singers, playing acoustic and battery-powered sounds in the beautiful grounds of Heide. Bring a picnic, get refreshments at the cafe, or eat sunlight. PT is by train to Heidelberg station, then bus or bike.
4 Aug 2010:
from 6pm on at the Tote Wed 4th August .. the Greens campaign launch featuring Crayon Fields, Milk Teddy and Matt Bailey
14 Jul 2010:
fans of 90s Australian indie might enjoy the 555 label's Truth Against the World ep, featuring Crabstick, Long Weekend, New Waver, Driving Past, Sleepy Township, Pip Proud, and the Frustrations
11 Jul 2010:
on Sunday 11th July at the Empress .. Perth's Tracey Read with Guy Blackman and New Estate
3 Jul 2010:
on Saturday 3rd July at the Birmy .. Hobart's Native Cats return to Melbourne, with UV Race and Super Wild Horses
1 Jul 2010:
between 1st and 17th July, Liquid Architecture hits Melbourne with a series of events
28 Jun 2010:
Glenn Norman has been working through his large archive of sounds and texts to assemble Radio Harjala.
28 Jun 2010:
there are two videos on YouTube from the recent Hi God People performance at Hybrids and Folklore, staged in the NGV sculpture garden for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival .. playing the wobble-boards .. moving with Snawklor
26 Jun 2010:
on Sat 26 June at the Edinburgh Castle .. the Turner/Wegener/Wadley trio supported by Ev+Shags and Jon Michell
25 Jun 2010:
on Friday 25th June at the Workers Club .. Beaches launch their new 7" .. with The Twerps and School of Radiant Living
16 Jun 2010:
on Wed 16th June at the Grace Darling hotel, Smith st .. the launch of UN magazine features Always and The French
15 Jun 2010:
WestSpace gallery has a new outpost at Melbourne Central called West Wing .. on the 2nd floor under Hoyts .. coming up is One day the rain will come by Eamon Sprod and Camilla Hannan, a site specific installation created from the sounds of Melbourne Central ... Open: 12-5pm each day, Dates: Wednesday June 2nd - Tuesday June 15th, Performance: Sunday June 13th 7.30pm.
13 Jun 2010:
on Sunday 13th at the Birmy on Smith st .. Craft Cartel and Earthsharing present the Anti-Gentrification Festival .. featuring free sticky Tote carpet relics for all, Lagerphone making workshop with Alicia Bee, Economics for activists info, Fetid fashion by Kathryn Jamieson Cuba Is Japan, Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party Grizzly Jim Lawrie, Mount Disappointment, Agent Cleave (hirsute pole dancer), I Wanna Live Here Film Comp winners screening, Green Renters survival tips, Launch of Craft Cartel theme song by Simon Johnston, Zero Miles an Hour, DJ Chestwig
13 Jun 2010:
on Sunday 13th at the Retreat .. Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist + the Sand Pebbles
11 Jun 2010:
the Clan Analogue electro collective is releasing a new compilation cd, and launching it at an in-store gig at Missing Link on Friday 11th June from 5 to 7pm .. live sets by Winduptoys and Apell .. 405 Bourke St
6 Jun 2010:
on Sunday 6th June at ACMI .. launch of cd of soundtracks by Australian experimental film-maker Arthur Cantrill .. released by Clinton Green on the Shame File label .. launch is next weekend at ACMI featuring some prominent contemporary musicians playing along to some of the films .. listen to my interview with Arthur on 3CR
4 Jun 2010:
on Saturday 4th June at the Curtin hotel in Carlton .. a 3CR Two to the Valley benefit featuring bands Beaches, New War, Rubbish Throwers, Interzone
2 Jun 2010:
at Stutter (Horse Bazaar) on Wed 2nd June .. Bruce Russell, Robin Fox, Jon Hunter, Francis Plagne, dj Thembi Soddell
19 May 2010:
on Wed 19th May at the 3RRR performance space .. Kim Salmon and the Surrealists (during Incoming show)
17 May 2010:
Bob Brown is opening the Greens' new campaign office on Monday May 17 at 6.30pm .. 284 Brunswick St Fitzroy .. photographs by wilderness photographers David Tatnall and Ern Mainka and paintings by artists Julia Bilecki and Riza Manalo. Finger food and drinks provided.
15 May 2010:
on Fri 14th and Sat 15th May at the Butterfly Club .. Dave Graney presents MC BITS - SONGS THAT DESTROYED .. Singing the songs that destroy. Muddy Waters, Hoagy Carmichael,Kevin Ayers, Peter Milton Walsh,Robyn Hitchcock, Bert Jansch, Nat King Cole and many others
8 May 2010:
on Sat 8th May at Sunshine and Grease .. the launch of Albert's Basement label compilation Your colla the colour of mounds
1 May 2010:
on Saturday 1st May, a free outdoor daylight concert in the NGV sculpture garden, from noon to 2pm .. the DeadNotes, Joel Stern, Snawklor, Hi God People, Kim Myhr (Norway), Cor Fuhler (Holland), Dale Gorefinkel, Clocked Out Duo with David Chesworth, Terra Asstralis perform Hybrids and Folkore, a free outdoor show, part of the 2010 Melbourne International Jazz Festival
23 Apr 2010:
on Fri 23rd April at Pony .. the Sticky store's Romalang17 stapler fundraiser featuring Ouch My Face, Go Genre Everything, The Church of Hysteria + Sticky Zine Stall
22 Apr 2010:
on Thurs 22 April at The Empress .. STU THOMAS PARADOX solo at 9pm, followed by JANE DUST with full band at 10pm, followed by THE DAMES (Clare Moore-drums, Rosie Westbrook-bass, Kaye-Louise Patterson-keys)
21 Apr 2010:
on Wed 21st April at the Horse Bazaar bar in the city .. Stutter features the impressive lineup of Lars Graugaard + Makers of the Dead Travel Fast + Scattered Order + dj Rob Mayson
15 Apr 2010:
from 6pm on Thursday 15th April at Sunshine & Grease, 9 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill .. (opening of) Victor Meertens and Sunshine & Grease present: The Charles Ives Singer and his world * Sound Art, Please .. Joseph Beuys, Terry Fox, Eugene Carchesio, Alexis Ensor, David Palliser, Josephine Rosier-Meertens, Olivier Messiaen, Subreal, Dan Mihaltianu, Calin Dan, Iosif Kiraly, John Nixon, Lingua Franca, Isang Yun, Stockhausen, Sol Le Witt, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, A.O.
11 Apr 2010:
on Sunday 11th April on 3CR .. Alison returns to Two to the Valley with a swag of new records to play, after her tour of the USA with Beaches
10 Apr 2010:
on Sat April 10th at the Northcote Social Club .. Pikelet launches her new album Stem with the Twerps, Parking Lot Experiments and DJ Jens Lekman
31 Mar 2010:
on Wed 31st March at Stutter .. Melbourne street drummer Victor Lancaster does four collaborations with Bum Creek, Sean Baxter, Marco Cher-Gibard, and Earle Stuart
27 Mar 2010:
on Sat 27th March at the Builders Arms .. the premiere performance of Harry Howard's new band featuring Dave Graney on bass and Clare Moore on drums, supported by Stu Thomas, and Chris Smith's Bad Orchestra
27 Mar 2010:
on Sat 27th at the Empress .. New Estate, Paper Planes, Jane Dust
26 Mar 2010:
on Fri 26th March .. a street party at 3CR, Smith st, to launch their new mural
10 Mar 2010:
on Wed 10th at the East Brunswick Club .. Wooden Shjips, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Breathing Shrine
7 Mar 2010:
on Fri 5th, Sat 6th and Sun 7th March .. Julian Williams' new play Bei Shen 7pm at the Oki-Do centre, 3 Waterloo St Carlton
4 Mar 2010:
the Sunshine and Grease store+gallery has moved from the city to 9 Queens Parade Clifton Hill .. and from now until 4th March is hosting a group show Backyard Works featuring artists Simon Taylor and Chris Hill, Thomas Morison, Sara Jean Brimfield, Dylan Martorell, Kym and Noah Maxwell, and Eamon Sprod
3 Mar 2010:
on Wed 3rd March at the Corner .. Deerhoof, Tenniscoats, and Minimum Chips
28 Feb 2010:
Hi God Person Dylan Martorel is in a group show In Order Out, at Anna Pappas Gallery, 2-4 Carlton Street Prahran, from 4 to 27 Feb
28 Feb 2010:
on Sunday 28th Feb the NGV presents Last Day of Summer a free indie pop concert featuring Crayon Fields, Beaches, Henry Wagons and Ned Collette, with RRR live-to-air broadcast
28 Feb 2010:
on Sunday 28th Feb from noon .. the Brunswick Music Festival
27 Feb 2010:
on Saturday 27th at NSC .. Kim Salmon and the Surrealists play their 1987 album hit me with the surreal feel
17 Feb 2010:
on Wed 17th Feb at Stutter (the Horse Bazaar bar in Little Lonsdale st) .. Julian Williams launches his new album Zhu Zi Dan Ge .. support by Justin K. Fuller and Wet Patch (featuring Jon Dale) .. check JW's new magazine and new video
13 Feb 2010:
on Sat 13th Feb .. Sticky Institute presents the Festival of the Photocopier .. lots of other zine-related activities during Feb also
12 Feb 2010:
on Fri 12th at the John Curtin Hotel .. Beaches last show before US tour .. with Zond, Das Butcher and Breaking the Law
7 Feb 2010:
on Sunday 7th Feb at the Empress Hotel .. Inevitable Orbit and Free Choice
27 Jan 2010:
two nights of experimental music from Argentina .. Mon 25th at the Empress and Wed 27th at Stutter
23 Jan 2010:
on Sat 23rd Jan at the John Curtin .. St Helens, Panel Of Judges, Snawklor, Dirtbag
22 Jan 2010:
on Fri 22nd Jan at the East .. the Laughing Clowns and New War
16 Jan 2010:
on Saturday 16 January at the Corner .. Tiny Tones features Beaches, Kelley Stoltz (USA), Dent May & his Magnificent Ukulele (USA), royalchord and Vampillia (Japan) .. tickets $20
10 Jan 2010:
on Sunday 10th from 11pm on 3CR, my guest will be Clinton Green, sound-artist under the name Undecisive God, and operator of the Shame File label, whose releases since 1995 include highlights such as the Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930 - 1973 .. Clinton will talk about these, and his research into the history of experimental music in Melbourne, discussing pioneers such as Val Stephen - first Australian to have electronic music released on an overseas label, a anaesthesist who worked on musique concrete and synthesisers in his spare time; Arthur Cantrill - noted experimental film maker whose sound tracks are the subject of an upcoming Shame File release; and the upcoming Artefacts of Experimental Music volume II: 1974-1983 compilation CD. .. tune in on 855AM or via https://www.3cr.org.au
27 Dec 2009:
this Sunday 27th from 11pm on 3CR, my guest will be Melbourne indie maestro Julian Williams, who will preview songs from an album he's about to release, and one he's still working on, and play tracks from recently acquired vinyl by other artists .. Julian is currently strongly influenced by a recent stint in China, and intends to return in 2010 .. He does not like iPods - I will ask him to explain why .. tune in on 855AM or via https://www.3cr.org.au
25 Dec 2009:
Merry Xmas from Boyracer .. https://boyracer.bandcamp.com
23 Dec 2009:
on 23rd Dec at the Corner .. the Low transit Industries Christmas party features Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, Warped, Midget, New Estate, Legends of Motorsport, We All Want To, No Through Road, Fonda 500
20 Dec 2009:
on Sunday 20th December from 11pm my guest on Two to the Valley on 3CR will be Melbourne music identity now resident in London, Andrew Bulhak. He will play and talk about interesting new music from the UK and Europe focusing on the indie-pop, electro and shoegazer scenes.
19 Dec 2009:
What Is Music 2009 will run in Melb/Syd/Perth during December, including 50 bands in 50 minutes on the final night, Saturday 19th Dec
12 Dec 2009:
on 12th Dec Walk Against Warming is a mass protest in the CBD leading up to the Copenhagen talks .. leaves the State Library at noon
10 Dec 2009:
on Thurs 10th Dec at the refurbished Builders Arms .. benefit for Jason and Lu .. featuring Sleepy Township, Beaches, the French, Peace Out
7 Dec 2009:
during December I'll be doing most of Alison's Sunday night shows on 3cr= (except the 13th) .. My guest on Sunday 6th will be Bec Moore, singer of legendary early-90s Australian band Clag, who are to be reissued next year by the Chapter label .. Bec will talk about Clag, indie, the 90s etc and play her favourite tracks
30 Nov 2009:
the current issue of Art Monthly Australia is about Aust sound-art
28 Nov 2009:
on Sat 28th Nov at Ceres .. the Sacred Kingfisher Festival .. celebrating environmental hope, small birds, singing and signing .. 3pm to 10pm
28 Nov 2009:
on Sat 28th at YaYas .. a fundraiser for the Applecore festival features Panel of Judges, Woollen Kits, Pageants and Deadbeat Club
28 Nov 2009:
on Sat 28th at the Lithuanian Club, 44 Errol St Nth Melbourne, $40 .. Lightning Bolt, Grey Daturas, Naked on the Vague, Robotosaurus, Justice Yeldham, Rebeiro / Andrews, Other films, Embers Big Band, Primitive Calculators, Ivans, Abject Leader, The Whulge
27 Nov 2009:
on Fri afternoon, 27th Nov, starting at the State Library .. join Critical Mass for their 14th anniversary bike ride
27 Nov 2009:
on Fri 27th Nov at the Old Colonial Inn, 127 Brunswick St .. UNUSUAL WORK No 8, by collective effort press edited by Pi0 .. an evening of EXPERIMENTAL POETRY PERFORMANCES, POWERPOINTS and other forms of verbal art beginning with abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz .. FEATURING Anna Fern and The Crystal Set (performing Syd Clayton's The Man on the Left, He's Joe Bigger of Topeka), James Earthenware, Pi0, Sean O'Callaghan and The Postfactualists, Sharne Vate, Maurice McNamara, & Garth Madsen .. FREE ENTRY / $10 a copy
25 Nov 2009:
on wed 25th at Stutter .. JUSTIN K FULLER + ABSOLUTEN CALFEUTRAIL + FORTH IMPACT! .. final in series of shows curated by Marco Fusinato
22 Nov 2009:
on Sun 22 from 11pm .. I am hosting Two to the Valley on 3CR .. discussing new and imminent releases including new Julian Williams and Inevitable Orbit albums, Clag re-issue, Your Colla the Colour of Mounds and Hobart Community compilations and stax of other goodies .. 850 on the AM dial or the Internet
15 Nov 2009:
on Sunday 15th Nov at the Toff in Town, Royal Chord launch their new album
30 Oct 2009:
on Friday, October 30 at Westspace Gallery, level 1, 15-19 anthony street, Melbourne .. Julian Williams and co put on a JW-esque show, as part of Tomorrow the World festival. "juliian and craig have been practicing a movement duet which is based on julians experiences in china, and is the first part of a trilogy of duos with three difereent partners for julian. this first part is based on nanjing and its horrible past, mixed with its modern now. what is it to feel nostalgia for a place now lost in time. rosalind and marco hav invited us to collaborate and expect video and sound manipulation mixed with various movement strategies weve been planning. there will be another showing in late november, but it will be radically different to this one, so come on down."
24 Oct 2009:
Crayon Fields launch their new album this month with some strong support lineups in Melbourne: on Friday October 23rd at Trades Hall with Panel Of Judges, The Twerps and DJ Jens Lekman and Saturday October 24th at Trades Hall with Robin Fox Laser Show and Minimum Chips
15 Oct 2009:
on Thursday 15th at 8pm at Craft Victoria , 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne .. free performances by The French and Free Choice Duo, for Attack Decay Sustain Release, the current show by Nathan Gray
10 Oct 2009:
on Saturday 10th October at at the Cobra Bar .. New Estate, the Inevitable Orbit and Sun of Clark, $7 9pm.
19 Sep 2009:
on 19th Sept at the Tote .. CHAPTERFEST features Tenniscoats (Japan), Primitive Calculators, Pikelet, Hit The Jackpot, Minimum Chips, The Twerps, Dick Diver, Bum Creek, Jeremy Dower, Crayon Fields DJs .. Tickets $15.00 on the door
5 Sep 2009:
on Sat 5th Sep at the Corner hotel .. the Flip Out Festival & Record Fair 2009 .. Pink Reason (Usa), Goodnight Loving (Usa), James Arthur's Manhunt (Usa), Ooga Boogas, Naked On The Vague, Super Wild Horses, Slug Guts, The Disbelievers, The Native Cats, Dick Diver, The Twerps, Teen Archer, Repairs
4 Sep 2009:
on Friday 4th Sep at Bar Open: the premiere screening of a new documentary Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On (screening at 7pm), followed by a panel discussion on electronic music in Australia with producer Josh Abrahams and RRR’s Owen McKern, then live performances by Winduptoys and Apell, DJ sets from Toupee, Reductionist and Wand live visuals by Object_State .. "the first time, the story of Clan Analogue has been told in Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On. The documentary examines the original formation of the Clan Analogue collective, moving through the late 90s when it gained a reputation as one of Australia's leading underground electronic music labels to where the collective is today. Plug In & Switch On explores the appeal of electronic music and issues faced by electronic music artists in Australia. Interviewed are founding members Brendan Palmer and Toby Grime, artists such as B(if)tek and Deepchild, past and present Label Managers Gordon Finlayson and Nick Wilson, and a new generation of artists including Winduptoys, Koshowko and Bleepin’ J Squawkins." Plug In & Switch On also includes excerpts from filmclips, live gigs and rare archival footage.
29 Aug 2009:
on Sat 29th at 303 High St .. New Estate, Deadbeat Club, The Love Bites .. doors 8:30PM $7.
28 Aug 2009:
from 14 to 28 August .. the 3RRR radiothon seeks your support
22 Aug 2009:
on Sat 22 Aug at the the Arts Centre Fairfax Studio .. Kes Band launch their new album .. Kes Band players will include Kes, Laura Jean, Lehmann Smith and Julian Patterson plus a specially assembled lineup of guests from Melbourne’s fertile music scene .. supports by Anthony Pateras & Robbie Avenaim plus Free Choice Duo .. doors open 8.30pm, tickets $17
15 Aug 2009:
on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th .. Free Play, the independent games developer festival
15 Aug 2009:
Pimmon plays two nights in Melbourne .. on Thurs 13th Aug at Bar Open with The Coralinas and The Frightening Lights .. on Sat 15th Aug at Pony with Francis Plagne and Chris Smith
14 Aug 2009:
Dave Graney and band are launching his new solo album KNOCK YOURSELF OUT at the Fairfax Studio in the Arts Centre on Friday August 14th at 8pm.
31 Jul 2009:
on Fri 31st July .. free instore at Missing Link ..James Earthenware and Cigarettes For Ping Pong .. 5pm start
31 Jul 2009:
on 31st July at Craft Victoria .. Snawklor (with Greg on electronic drums) play at the opening of the Perspective Festival .. free entry but rsvp essential
30 Jul 2009:
Paul Perry of Frostwave Effects fame has started a new secondhand book shop .. ALLSORTS BOOKS, 275 HIGH ST, NORTHCOTE, Ph: 94827930, Open 7 Days a week (12 - 6pm) .. includes books on electronics, synthesizers etc
30 Jul 2009:
the latest issue of Un Magazine has text and photos of Hi God People and Jason Hood .. get a pdf from the website or a paper copy via outlets listed there
26 Jul 2009:
on Sunday night 26th July, from 11pm on 3CR "Two to the Valley" show, I will preview songs from the new compilation of Hobart bands "Community", which is being produced by Julian Teakle for release in September .. listen via 855am or on the web at https://www.3cr.org.au
26 Jul 2009:
on Sunday 26th July at the Tote .. the Chapter Music, Lost & Lonesome, Mistletone, Remote Control/Dot Dash, Sensory Projects, Two Bright Lakes, and Unstable Ape labels present Hold Hands, a day-long celebration of the Melbourne music community .. 16 bands on two stages from 2.30pm until 11.00pm .. Beaches, Black Cab, Children of the Wave, Dick Diver, Guy Blackman, Jessica Says, Kes Band, Kid Sam, Lee Memorial, Mick Turner, Ned Collette, Spider Vomit, St Helens, The Sand Pebbles, The Smallgoods (Duo), The Sun Blindness, and DJ Faux Pas .. $20, proceeds to radio stations RRR, PBS, FBi and 2SER
22 Jul 2009:
on Wed July 22 at the Toff In Town .. My Pal Foot Foot (Japan) supported by Kes Band and Fabulous Diamonds, $15
17 Jul 2009:
on 17th July at ABC Iwaki Auditorium .. Lucky Number - the Music of Syd Clayton featuring Adam Simmons (saxophone), Mark Cauvin (double bass), The Crystal Set (vocals and percussion), Barnaby Oliver (piano), Clinton Green (pitched percussion), Hugh McSpedden (lighting and projections)
14 Jul 2009:
on Tuesday 14th July at 10am at the CERES visitors center .. the Green Precincts Grant Launch by Minister for Environment, Heritage, and the Arts, Peter Garret
12 Jul 2009:
from 9 to 12 July Australia's Liquid Architecture festival hits Melbourne
8 Jul 2009:
on Wed 8th July at 630 pm .. Beaches play live-to-air from 3RRR
3 Jul 2009:
on 3rd July at The Tote .. the Melbourne launch of Love of Diagrams' new limited edition 7" .. with The Twerps and Chris Smith's Bad Orchestra
3 Jul 2009:
on Friday 3rd July at the Empress .. NAKED ON THE VAGUE 7"INCH LAUNCH W/ Chrome Dome, Wasted Truth & Bum Creek
3 Jul 2009:
on Friday 3rd July, Mum Smokes and Fab Diamonds play at the Curtin Bandroom
30 Jun 2009:
notable New Jersey radio station WFMU has opened a new project, the Free Music Archive, containing selections from their great playlist for download .. some Australian artists are represented via the Dual Plover label's membership
30 Jun 2009:
on Tues 30th June from 8:30pm at Bar Open .. Ahmad/Thomas/Talia & Wadley/Dorrian
27 Jun 2009:
on 27th June at the Builders Arms .. the launch of Un Magazine 3.1, which includes an article by Anna Daly on performance (featuring some stuff about HGP) .. live music by Snawklor in full electronic drum kit mode, Rod Cooper and Pissypaw
26 Jun 2009:
on Friday June 26th at the Curtin Bandroom .. Mum Smokes play their first show in two years to launch their new cd .. with Fabulous Diamonds and White Woods
24 Jun 2009:
on Wed 24th at/on RRR from 630pm .. St Helens, live (to air)
20 Jun 2009:
Dylan Martorell has an exhibition from May 29 to Jun 20 .. new works / musique povera / sonic arcologies .. at Lamington Drive, 89 George St, Fitzroy
19 Jun 2009:
Dave Graney has a new solo album, the rnb-influenced Knock yourself out .. and is doing a 19 June lunchtime instore at Basement Discs, 24 Block Place
19 Jun 2009:
Hobart music fans will want to see Beaches and Mum Smokes with All Fires The Fire + Our Sails at the Brisbane Hotel on Friday 19th June
19 Jun 2009:
on Friday 19th at Tape Projects / Bouverie Studios, 1/81 Bouverie st Carlton .. launch of new Tarab cd featuring live shows from Ernie Althoff, Camilla Hannan, Jim McKay, Glenn Norman, Geoff Robinson, Eamon Sprod .. early! 7pm to 9pm
17 Jun 2009:
on Wed 17th @ Stutter .. ABRE OJOS ELEMENTS DVD LAUNCH featuring .. ABRE OJOS, JK FULLER, WITNESS GIRL, dj sets by CAT GRRL
14 Jun 2009:
on 14th June .. the Clear Spacemen launch their new cd Outerlude at Pure Pop Records, 221 Barkly st, St Kilda
13 Jun 2009:
on 13th June at the Birmingham .. launch their new compilation Warm Cupboard (afternoon and evening gig) .. look out for the compilation which includes tracks by: the frightening lights, Hi God People, kes band, francis plagne, aux assembly, star, free choice, seth rees, aleks and the ramps, christina tester, fabulous diamonds, woollen kits, baseball, bleak infinity .. launch play times are: doors 2.30pm $10 donation suggested, 3.20pm Mad Nanna, 4.10pm Woollen Kits, 5.00pm Chrome Dome, 5.50pm Seth Rees, 6.40pm Inevitable Orbit, 7.30pm Free Choice, 8.20pm Francis Plagne, 9.10pm Aux Assembly, 10.00pm The Frightening Lights, 10.50pm Super Star, 11.40pm Kes Band
13 Jun 2009:
on Sat 13th June at the Wesley Anne .. Children Of The Wave, Great Earthquake and Jason Heller .. early show, Jason starts at 8:45
11 Jun 2009:
on Thursday 11th June at Bar Open .. Vlady Vivaldi (Penelope Skliros solo) album launch on Alberts Basement label .. this is a free show with an almost-too-good-to-be-true lineup: 7pm-8pm DJ michael zulicki, 8.15pm-8.45pm Yama Boy, 9pm-9.30pm Snawklor, 9.45pm-10.15pm Mark Barrage, 10.30-11.30 Vlady Vivaldi
7 Jun 2009:
Wagons return to Melbourne with a show at the Corner on 7th June
30 May 2009:
on Sat 30th May at NSC .. St Helens album launch, with Panel of Judges and Circle Pit
22 May 2009:
from May 1st to 22nd .. Alex Vivian and Nathan Gray have a show at Rear View Gallery, rear 244 Smith St Collingwood (Discount Chemist Wharehouse), enter from Stanley st, open wed - sun 12-6pm
17 May 2009:
on Sunday 17th May my guest on Two To The Valley (3cr, 11pm) is indie electronicist and circuit-bender James Earthenware, who will play and discuss music from his old and new releases, and music that has influenced him
13 May 2009:
on Wed 13th at Stutter .. Jack the Rapper (Qld), Das Butcher, Robin Rox / Lloyd Honeybrook
10 May 2009:
on 10th May my guest on Two To The Valley (on radio 3cr from 11pm) is Nathan Gray, Melbourne visual artist and one half of sound-art duo Snawklor. He will play music and talk about his life and times. .. If you're overseas or interstate, you can listen via the 3CR web site
9 May 2009:
on Saturday May 9th at the Old Bar .. the new-look New Estate featuring Toby (ex Flywheel) on bass guitar .. with Ashtray Boy and other bands
8 May 2009:
Brisbane's OtherFilm collective puts on regular events featuring avant garde film and music. These are world-class and I highly recommend them. They have two events coming up in Melbourne. On 7th May at ACMI, 6.30pm (Free entry), and 8th May at Tape Space, 1/81 Bouverie St Carlton at 8pm sharp, $6/$8 .. follow the link for the excellent lineups for these shows
2 May 2009:
on Sunday 3rd May my guest on Two To The Valley will be Sean Bailey, speaking about his bands Lakes and Wasted Truth, and other releases on his label Inverted Crux .. from 11pm on 3CR 855am .. interstate and overseas listeners via web https://3cr.org.au/
1 May 2009:
on Fri 1st May at the Forum .. the Laughing Clowns supported by Nels Cline (USA) .. $35/$42
30 Apr 2009:
Pat O'Brien of the Sunshine and Grease store has done some great radio filling in on Dance Cadaverous .. now he has his own show on RRR, Tuesdays from midnight to 2am, starting 7th April.
30 Apr 2009:
Marney Macleod of Melbourne rock band Zond is curating Saturday nights at Horse Bazaar .. a dj night called Stump .. on Sat 11th members of The Witchhats and The Stabs .. following week is members of Eddy Current Surpression Ring
26 Apr 2009:
on Sunday 26th from 11pm on 3CR my guest on Two To The Valley is Mia Schoen (New Estate, Sleepy Township, Above Ground Pool, Driving Past, Long Weekend, Huon, etc
24 Apr 2009:
from 12th March to 24th April .. Craft Victoria (31 Flinders Lane) presents Chicks on Speed's Viva La Craft! .. "traditional techniques of millinery, silk screen printing, ceramics, patchwork, tapestry and fashion tailoring will be combined with new research in technical innovation."
24 Apr 2009:
on Fri 24th April at the Tote ..Go Genre Everything are launching their EP 'Disciple of Waste' with The Losers, Zond and the Assassination Collective
19 Apr 2009:
on 18/19 April at Ceres environmental park .. the Melbourne Social Forum festival of art, music, culture, changing the world
19 Apr 2009:
during much of April and May, Alison the host of 3CR's Two To The Valley show on Sunday nights will be overseas .. filling in will be David Nichols and I .. for my first show on 19th April my guest will be Michael of the Alberts Basement label, who will play and talk about his latest and forthcoming releases
18 Apr 2009:
Adelaide's Hit The Jackpot are playing two shows soon in Melbourne .. Friday April 17 at The Old Bar with Lindsay Lowhand, Talons and Late Arvo Sons .. Saturday April 18 at Cobra Bar with Spider Vomit and Scott & Charlene's Wedding
5 Apr 2009:
on 5th April from noon .. the Brunswick Bowls Club presents a fund-raiser to buy a new water tank .. features barefoot bowling games, raffles, games and live music including Shane Edmunds, Bohjass, Paul McArthy, Fee Brown, Zhang Lingdi, Matt Sharp, Anthony Rea, Dale Garfinkle and Rod Cooper, DJ Xonk
4 Apr 2009:
on Sat 4th April at Antey & Ashton, at rear of 209 Albion st enter via laneway next to UGG Boot factory .. 11:00am - 8:00pm .. FABULOUS DIAMONDS, JUSTIN K FULLER, PAECES, HEXAGON COMMIT, MOFFARFARRAH, MATTHEW BROWN & SIMON TAYLOR, FAECES, I-SUFFERAZ (KRUMP PERFORMANCE) .. free entry .. part of west Brunswick Sculpture Trienniale
2 Apr 2009:
on Thursday 2nd April at the Birmingham .. Panel of Judges, Dick Diver, Ships Piano .. it's the last PoJ show for several months
1 Apr 2009:
on Wed 1st April @ Stutter .. SUPER STAR, REPAIRS, 8008, DJ FREE CHOICE @ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street
28 Mar 2009:
Melbourne duo Snawklor have released a new album direct to the web .. download it from https://www.snawklor.blogspot.com
28 Mar 2009:
from 26th to 28th March at the Butterfly Club, South Melbourne .. Dave Graney's new cabaret "live in hell"
28 Mar 2009:
on 28th March at 830pm it's Earth Hour
27 Mar 2009:
on Fri 27th at the Tote .. Beaches, the Ancients, the Twerps
20 Mar 2009:
on Fri 20th March, 7-8pm, at Craft Victoria .. FOR THE LOVE OF THE OBJEKT INSTRUMENT features HGP's Dylan Martorell and Chicks on Speed .. Cost $10 Craft Victoria Members; $20 Non-Members
18 Mar 2009:
on Wed 18th March at the Empress .. Das Butcher and Julian Williams' Inevitable Orbit
18 Mar 2009:
at Stutter on Wed 18th .. Gauntlet (Alex Vivian, Simon Taylor and Christopher L G Hill), Clickjaw, Pig&Machine, Bum Creek
11 Mar 2009:
4 Mar 2009:
on Wed 4th March @ Stutter .. SUPER SMASH MONEY .. DALE NASON, TROY INNOCENT, CHRISTINE MEYER AND JON PAK .. This evening at Stutter presents a trio + 1 exploring themes: money, metal, micro, nation and animal, via video, object process, music and information. The current sees what currency can't see. In order of commencement: * 1950's Europe including Kabul and the Suez Canal. The home movies of a pilot and his wife. Film transferred to dvd. * The Micronation of Ludea. Live AV object exchange action. * $0 Zerodollars. Live 'molten metal' object cast & media action. * Oxide. Micro video, metal oxide, max msp and bunched fibres.
1 Mar 2009:
on Sunday 1st March the Sydney Road Street Festival shuts the cars out and offers free music and events all day
1 Mar 2009:
as part of Sunday's Sydney Road Festival, Round & Round Records (513 Sydney Rd (near the corner of Blyth St)) is hosting these acts: 1:00 Jason Heller, 1:50 Mad Nanna, 2:40 Peter Joseph Head, 3:30 Inevitable Orbit, 4:20 Popolice, 5:10 Das Butcher
28 Feb 2009:
on 28th Feb 2009, the Summer Tones party at the Espy features Dan Deacon, High Places, Pivot, Lawrence Arabia, The Ruby Suns, The Stabs, Beaches, Qua, The Smallgoods, Mountains in the Sky, Kes Band, Ned Collette Band, Fabulous Diamonds, Mark Barrage, Panel of Judges, Ships Piano, The Twerps
22 Feb 2009:
from 20-22 Feb at Fed Square .. the Sustainable Living Festival showcases a huge range of exhibitors, talks, workshops, art, films and performances celebrating and inspiring sustainable communities.
21 Feb 2009:
on Sat 21st Feb in a back yard in Pender st Thornbury .. Applecore 09 featurs a long list of acts including PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS, SLEEPY TOWNSHIP, LAURA JEAN and HAND HELL
21 Feb 2009:
on Sat 21 Feb at the Curtain Bandroom 22 Lygon st .. LOVE OF DIAGRAMS, PANEL OF JUDGES, ST HELENS, ZOND, SPIDER VOMIT, BEACHES DJS
19 Feb 2009:
on Thurs 19th Feb at the Toff .. Japan's Tenniscoats, with Kes Band and The Twerps .. $15
15 Feb 2009:
on Sun 15th Feb at the bat colony .. TETRAHEDRUM features snawklor, donkeys tale, julian williams, mark barrage, super star
14 Feb 2009:
live rock events are usually earth-unfriendly consumption-fests whose proceeds go to the alcohol industry, so it's good to see a festival that is both non-polluting and donating money to conservation .. hats off to the Thin Green Line on 14th Feb
13 Feb 2009:
on Fri 13th Feb at the Old Bar ($10) .. Battery Cover Missing (casio theme) zine presents the CD Launches of Cigarettes for Ping Pong's debut EP and James Earthenware's "Perception Management" CD .. features Ninetynine and Casionova along with those two artists
6 Feb 2009:
on Fri 6th Feb at the NSC .. Root
4 Feb 2009:
on Wed 4th Feb at Horse Bazaar .. Skin and Bones (Bus Gallery), Stutter and Sunshine & Grease present Circle Pit, Animal Prophets, Cocks Arquette, Dj Shits + Giggles .. (part of the Skin and Bones, Bus Gallery costume and Fashion show)
3 Feb 2009:
the third Skin & Bones "fashion" show opens at Bus Gallery on the 3rd of Feb .. features designs by Oliver Hextall, Alex Vivian, Fjorn Butler, Alexander Ouchtomsky, Sean Bailey, Kiki Ando (Japan), Harriett Morgan, Evergreen Terrace, Sally Blenheim, Hyper colour castle, Thomas Bernard (France), Circle Pit (Sydney), Dell Stewart, Tin and Ed, Jarrah de Kuijer.
3 Feb 2009:
on Tues 3rd Feb .. Stereolab, Crayon Fields and Guy Blackman at Billboard the Venue
31 Jan 2009:
Julian Williams's solo album "Liquidamber" is co-released by the Synaesthesia and Spill labels and available at Missing Link and Sunshine and Grease .. after the Melbourne launch with Snawklor, Justin K. Fuller and video art by Jason Heller, JW takes this show on the road with dates in Brisbane and Sydney during Jan/Feb .. see reviews by Bob Baker Fish and Mark Gomes
31 Jan 2009:
on Sat 31 Jan at the Old Bar .. Panel of Judges launch the vinyl version of 'Bad Vibrations' .. with ZOND and Scott and Charlene's Wedding
31 Jan 2009:
on Sat Jan 31st at Horse Bazaar .. the Ox Party Sessions featuring Dylan Martorell (Snawklor, Hi-god People), Capiche Mode .. This will be the second installment of a month's Saturday night DJ residency as programmed by Saigon Sausage & Albino Dwarf. Expect to hear cosmic mantras, sublime frequencies, DIY gutter rave, subterranean black metal, ghettotech, happy hardcore, blah blah.
31 Jan 2009:
on Sat 31 Jan in Clifton Park, Albert st, Brunswick, the Summer Winds festival includes Circle Pit (Syd), No News(Syd), Marl Karx (Bris), Kitchens Floor(Bris), Chrome Dome, Free Choice, Bum Creek, Pathetic Human, Splitfoot, 8008, Super Star, Acid Casualty, This Party Sucks, Absoluten Calfevtrail, Wasted Truth, Matthew Brown, Gugg, Breaker Morant, Art & Craft
30 Jan 2009:
on Fri 30 Jan at the Thornbury Theatre .. the Lurid Yellow Mist featuring Dave Graney and Clare Moore + The Sand Pebbles, Barrage, MC Dave Graney
28 Jan 2009:
on Wed 28th Jan at the Globe Theatre, Brisbane .. Julian Williams launches his new alhum, Qld style .. with the Lost Domain
28 Jan 2009:
on Wed 28 Jan at The Tote .. New Estate play their first show with new member Toby on bass (ex Flywheel)
26 Jan 2009:
local acts at this year's Melbourne Big Day Out include Beaches, My Disco, and the Hi God People .. 26th Jan at the racecourse
18 Jan 2009:
on Sun 18th Jan at the Toff .. the notable double of EUGENE CHADBOURNE (USA) & SCHNEIDER TM (Germany)
17 Jan 2009:
on Sat 17th at 3pm at Sunshine & Grease .. Mani Neumeier in-store (free entry)
9 Jan 2009:
on Friday 9th Jan from 6.30 to 730 .. Julian Williams is playing an instore at the Sunshine and Grease record and book emporium (Bus Gallery, 117 Little Lonsdale st, free entry)
7 Jan 2009:
on Wed 7th Jan between 10pm and midnight on RRR .. Julian Williams will be a guest on DJ DownPat's show
4 Jan 2009:
on Sunday 4th Jan 2009 at the Tote .. CHAPTER MUSIC TURNS 18 .. Tote stage: 3.30pm Karl Smith 4.30pm Hit The Jackpot 5.30pm Sleepy Township 6.30pm Mystery Guests 8.00pm Pikelet 9.00pm The Crayon Fields .. Cobra Bar stage 4.00pm Clare Moore 5.00pm Lakes 6.00pm Henry Wagons 7.30pm Minimum Chips 8.30pm Panel Of Judges
1 Jan 2009:
on Thursay 1st Jan at 7pm Australian EST, Julian Teakle plays the best of indie 2008 on Edge Radio (click to listen online)
21 Dec 2008:
on 21 Dec at NSC .. Jane Dust (currenty working on 2nd album) plays with Bulls, James McCann and Van Walker.
20 Dec 2008:
the Mistletone label xmas party is on 20th Dec at the Thornbury Theatre and features Kes Band, Beaches, Ross McLennan & his Sympathy Orchestra, Panel of Judges and Mark Barrage for $15
20 Dec 2008:
Nathan Grey's new exhibition runs from 4 to 20 Dec at the Narrows, 2/141 Flinders Lane
11 Dec 2008:
on Thurs 11 Dec .. the final Sabbatical at the Old Bar night for 2008 .. featuring Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Wasted Truth, Rod Cooper, Aktion Unit .. starts at 830pm, $6
6 Dec 2008:
the new Panel of Judges album will be launched on Dec 6 at the John Curtin hotel in Carlton/cbd
30 Nov 2008:
I am back in Melbourne after few months living in the San Francisco bay area
29 Nov 2008:
Beaches launch their first album at NSC on 29th Nov .. followed by shows at Meredith in December
26 Nov 2008:
on Wed Nov 26 @ The Toff In Town .. MARK BARRAGE launches his new album DELAYS w/- Panel of Judges + Pompey
16 Oct 2008:
New Estate are touring to support the release of their new album Out of the Ground .. 19th Sep - MELBOURNE - THE TOTE w/ Actor/Model, The Ancients and Deadbeat Club .. 20th Sep - BRISBANE - RIC'S w/ Deux Garcons .. 16th Oct - SYDNEY - HOPETOUN w/ Sounds Like Sunset and Moonmilk.
5 Oct 2008:
on Sunday Oct 5th at the Tote, the Mistletone party Spring Tones features Lucky Dragons, Sly Hats, Hi God People, Aleks & the Ramps, Always, Kes, The Motifs and Super Melody .. $20
27 Sep 2008:
the next Jump Up family music event is at Horse Bazaar on Sunday 27th features Jarrod Zlatic solo, Djs, and the Scale Free Network science/art show.
31 Aug 2008:
starting on Sunday 31 Aug .. on the last Sunday of each month, a family friendly music afternoon from 2 to 7 pm .. kicking off 31 Aug with Guy Blackman live and DJs Dylan Martorell and James Wilkinson .. presented by Collectors Set
29 Aug 2008:
on Friday 29th August at WestSpace ..Bruce Russell (NZ) and Marco Fusinato .. entry $10 .. Level 1, 15-19 Anthony Street, Melbourne
22 Aug 2008:
on 22 August at Roxanne Parlour (Level 3, 2 Coverlid Pl, Melbourne) .. Mistletone winter party featuring Beach House, Bachelorette , Love of Diagrams, Pikelet, Kes Band, Crayon Fields, Qua, Beaches, Panel of Judges, Actor/Model, Barrage, Talkshow Boy, Lost Animal
30 Jul 2008:
the Melbourne International Film Festival starts on 25th July
30 Jul 2008:
Ellen's first magazine has a "colouring in" theme and is available for $1 at the Sticky zine store, in the subway beside Flinders Street station
27 Jul 2008:
on Sat 26 and Sun 27 July at Bus Gallery .. Pat's Sunshine and Grease shop opening with 20 bands and an art raffle .. $7 per day .. SATURDAY 2:30 Cougar Flashy 3:10 eyeoff 4:00 Jason Heller 4:40 Always 5:20 Juarez and Absoluten Calfeutrail 6:00 Wasted Truth 6:40 The French 7:20 Paeces 7:50 Anthony Pateras 8:30 Lost Animal 9:10 Circle Pit 10:10 Panel of judges .. SUNDAY .. 2:30 Oranj Punjabi 3:10 Bam Brothers 3:50 Neil Sweeney 4:30 Evelyn Morris with Bum Creek 5:30 The Ancients 6:50 JKFuller 7:10 Helmet Head 8:00 Collapsed Toilet Vietnam
17 Jul 2008:
Hi God People are part of the Liquid Architecture festival on July 17 at at the North Melbourne town hall.
12 Jul 2008:
Adam and Greg's mixed-reality live show When Worlds Collide will next be performed at the Afterdark bar, 565 High st, Northcote on Saturday 12th July. Also playing on the night are Lakes, Eye Off, Cicatrix, and Julian Williams' new band the Inevitable Orbit (featuring Francis Plagne and Dion of HGP). MMORPG news site Massively have published a review of the last WWC performance at Stutter.
5 Jul 2008:
on Sat 5th July at the Toff .. Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow launch their new album We Wuz Curious, with support by Barrage
1 Jul 2008:
on Tues July 1 @ Bar Open .. Make It Up Club presents the premiere of Marco Fusinato's 0_Synaesthesia Edition .. Marco Fusinato's 0_Synaesthesia Edition 4 turntable performance. Featuring:Jim Knox, Annalee Koernig, Patrick O'Brien, and Paul Wain (turntables)
30 Jun 2008:
Pat O'brien's new record and book store Sunshine and Grease is nearly open for business .. at Bus Gallery in Little Lonsdale st
29 Jun 2008:
on Sun 29th at Manchester Lane .. Pikelet and Laura Jean are joined by Tasmanian pianist Peter Escott, who to my knowledge hasn't played in Melbourne before but has been strongly recommended by some knowledgable Hobartians
27 Jun 2008:
on Fri 27th at the Gershwin Room .. Eddie Current Suppression Ring, St Helens, Cut Sick, The Twerps
26 Jun 2008:
on Thurs June 26 at Gertrudes .. Human six billion (three-piece version w/o fumiko) are supporting Martin Mackerras's new group Future Happiness
21 Jun 2008:
on Sat June 21st at 2pm at Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane .. Dylan Martorell, Julie Burleigh, Nathan Grey, Francis Plagne perform "3 Speed Golden Ratios (Clockwise and Anti Clockwise)" and "Pentatonic Succulent Rounds"
21 Jun 2008:
on Sat 21st June at Collectors Set (11 Collins st) .. The Inevitable Orbit (JW new band) and On Mars (M 'n' M duo)
15 Jun 2008:
on Sunday 15th June from 11pm to 1230 .. Alison Bolger of 3CR's Two to the Valley has called in her helper announcers, David Nichols and I, to co-host a special radiothon edition of her long-running music show. Why should you listen? Because you'll hear the latest and greatest independent music you love. Why should you donate some money? Because the show (and station) supports your local music scene by interviewing musicians, playing their music, getting them to guest program etc - a service you only get on stations like this.
14 Jun 2008:
on Sat 14th June at Afterdark, Northcote .. Sabbatical Records presents Absoluten Calfeutrail, Blarke Bayer, Sean Baxter, Rod Cooper
7 Jun 2008:
on Sat 7th June at .. 1/158 Lygon (cnr Glenlyon) above Chemist .. Alberts Basement compilation benefit party .. all ages $5 entry .. acts include .. 11.30 actions of love, 10.45 panel of judges 10.00 module, 9.15 hand hell, 8.30 the psyche ensemble, 7.45 scott & charlene's wedding, 6.15 sister brighid, 5.30 twerps, 4.00 record sharing session
4 Jun 2008:
on Wed 4th June at Stutter (at Horse Bazaar, Little Lonsdale st) .. Lakes, JK Fuller, Free Choice, Always
3 Jun 2008:
on Tuesday 3rd June at 730pm, on SBS tv .. Insight presents a panel of Australian musicians discussing the ethics of music downloading
1 Jun 2008:
on Sunday 1st June at the Tote .. Fab Diamonds, Crayon Fields, Bum Creek, Kes Trio, Paeces, DJ Jason Heller
31 May 2008:
on 31st May at the Toff .. Guy Blackman launches his new album, with his new backing band, and supports by Laura Jean & The Eden Land Band and Always
31 May 2008:
at Collectors Set (Recorded Music Salon, Collins st) on Sat 31st .. Jimmy Sing + Hana Shimada, aka GOODGOD
30 May 2008:
I have tried my hand at interviewing - the subject being DC, the singer of Melbourne band ROOT!. The interview is at Webcuts Magazine.
25 May 2008:
on Sunday 25th May at the Toff .. Justice Yeldham album launch with Hi God People and Curse ov Dialect
24 May 2008:
on 24 May at the Espy, St Kilda .. Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist, on their return from Europe supporting the Bad Seeds tour, play a killer lineup with Wagons and ROOT!
24 May 2008:
on Sat 24th at the Tote .. St Helens, Love of Diagrams, Lee Memorial
24 May 2008:
on Sat 24th May at Afterdark, 565 High st Northcote .. Aotomating album launch, with Popolice, Black Widow, Absoluten Calfeutrail, Jk Fuller
24 May 2008:
on Sat 24th at Collectors Set (Collins st) ..SVEN SIMULACRUM + MATTHEW BROWN
21 May 2008:
on Wed 21 May .. Adam Nash and Greg Wadley's Second-Life / real-life show When Worlds Collide returns to Horse Bazaar with Sasha Margolis + Casey Rice + Dj Dylan Martorell (part of the Stutter series)
20 May 2008:
on Tues 20th May at the Old Bar .. Ampere (USA), Cut Sick, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Pissbolt, Justice Yeldham .. from 8pm, $10
17 May 2008:
on Sat 17th at the Tote Upstairs (Cobra bar) .. Zond, the Anciencts, Julian Williams and Friends
17 May 2008:
on Sat 17th May at Collectors Set, 11 Collins St Melbourne .. KES and Henry Wagons, both solo .. free entry
10 May 2008:
on Sat 10th May at the Old Bar .. ROOT!
10 May 2008:
on Sat 10th May at Collectors Set (Collins st) .. Always + the Emergency do Krautrock
9 May 2008:
on Friday 9th May at Ding Dong .. the Kes Band launch new album with Love of Diagrams, Francis Plagne Band + DJ James Cecil
7 May 2008:
on Wed 7th May at the Toff .. the Motifs launch their new 12" with support from Sly Hat and Flying Scribble
7 May 2008:
on Wed 7th at Stutter (Horse Bazaar) .. Ai Yamamoto , Cougar Flashy & His Spooky Adventures, Errki Veltheim, Dave Brown/Rod Cooper/Sean Baxter
3 May 2008:
on Sat 3 May at the Toff .. Fabulous Diamonds album launch, with support from Super Stupid and Snawklor
26 Apr 2008:
The Cannanes play a rare Melbourne show at the Brunswick Hotel on Saturday April 26th with the Zebras + Deadbeat Club (free entry) before going to the US in May
25 Apr 2008:
on Friday 25th at Pony .. Panel of Judges at 2am
25 Apr 2008:
on Fri 25th at the Tote .. Witch Hats, Kes Band, Beaches, Embers, The Ancients, The Sun Blindness
24 Apr 2008:
on 21-24 April the MakeItUp Club celebrate their 10th birthday with shows at Horse Bazaar, Bar Open, the Toff, and the Iwaki Auditorium
19 Apr 2008:
on Saturday 19th .. New Estate play at the Cobra bar, upstairs at the Tote hotel
19 Apr 2008:
on Sat 19th, Jason Heller's weekly night Collectors Set continues with Ai Yamamoto and experimental / country / minimalist musician Anomyneye .. remarkably, this show is free to get into .. at Recorded Music Salon - 11 Collins St Melbourne.
18 Apr 2008:
on Friday 18th at Forepaw .. Lost Animal, Das Butcher and Barrage
14 Apr 2008:
on Monday 14th April at the Toff .. the 2008 What Is Music festival.
12 Apr 2008:
on Saturday 12th Jason Heller's night at Collectors Set continues with FOUNDATION STEPPER and ATTACK+RELEASE playing DJ sets after 11pm and Jason on until that time. As always it's free to get in and held upstairs at 11 Collins St Melbourne
12 Apr 2008:
on Saturday 12th at Forepaw .. Fatti Frances, Beaches, Default Jamerson
2 Apr 2008:
in late March / early April .. a new festival of improvised music .. MIBEM
31 Mar 2008:
on Saturday nights at The Recorded Music Salon, Collectors' Set presents a weekly variety showcase evening, hosted and curated by Lucreccia Quintanilla and Jason Heller, rounding up an eclectic selection of local musicians and DJs.
30 Mar 2008:
on 30 March at the Bar Open .. Jane Dust launches her new album A Spray Of Red From The Deep with guests including luluc, Kim Salmon, Clare Moore and Leon Stackpole
29 Mar 2008:
here's a step in the right direction .. on Saturday 29th March from 2pm at the Brunswick Velodrome, VeloRock, a human/bike-powered indie pop show featuring the Lucksmiths, Crayon Fields et al .. all gear transported by bike and powered by green energy, and free to get in .. they're looking for volunteer cyclists to tow gear on the day - see website
28 Mar 2008:
on Friday 28th at the Old Bar .. Handhell, The Losers, Go Genre Everything, New Estate .. compilation cd of songs by these four bands available on the night
25 Mar 2008:
on Tuesday 25th March at Horse Bazaar .. When Worlds Collide .. Adam Nash and Greg Wadley play "virtual-world" music in a "real-world" bar
24 Mar 2008:
the Felt Hammer Festival at the Toff is wrapping up with .. SAT 22nd: SOPHIE BROUS with 8-piece band featuring PAUL GRABOWSKY + DJ Viva L'amour .. SUN 23rd: LULLATONE (Japan) + Crayon Fields .. MON 24th: National Living Treasures (album launch)
21 Mar 2008:
on Fri 21st March at the Public Bar .. Beaches, Scott and Charlene's Wedding, Darren Sylvester
20 Mar 2008:
on Thursday 20 March at the East Brunswick Club .. Root (band rumoured to contain traces ot TISM) with Keri Simpson and the Prodigal Sons
16 Mar 2008:
on Sunday 16th at the Old Bar .. Canyons (milo), Northatlantic Audio, Chris Smith .. early start 730 pm
11 Mar 2008:
at the Toff on Tues 11th March ..Francis Plagne Band + Poleto Pra (Pateras/Fusinato noise duo) + The Ancients + Christina Tester
9 Mar 2008:
from 7-9 March at the IMA, Brisbane .. a series of concerts called The Brisbane Sound explores the cross-pollination of indie and experimental musicians and artists in the early 80s in Brisbane
8 Mar 2008:
on Sat 8th March 8 at Northcote Social Club .. The Sea and Cake, with Aleks & The Ramps and Human Six Billion
4 Mar 2008:
on Tues 4th March at Bar Open .. the Make It Club features Boy Brightlulb: AKA Josh Santospirito (avant-guitar) (NT), Tom Fryer (guitar), Adam Simmons (various saxophones), Joe Talia (various drumkit devices), LCD_ci (unexplained phenomena explained through slide show and repetitive motions)
2 Mar 2008:
on Sunday 2nd March .. Hi God People and Damo Suzuki together on stage at the Northcote Social Club .. tickets $13 in advance
1 Mar 2008:
on Sat 1st March at 730pm, at a rooftop location in Rathdowne st .. Panel of Judges' first show of the year, with the classic format New Season
29 Feb 2008:
on Friday 29th at 8pm .. the Darling Downs play live in-store at Readings book shop, Lygon st Carlton
28 Feb 2008:
each Saturday in Feb .. Pateras/Baxter/Brown play a residency at the Empress Hotel .. with an international guest collaborating each week
28 Feb 2008:
Rolling Stone have an dd on the damage being done to music by mastering cds too loud
27 Feb 2008:
during Feb 08 .. the Hi God People universe opens for a residency at the Tote Hotel in Collingwood. Every Wednesday in February they will reveal their underside in a four part performance arc, a rhapsody of harmonious dissonance. They will be joined by many musicians from the northern chimes for an energy dance of various difficult colour schemes. Wed 6 Feb with Beaches + KES, Wed 13 Feb with Always + Paeces, Wed 20 Feb with Barrage + Marco Fusinato, Wed 27 Feb with Francis Plagne + Lost Animal
23 Feb 2008:
from 19-23 Feb .. Bus Gallery hosts its annual fashion and costume show .. weird and wonderful works from local designers .. with Jason and Lucreccia in the sound gallery
23 Feb 2008:
at Forepaw this weekend .. Fri 22nd Pikelet cd launch with Paeces and Bum Creek .. Sat 23rd 6majik9 , Blank Realm and No Guru ( all from NSW) with Lakes
23 Feb 2008:
from noon on Sat 23rd in Pender St Thornbury .. the AppleCore backyard festival features .. Ooga Boogas, Look Who's Toxic, Grand Salvo, Flying Scribble, The Cannanes, Deadbeat Club, Digger and the Pussycats, Box Freezer Romance, Disasteradio, Actor Slash Model
22 Feb 2008:
on Friday 22nd Feb at Loophole, 834 High Street Thornbury .. the Go Genre Everything subscriber drive .. with GGE cinema and a jam with Elise and Mat B. from Bad Cop Bad Cop, Ms Daisy Buchanan, and Tash Sun Moon Star
20 Feb 2008:
on 20 and 21 Feb at the Metro .. Dont Look Back Melbourne features Sonic Youth (doing Daydream Nation) and the Scientists (doing Blood Red River)
17 Feb 2008:
on Sunday 17 Feb .. United Artists play at the Palais
16 Feb 2008:
on Sat 16th Feb at the Cobra bar (upstairs at the Tote) .. Into The Void (NZ), The Renderers (NZ), Chris Smith
10 Feb 2008:
on Sunday 10th Feb at The Toff .. YASUNAO TONE (Japan) + NATASHA ANDERSON
31 Jan 2008:
on 30th Jan .. Snawklor launch their new album at the Toff
30 Jan 2008:
currently at Fed Square .. Glass Percussion Intermezzo by Myles Mumford .. a site-specific project open free to the public between Jan 10 and Feb 2 .. Live performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9:15pm - 10pm. These include 2 percussionists playing the Glass live
30 Jan 2008:
on Wed 30th Jan at the Tote .. the final performance of Human Six Billion
30 Jan 2008:
the new, cubist Darling Downs video is rather good (YouTube)
27 Jan 2008:
I'll be programming Two to the Valley on 3cr this Sunday 27th 11pm-1230
27 Jan 2008:
26 Jan 2008:
on Sat 26 .. the Summer Winds outdoor music festival is at Merri Creek near St Georges road
25 Jan 2008:
on Fri 25 Jan at the Tote .. Naked On The Vague (Syd) Album Launch + Circle Pit (Syd) + Zond + Scott & Charlene's Wedding
19 Jan 2008:
on Sat 19 Jan at Hells Kitchen .. Yuko Kono (My Pal Foot Foot - Japan .. with Karl Scullin and Guy Blackman .. $5
18 Jan 2008:
on Fri 18th Jan at ForePaw (High st Northcote opposite Wesley Anne) .. Francis Plagne, Dworzec, Marco Fusinato, Julian Williams .. JW playing his new songs including some he wrote in China
13 Jan 2008:
on Sunday 13th Jan 2008 the Hi God People and Zond launch their new split 12" at Maximum Arousal, at the Toff, Level 2, 252 Swanston St Melbourne .. lineup is HGP, Zond, Mutual Loathing (Adelaide) and Kynan Lawler (Adelaide) .. $10 entry, doors at 8pm
13 Jan 2008:
on Sunday 13th at the Empress .. Pateras/Baxter/Brown + Xavier Charles (France) .. 4-6pm .. $5/7
12 Jan 2008:
on Sat 12th at Forepaw .. Zond, Snawklor, Lost Animal .. 8pm start
10 Jan 2008:
Hi God People are doing a couple of radio interviews this week: Monday 7th on 3PBS Left of the Dial, and Wed 10th on RRR Dance Cadaverous
5 Jan 2008:
sorry for being off the air for a few days .. we've just finished moving the Spill site to a new server .. DNS was out for a bit .. most things working now but I'll iron out a few glitches over the next few days
3 Jan 2008:
on Radio National on 3rd jan at 7.35pm .. Robyn Williams and Oliver Sacks .. The Musical Brain .. Dr. Oliver Sacks plays Chopin mazurkas on his piano in New York. Sometimes he hears them in his head, note perfect, without the piano. How can we 'imagine' music so powerfully and why does it make such an impact emotionally?
30 Dec 2007:
the Sticky store and website is seeking information from Melbourne zine writers past and present in order to build up a catalogue of our zine history
30 Dec 2007:
Julian Williams' new album "Liquidambar" is ready for release and will hopefully be out before too long
30 Dec 2007:
Clinton of the Shame File label has started a new online gig guide .. Experimental Melbourne .. designed to get all experimental / sound-art shows listed in the one spot, in a blog format
30 Dec 2007:
Jason Heller's new Hi God People video Tiger Tooth Bangles of Nomo is on YouTube
30 Dec 2007:
Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist have a new single I'm In The Future Now, released on digital format only and a video onYouTube
27 Dec 2007:
at Bar Open on 27 Dec .. Front of Van, Rainbow Brite, Go Genre Everything, Zond
23 Dec 2007:
on Sunday 23rd at the Tote .. the Mistletone Christmas party and launch of the Mistletonia Xmas compilation CD .. Featuring KES BAND + NED COLLETTE + ROSS MCLENNAN + PIKELET + BARRAGE + GRAND SALVO + FRANCIS PLAGNE.. + DJs Unstoppable Forces, Milord & M’lady Mistletone, Switchblade Sisters Sound System & Mark Nelson
14 Dec 2007:
on 15th Dec .. Lindsey Low Hand (record launch), Panel of Judges, Beaches
13 Dec 2007:
on 13 Dec at Utopian Slumps , Collingwood .. the ALWAYS cd launch, with Hi God People + Bell Towers
12 Dec 2007:
The Third Annual Art of Record Production Conference is on at QUT, Brisbane from December 10 to 11, 2007 .. themes include Lo-Fi vs Hi-Fi and Recording as a Compositional Process .. issue 2 of the Journal of ARP now online too
7 Dec 2007:
on Friday 7th Dec at the Espy .. the Root! album launch
2 Dec 2007:
on Sunday 2nd Dec at the Toff .. Maximum Arousal presents Pikelet, Super Stupid, Joe Talia & Thembi Soddell
1 Dec 2007:
at St James Gallery, 127 Lygon Street Carlton from from 17th November though to 1st Dec .. The Missing Chord, an exhibition by painter/musicians Ben Montero (Treetops), Jim Murray, James Ratsasane (The Rumours/J Hawk), Si Francis (Wagons), Kirsty Stegwazi / Rene Schaefer (Hand Hell), Ned Larnach-Jones (Ned & The Meds), Alana Cromwell (Sir), Mikey Stabbs (The Currency), Shags (The Smallgoods) and Rui Pereira (ex-The Drones) .. Wed-Sat, 12-6pm.
1 Dec 2007:
on Sat 1 Dec at Hells Kitchen .. Bum Creek, Das Butcher, Free Choice, The Panchos
30 Nov 2007:
on Fri 12th at 530pm, starting at the State Library .. the Critical Mass 12th birthday bike ride
30 Nov 2007:
on Thurs 29 and Fri 30 at Acmi and Diatribe .. Brisbane's OtherFilm festival comes to Melbourne .. I've seen their Brisbane setup and it's a fun, consciousness-expanding night out
24 Nov 2007:
on Fri 16th Nov at the Old Bar .. Viva Computer (Hobart) launch their new album with BANG! BANG! AIDS! + Hand Hell + Pumice [N.Z.] .. then at Bus Gallery on Saturday 24th with Bachelor of Arts
23 Nov 2007:
on Friday 23rd Nov at the Tote .. Panel of Judges, Garbage and the Flowers, Fabulous Diamonds, the Ancients .. launching the PoJ/GatF split single
23 Nov 2007:
throughout November Bus Gallery is hosting an installation by Ernie Althoff, Robbie Avenaim and Dale Gorfinkel .. with nearly-nightly performances by these and others from 9 to 23 nov
14 Nov 2007:
on 14 Nov at Black Box, Victorian Arts Centre .. The Bewdy of Speed featuring Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist, the Mu-Meson archive, Plutonic Lab, Penny Ikinger, Joe McKee (free admission)
11 Nov 2007:
on Sunday 11th Nov from 6pm at Utopian Slumps .. the closing party for Nathan Gray's exhibition, featuring music by Snawklor and Jarrod o'FabD
9 Nov 2007:
on Fri 9th at Gertrudes .. Bulls, Jane Dust, G in the air
7 Nov 2007:
on 7th Nov at the Corner .. SELL-OUT - The Independent Music Auction' feat. Abbie Cardwell + more .. The auction provides the opportunity to bid on rarities, signed items and limited edition music goodies from Australia's best.
6 Nov 2007:
Wagons launch their new album The Curse of Lightning at Northcote Social Club on Cup Eve (Monday 5th Nov) and Cup day (Tuesday 6th)
4 Nov 2007:
on Sundays 28th Oct and 4th Nov, David Nichols and I are filling in for Alison on 3CR's Two to the Valley show, while she is o/s with Panel of Judges .. playing mostly new local releases
3 Nov 2007:
on 3rd Nov at the East Brunswick Club .. the Darling Downs launch their second album "From one to another"
2 Nov 2007:
LCD (the Melbourne sound art group) are playing at Forepaw, 275 High St Northcote on Friday 2nd Nov .. book launch and celebration of Dia De Los Muertos
1 Nov 2007:
on Thursday 1 Nov at the East .. Bachelorette (NZ) with Fabulous Diamonds, Actor/Model & Flying Scribble
31 Oct 2007:
on Wed 31 Oct at NSC .. Kaye-Louise Patterson launches her new album International Travel with special guest Cam Butler (Silver Ray).
30 Oct 2007:
the Melbourne Festival always has something worth seeing and this year is no exception with a Cage piece and Laurie Anderson live, amongst others
27 Oct 2007:
on Sat 27th at the Old Bar .. Hotel Wrecking City, Traders, BadCopBadCop, Zond
24 Oct 2007:
SpiderVomit wind up their October residency at the Tote on Wed 24th with support by Downtown, Rock Bottom, DJ’s J-Spot (St Helens) and Valerie (Beaches)
21 Oct 2007:
at Heide Gallery from 30 June - 21 October 2007 .. an exhibition relating sound, sculpture and architecture, An Arrangement to Span the Distance Between by Jennie Lang and Geoff Robinson
21 Oct 2007:
Dylan o'HGP has work in the group show For Every Bird showing at MARS until 21 Oct .. he is exhibiting a sculptural work inhabited by a series of interconnected sound "nests" based on a series of Bell Miner bird field recordings, as well as a number of prints and drawings
21 Oct 2007:
on Sun 21 Oct from 7.30pm at the Toff .. You Don't Have To Call It Music featuring Donkeys Tail, Snawklor, Paeces
11 Oct 2007:
on 11th Oct at Idgaff, 160 Hoddle st Abbotsford .. The Ancients and Human Six Billion
9 Oct 2007:
on Tues 2 and 9 Oct at Bar Open .. the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Make It Up Club are running two nights of improvised music .. 2nd Oct - Thembi Soddell, Eamon Sprod, Sebastien Roux (IRCAM - France), William Lane (Australia/Germany), members of True Radical Miracle, Abe Sada, DJ Sophie Brous, Visuals by Smiddy & Gonzo .. 9th Oct - Von Crapp Family (Wgong), members of wOg (Sydney), Oren Ambarchi/ Marco Fusinato/ Brendan Walls (Sydney), Snawklor, Nik Kamvissis, DJ3 (Antediluvian Rocking Horse), Visuals by iCandy at Bar Open, 8:30pm, $10
8 Oct 2007:
7 Oct 2007:
on Sunday 7th Oct at NSC .. Guy Blackman, Sly Hats, Sir, Ned and the MEds
7 Oct 2007:
from 4 to 7 Oct at the Butterfly Club, 204 Bank st South Melbourne .. Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Mark Fitzgibbon's remarkable Point Blank show .. no mics, no amplification
6 Oct 2007:
Hand Hell launch their new album Phonography at the Tote on Sat 6th Oct
6 Oct 2007:
on Sat 5th Oct at 5pm on Radio National .. an interview with Ennio Morricone
3 Oct 2007:
on Wed 3rd Oct at Horse Bazaar .. electro-acoustic duo SAU_RANG (Sebastien Roux of France and William Lane of Australia/Germany), supported by Lucas Abela of Sydney
1 Oct 2007:
coming up in October .. Newcastle's ElectroFringe festival
30 Sep 2007:
This year's NACTMUS conference includes a paper by Julian Knowles of QUT (long pdf) on the impact of web 2.0 sites such as MySpace and Last.Fm on music production and consumption
30 Sep 2007:
Even As We Speak have a compilation cd of their singles out now on Egg Records.
28 Sep 2007:
the new Nervous Jerk compilation "ESP" is in stores in early September and features tracks from: eddy current suppression ring, kiosk, birth glow, fabulous diamonds, josephine foster, michael yonkers, sean bailey, mount eerie, little wings, kelley stoltz, the stabs, crayon fields, sly hats, always, superstupid, paul flaherty and chris corsano, guy blackman, Hi God People, francis plagne, panel of judges, weird war, calvin johnson, my disco
27 Sep 2007:
Root!, the new c'n'w band rumoured to contain traces of TISM, plays the Rob Roy on Thursday 27th Sep
27 Sep 2007:
on Thurs 27th from 7 to 8 pm RRR presents a special on Lee Hazelwood
23 Sep 2007:
the Northcote High Vibes festival is on Sunday 23rd Sep
22 Sep 2007:
on Sep 22 .. Barrage 7" record launch at Gertrudes, with Das Butcher and You Will Die Alone
18 Sep 2007:
on Tues 18th Sep at the Toff .. KTL, ie Sunn O)) member Stephen O'Malley and the Mego label's Peter Rehberg
18 Sep 2007:
on Tues 18 at 10pm on ABC tv .. a show on early British electronic music called What the Future Sounded Like
16 Sep 2007:
from 24 Aug to 16 Sep at Utopian Slumps gallery .. Dylan from Hi God People has an exhibition combining visual and sound art .. gigs are Snawklor 6pm Saturday 15th Sep and the Drone Big Band 6pm Sunday 16th
15 Sep 2007:
on 15 Sep at the Cobra bar .. Always last show before US tour, and launching new full-length cd on Nervous Jerk .. with Circle Pit (ex Kiosk, Sydney)
12 Sep 2007:
on Wed 12th Sep .. JJJ's morning show presents an interview with Australian studio engineer Tony Cohen
9 Sep 2007:
on 9 Sep at the Empress .. Will Guthrie, Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Thembi Sodell / Joe Talia duo
7 Sep 2007:
on 7 Sep at Northcote Social Club .. Greens party fundraising gig with Lisa Miller, Rebecca Barnard, Renee Geyer and Ross McLennan
6 Sep 2007:
on 6th Sept at the Corner .. Napalm Death and Blood Duster
6 Sep 2007:
on Thurs 6 Sep at the Tote .. LCD_ci, Front Of Van, Battlesnake and Lachlan Mooney coming straight outta RMIT .. with DJ Lewis
2 Sep 2007:
on Sunday 2 Sept at The Toff In Town .. WILL GUTHRIE, CHRIS SMITH, xNoBBQx .. $10
31 Aug 2007:
on 31 Aug at the Corner .. Mono (Japan)
24 Aug 2007:
on 24 Aug at the Tote.. Panel of Judges, Love of Diagrams, St Helens, Sparrow Hill (syd)
24 Aug 2007:
on Friday 24th at the Toff .. Francis Plagne cd launch with Barrage, Marco Fusinato, Dworzec, DJ Down Pat
23 Aug 2007:
on Thursday 23rd at 7pm ... 3RRR presents a special on the early years of the Fall, 77-83
20 Aug 2007:
the annual 3RRR radiothon starts on 10th Aug
19 Aug 2007:
on 19 Aug at Carni, 60 High Street, Preston .. The Wall of E Electric Guitar Ensemble .. support from Seth Rees, JK Fuller, Tim Catlin, Undecisive God
18 Aug 2007:
on Sat 18th at 830 pm .. SBS Great Australian Albums is on the Saints I'm Stranded
15 Aug 2007:
on Wed 15 Aug from 9pm at the Hard Rock Cafe, Bourke st .. USA #1 .. featuring XHalen – the Australian Van Halen tribute show, Sean Baxter, Oren Ambarchi, Tom Fryer, David Shea, Emile Zile, Robin Fox, Jade Blair
11 Aug 2007:
on Sat 11th at the Blue Diamond, 123 Queen st Melbourne .. Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist
11 Aug 2007:
on Sat 11th Aug on SBS tv .. the Great Australian Albums series is about the Triffids 'Born Sandy Devotional'
10 Aug 2007:
on Friday 10th .. Human Six Billion and Seagull play the Empress Hotel
4 Aug 2007:
on 4th August at the Toff .. SpiderVomit record launch supported by Hi God People
2 Aug 2007:
on 2 Aug at the Toff .. the Summer Cats launch their new split 7" .. support by the Cannanes at 9pm
31 Jul 2007:
on Tues 31 July at the Corner .. Anthony Pateras launches solo piano album 'Chasms'.
30 Jul 2007:
Clinton Green's compilation cd of Australian experimental music 1930-73 is available now and being launched around Australia at Liquid Architecture. Follow link for liner notes and info.
30 Jul 2007:
A new article called Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace describes demographic trends in the exodus of users from MySpace to Facebook .. (via SlashDot)
30 Jul 2007:
the Melb International Film Festival starts on 25th July
27 Jul 2007:
on 27 July at Gertrudes .. the Human Six Billion cd launch with support from New Estate and the new look Flywheel .. the cd is available for download from the h6b site - burn it to a cd, print a cover and there you are
27 Jul 2007:
on 27th July at the East .. Eddie Current Suppression Ring
26 Jul 2007:
on Thurs July 26 at the East .. the Clientele, Robert Scott, Institut Polaire, Summer Cats
23 Jul 2007:
on Monday July 23 at the Hi Fi Bar .. Blonde Redhead, Love of Diagrams, St Helens
22 Jul 2007:
from 18 to 22 July at 45 Flinders Lane (downstairs) .. company miji presents Reliquary .. "Korean shamanistic ritual and Australian indigenous spirituality come toegehr in dance and puppetry to explore the embodiment of belief and heritage in a culturally diverse context."
19 Jul 2007:
on Thurs 19th at NSC .. Charlemagne (USA), Panel of Judges, Grand Salvo
15 Jul 2007:
th 2007 Liquid Architecture festival is happening now around Australia
13 Jul 2007:
on 13 July .. Macromantics at Revolver
7 Jul 2007:
on 7th July at the Corner .. Low Transit Industries label night featuring many bands including Subaudible Hum and New Estate .. speaking of NE, they are rumoured to be recording another studio album next month
7 Jul 2007:
Hobart masters of indie the Bad Luck Charms (ex Frustrations etc) play two dates in Melbourne in July .. 6th at the Old Bar with New Estate and Ladybird (France), 7th at Roxanne with Shooting At Unarmed Men (single launch), Legends Of Motorsport, and A Friend Of Mine
7 Jul 2007:
on 7 July from 1 PM at 62 nettle st thornbury, 'house of mokey' .. DENIM OWL 1.30-2pm VIVA COMPUTER SOCIAL UNION 2.30-3 RIALTO DECIBEL CHOIR 3.30-4 LIGHT MUSIC CLUB 4.30-5 ME MU & MEOW 5.30-6 LADYBIRD 6.30-7 HAND HELL 7.30-8 REIGN OF PARANTHROPUS 8.30-9 PANEL OF JUDGES 9.30-10 .. Gold Coin Donation
30 Jun 2007:
Melbourne sound art duo Snawklor (Dylan from HGP, and Nathan Grey) have placed some past albums for download at their blog site.
30 Jun 2007:
on Sat 30th June .. Panel of Judges play the 2am slot at Pony
29 Jun 2007:
on 29 June at the NSC .. the reformed Apartments, supported by Dave Graney and band .. the Apartments were an outstanding post punk band in Brisbane in the late 70s .. two current members are ex Go-Betweens .. one of their singles was included on the Cant Stop It compilation
24 Jun 2007:
on 24 June at 3pm at Trades Hall .. "Roboticon", ie JOLT Sound Art Series Concert no.2 .. ERNIE ALTHOFF, ROBIN FOX, JAMES HULLICK
22 Jun 2007:
on Fri 22nd June at the Toff .. Sly Hats album laumch (Geoff with super group), Always, Francis Plagne
18 Jun 2007:
on Mondays 11 and 18 June from 4 to 7pm on RRR .. Ben and Guy fill in for Woody on Wig Wam Bam
17 Jun 2007:
on 17 June .. the Spanish Club closing party with a variety of bands .. notables are Bob Log III and the new band of TISM's Humphrey B Flaubert
15 Jun 2007:
on Fri 15th June .. Guy Blackman & backing band consisting of members of Crayon Fields, Ground Components and Minimum Chips .. doing his last show before o/s tour, with Grand Salvo .. at The Toff In Town (Level 2, Curtin House, Swanston St, Melbourne), $10 entry
14 Jun 2007:
on Thursday 14th June at the Toff in Town .. last Whitehorse show before US tour .. also launch of Blarke Bayer / Bone Sheriff split cd out now on Sweatlung
9 Jun 2007:
the Tenniscoats (Japan) are touring Australia again in June .. on 8th at NSC (with the Crayon Fields and Chris Smith), and 9th at Cloud City (with Panel Of Judges and Scissors For Sparrow)
2 Jun 2007:
in late May and early June, Hobart two piece Moe Grizzly who have just released their new album "10mg" through Consumer Productions are playing in Melbourne .. 24th May @ Exile on Smith Street .. 26th May @ Forepaw, Northcote with Kind Winds, Daisy Buchanan and Death Bag .. 2nd June @ Afterdark with Ants, Badcop Badcop
31 May 2007:
on Thurs 31 May at the Empress .. Oliver Mann, E-wah Lady, Pete & the Old Tar Gang
30 May 2007:
movie-maker Jason Heller has been busy filming Hi God People shows, editing them into short films, and placing them on YouTube ..
26 May 2007:
on May 26 at Cloud City .. Melbourne leg of Pikelet cd launch tour .. support from Fabulous Diamonds, Francis Plagne, Josh Armistead and Snawklor .. all ages, no alcohol, $10
25 May 2007:
on Fri 25 May at Exile on Smith st .. New Estate launch their new album "Is It Real?" out now on the Low Transit Industries label .. with Panel of Judges and Lindsay Lowhand .. This is on the back of a whirlwind east coast tour supporting US band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah .. I'm hearing this show has to be over by 11 so turn up early.
23 May 2007:
on 23 May at Northcote Social Club .. rock supergroup Salmon launch their new album .. band includes oz rock deities such as Dave Graney and Clare Moore and of course Kim Salmon, recently returned from a Scientists show at All Tomorrow's Parties
20 May 2007:
from Fri 11th to Sun 20th May Acmi is hosting a series of movies called focus on punk
19 May 2007:
on Sat 19th May at the East Brunswick Club .. Dave Graney and Clare Moore .. supported by Conway Savage (Bad Seeds) with Amanda Fox and Robert Tickner.
19 May 2007:
on Sat 19 May at the Corner .. the Ockerchino Variety Show presented by Curse ov Dialekt, featuring Makkenz (Japan), Toecutter, Suckafish P Jones, Aoi, Potato Master, Ivens, Anal Cookie, Mountains In The Sky, Purple Duck, Qua, Uber Lingua DJ's and Curse Ov Dialect
19 May 2007:
on Sat 19th 9pm at Bus, 117 Little Lonsdale Street .. Rob Curgenven & Melekat: Sound Performance, $5 entry
18 May 2007:
on Fri 18th May .. Melb launch of Love of Diagrams album at NSC with Crayon Fields and Spider Vomit
16 May 2007:
from 630pm on Wed 16th at 2 Coverlid Place above Charltons .. Nathan Grey installs his new installation "while you watch"
12 May 2007:
during May Panel of Judges head off to Adelaide (Jive) and Brisbane (the Troubadour) supporting Love of Diagrams on their album launch tour
11 May 2007:
on Friday 11th May at the Cobra Bar (Tote upstairs) .. Shooting at Unarmed Men, the Bad Luck Charms (Julian Teakle's Hobart band), Hand Hell, Outward Obtooce .. $5
9 May 2007:
on Wed 9th May .. SUNN 0))) (USA) and Boris (Japan) play the Hi-fi Bar
5 May 2007:
on Sat 5th May .. Sir launch their new album "The Brando Room" at the Toff in Town, Swanston st, with Crayon Fields supporting
28 Apr 2007:
the Age has two article s on the impending world domination by home studios here ... and here
22 Apr 2007:
on Sunday 22 April at WestSpace .. Anthea Caddy and Thembi Soddell cd launch .. with Eamon Sprod and Tim Catlin supporting
18 Apr 2007:
New Zealand band the Renderers play four shows in Melbourne soon .. on Thurs 12 April at The Tote w/ KES(solo) & Rowland Howard, on Fri 13 April at Cloud City Brunswick w/ Panel of Judges, Spider Vomit, on Sat 14 April at Exile on Smith St w/ Dean Roberts and Chris Smith, on Wed 18th April at NSC w/ The Garbage and the Flowers.
14 Apr 2007:
on Saturday 14th April at the East Brunswick Club .. My Disco, Hi God People, the Stabs, Mum Smokes .. this is the last show for My Disco before an Australian tour, and the last show for Mum Smokes before heading to the UK to play at All Tomorrow's Parties
5 Apr 2007:
on Thurs April 5th at Exile on SmithSt .. Hammering The Cramps, Moe Grizzly, Go Genre Everything and Popolice .. HTC are a Hobart band who come with a recommendation by Mr Teakle. Popolice have (has?) a new ep which I suspect will take the indie pop world by storm.
1 Apr 2007:
with Mark H moving overseas, his Synaesthesia shop in Melbourne is closing down in April .. follow link for sale items
30 Mar 2007:
on Fri 30th March at the Spanish Club .. Aleks and the Ramps launch their new album Pisces Vs Aquarius, with Because Of Ghosts, Plastic Palace Alice, Flying Scribble and VJay Jean Poole
30 Mar 2007:
on Fri 30 March at the Tote .. Pink Stainless Tail (album launch), Rowland Howard, New Estate, Biddy Connors
23 Mar 2007:
on Friday 23 March .. Hi God People play on a tram .. this is one of the W11 series of performances on Melbourne city circle line .. entry/ride is free .. lap of city starts at Fed Square at about 5 or 6pm
18 Mar 2007:
Sundays in March .. Guy Blackman residency at Exile on Smith St (125 Smith St) . shows start at 5pm and includes a free BBQ from 6pm .. free entry .. supports Sunday 4th Laura Jean, Sunday 11th Sly Hats, Sunday 18th Mia Schoen
17 Mar 2007:
at Bus Gallery during March .. the Skin and Bones fashion and costume show features many Australian indie designers .. the costumes come to life at the closing party on Sat 17th which features Hi God People, Paeces .. see HGP video on YouTube
17 Mar 2007:
on Sat 17th March at Exile on Smith St .. Mum Smokes, Go Genre Everything, Flying Scribble .. I'm told that the Bus closing party will finish early enough for fans to bike through Fitzroy to this show
16 Mar 2007:
on Fri 16th March at Erwin Radio Theatre, 211 Johnston st Fitzroy (between Brunswick and Smith) .. Blarke Bayer/Black Widow cd Launch with Chris Smith, Default Jamerson, Birdtraps (aka Winterville)
16 Mar 2007:
on Fri 16th March .. You Will Die Alone and Panel of Judges play Exile on Smith st
13 Mar 2007:
on 13th March at the Corner .. the Slits
8 Mar 2007:
out now .. the Chapter label's second installment of the Can't Stop It compilation series of Australian post-punk music .. launch Melbourne on Thurs March 8 at the Wintergarden Room, Exford Hotel, Russell St .. Sydney Wed March 21 at Spectrum, Oxford St, Darlinghurst
8 Mar 2007:
on Thurs 8th March .. David Kilgour, Crayon Fields and Panel of Judges .. at cloud city, 14 prentice st brunswick, $12 all ages.
6 Mar 2007:
on 6th March at the Corner .. Yo La Tengo
4 Mar 2007:
Pateras/Baxter/Brown are playing each Sunday in March at the Empress hotel .. with guests Tony Buck (4th), Richard Francis (11th), Joe Talia (18th), David Chesworth (25th)
3 Mar 2007:
on Sat 3 March at the Tote .. SALMON launch their new cd "ROCK FORMATIONS"
28 Feb 2007:
Melbourne's ON have a video for their song We've Got Tv (released on their 2006 album and on the Melbourne Water compilation) .. produced by Jason Heller and available on YouTube.
23 Feb 2007:
on 23 Feb at NSC .. Camera Obscura
23 Feb 2007:
on Friday 23 Feb at the Cobra Bar .. Go Genre Everything launch their EP Competing Myths of Popular Unconsciousness .. supported by Hand Hell, Popolice and Bad Cop Bad Cop.
20 Feb 2007:
on Tues 20th Feb .. Pecha Kucha Night Melbourne Volume 02, at Blue Diamond Social Salon & Cabaret, Level 15, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne .. Bar and Kitchen open at 6pm, presentations start 8pm
17 Feb 2007:
Melbourne's Candle label is winding up, and marking the occasion with two shows at the Corner on 16/17 Feb
10 Feb 2007:
on 10 Feb at Exile on Smith st .. St Helens and Panel of Judges
9 Feb 2007:
Mia Schoen (New Estate, Huon, Sleepy Township) is exhibiting paintings of new estates at Kozminsky gallery from 9 Feb to 1 March.
9 Feb 2007:
on Fri 9th Feb at the NSC .. KES launches his new album with the KES band, Ned Collette, Fab Diamonds
30 Jan 2007:
on 30 Jan at the Corner .. Hot Chip
27 Jan 2007:
last year's SET series is being repeated on ABC2 .. the HGP episode is on Saturday 27 Jan .. now also on YouTube
26 Jan 2007:
on Australia Day Friday 26 Jan at the Tote .. Alex Jarvis launches his new album The New Patriotism, with supports by Witch Hats and the debut show by St Helens .. $10 includes bbq from 730pm
25 Jan 2007:
on Australia Day Eve 25 Jan .. several bands play across 3 stages at the Espy .. Panel of Judges headlining in the public bar
14 Jan 2007:
on Sunday 14th Jan at the Northcote Social Club .. Autistic Daughters, (NZ/Austria), Francis Plagne (with special guest Joe Talia), Robin Fox (laser) .. $15
12 Jan 2007:
Fri 12 Jan at Nervous Jerk, 672 Nicholson st (near Empress) .. Kiosk, Always, Hi God People, Birth Glow, Spider Vomit .. 8pm
10 Jan 2007:
on 8 9 and 10 Jan, at the Corner .. The Necks
6 Jan 2007:
on 6 Jan at the Corner .. Curse ov Dialect album launch
6 Jan 2007:
on Sat 6th Jan at After Dark, 565 High st Northcote .. Casionova at 3pm and Go Genre Everything at 4pm .. free entry
4 Jan 2007:
on Thurs 4th Jan at the Evelyn .. Kill Boogie and Go Genre Everything
31 Dec 2006:
on New Year's Eve at Panama Dining Club, 231 Smith St Fitzroy (ex the Stage) .. the Grand Loud New Years Eve Party with Hi God People, Das Butcher, and DJs Richard Kelly, Wilham, Ron Tart, Declan Kelly .. tickets $20 available from Fat (209 Brunswick st) and Panama (tickets sold out - 29 Dec)
30 Dec 2006:
on Sat 30 Dec at new venue Exile on Smith St .. Panel of Judges, Spidervomit
30 Dec 2006:
on Sat 30 Dec at the Tote .. LCD, Front of Van, Justin Fuller, Jonah Byron .. $6
24 Dec 2006:
Alison Bolger presents a special edition of the Two to the Valley show on 3cr on Xmas Eve, joined by recorder player Julie Burleigh (occasional sitarist in the Hi God People amongst other gigs) .. 11pm Sunday 24th Dec
23 Dec 2006:
on 23 Dec at the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney rd .. New Estate, Paper Planes, Marika from Love Cuts Kill .. free admission from 9pm .. New Estate's second album 'Is It Real?' to be released on U.S. label Kittridge Records in Feb
23 Dec 2006:
on 23 Dec at NSC .. My Disco, Kes band, Spider Vomit
16 Dec 2006:
on 16 Dec at Revolver .. Chapter Music and Trifekta labels xmas party featuring Mountains in the Sky, Always, Crayon Fields, Lakes, Minimum Chips
13 Dec 2006:
on 13 Dec at Horse Bazaar .. web developers community party Melbourne Massive
13 Dec 2006:
Having rereleased on cdr the entire set of New Music Australia tapes (expt music from the early 80s), Clinton of the Shame file label will discuss them on RRR's Symbiosis program on Wed 13th Dec.
13 Dec 2006:
on Wed 13 Dec .. Missing Link xmas party at the Green Room, featuring True Radical Miracle, Fabulous Diamonds, 731
12 Dec 2006:
Canadian video/kinetic artist Diane Landry has an exhibition at Bus Gallery this month .. opening on 12th Dec .. music show on Sat 9th at Kaleide RMIT supported by Ernie Althoff and Snawklor.
9 Dec 2006:
on Sat 9th Dec at @ The Afterdark Bar, 565 High St Northcote at 9pm, Free .. Y35.3, Fuck You God, Ross Manning (one half of Faber Castel
6 Dec 2006:
Chris Smith launches his new album 'Bad Orchestra' at the Northcote Social Club on Wed 6th December, with the Hi God People supporting. Chris and Justin Fuller also have a cd out soon, on the SweatLung label
4 Dec 2006:
on Mon 4th Dec .. Zond play on the Makeshift Swahili show on radio 3PBS
3 Dec 2006:
Dave Graney and Clare Moore launch their new album "Keepin It Unreal" on 3 Dec at the PoW.
1 Dec 2006:
at the Old Bar on 1st Dec .. Panel of Judges, Hit the Jackpot, Lindsay Lowhand
30 Nov 2006:
classic post-punk at the NSC during November with Kim Salmon and the Surrealists on the 25th and Ed Kuepper / Jeff Wegener each Thursday.
26 Nov 2006:
on 26 Nov at the PoW .. Chicks on Speed
26 Nov 2006:
on 26th Nov .. a big show for 3RRR's 30th Birthday, at the Espy .. The Dacios, Ned Collette, Ground Components, Diafrix, Macromantics, Black Cab, Miso, Crayon Fields, Sand Pebbles, Love Of Diagrams, Laura Jean, Mountains In The Sky
24 Nov 2006:
on Fri 24 nov at the Tote .. Gaslight Radio, Panel of Judges, Orbweavers
23 Nov 2006:
on Thurs Nov 23 at the Rob Roy .. Blow (USA), Pikelet, Guy Blackman
18 Nov 2006:
on sat 18th at the East: Erase Errata, Macromantics, Love of Diagrams, Grey Daturas
16 Nov 2006:
at the Old Bar on 16 Nov .. Al Duvall, Singing Sadie, and Pip Proud.
11 Nov 2006:
on 11th Nov, New Estate return to the stage with Actor/Model, Ouch my Face!, Moonbase at the Old Bar .. $6 admission
6 Nov 2006:
Animal Collective play at the Corner hotel on Monday 6th November, with Oren Ambarchi supporting.
2 Nov 2006:
on Thurs 2nd Nov at Joint Hassles, 15a Mitchell st Northcote .. Calvin Johnston, Woelv, The Cannanes, Sly Hats.
29 Oct 2006:
Pateras/Baxter/ Brown are doing two shows at the Empress as a warmup for their European tour .. Sunday 22 Oct and Sunday 29 Oct .. $7 / $5
28 Oct 2006:
Dylan from Hi God People has a solo (art) show at SomeDay gallery, Swanston st Melbourne during October, with HGP doing a "closer" performance from 7 to 730 pm on Sat 28th.
28 Oct 2006:
on Sunday 28 Oct at the Empress .. Natasha Anderson CD launch (out on Cajid) supported by Pateras/Baxter/Brown
25 Oct 2006:
on Wed 25 Oct at Loop, Meyers Place Melbourne .. DEFENDERS OF THE AXE #3 featuring THE WEST FOOTSCRAY COMMUNITY STRING BAND (Chris Smith, JK Fuller, Barnaby Oliver, Clinton Green) .. TIM CATLIN (unique tabletop drone guitar concoctions) .. CHRIS RAINIER (experimental lap steel extraordinaire) .. TROY NAUMOFF (Fibonacci, The Ants) .. $5
21 Oct 2006:
at the Spiegeltent on Sat 21st Oct .. Radio National's Music Show broadcasts live to air from the Melbourne Festival .. free entry
21 Oct 2006:
Sat 21st Oct at the Old Bar .. Cumbersome presents Go Genre Everything, Hand Hell, Ants, Guns are for Kids (Sydney).
10 Oct 2006:
the Make It Up club gears up for the Melbourne Fringe with two special nights on 3rd and 10th Oct .. Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street
4 Oct 2006:
on 4th Oct: Japanese sound art crew Skist at the East Brunswick Club (presented by Room40 label)
3 Oct 2006:
UK experimental electronic dude U-Ziq plays the Corner on Tues 3rd Oct.
30 Sep 2006:
on 30 Sep, Love of Diagrams ep launch with KES and Zond, at the East
29 Sep 2006:
The Crayon Fields have a new album Animal Bells jointly released by Chapter and Trifekta .. Melb launch at the Spanish Club on 29 Sep supported by Minimum Chips returning to the stage.
27 Sep 2006:
on 27 Sep at the East: Ariel Pink KES, Das Butcher, Pip Proud
23 Sep 2006:
on Sat 23rd at WestSpace .. performance / installation by Richard Chartier (USA) .. with Robin Fox and Ai Yamamoto .. presented by Room40 and Symbiosis
23 Sep 2006:
new Hi God People + Dead C split 12" is out now through Nervous Jerk records and available at Volcanic Tongue (UK), Aquarius Records (San Fran), Fusetron (NY), Missing Link and Synaesthesia (Aust)
17 Sep 2006:
on 17 Sep at the Corner: the Dresden Dolls (USA)
16 Sep 2006:
on Sat 16th September, veteran indie band Driving Past launch their new album Travel at the Empress, with Silver Ray and Royal Chord supporting. DP is the musical outlet for well known Australian poet Gig Ryan.
8 Sep 2006:
on Friday 8th Sep at Pony .. Human Six Billion, Plastic Palace Alice, Flywheel and Hot Little Hands
7 Sep 2006:
in Sept Kevin Blechdom (USA) tours Australia .. the remaining Melbourne show is on 7th Sep at the Corner with KIOSK, NAKED ON THE VAGUE, ROSE TURTLE ERTLER, ALWAYS, CURSE OV DIALECT following a live-to-air on 3PBS.
30 Aug 2006:
another Spill record goes out of stock and is released on mp3 .. feel free to download Solids 'The Possible Human' free of charge
30 Aug 2006:
on 30 Aug .. the Assumption Trio at NSC
30 Aug 2006:
Pat O'Brien of Bus Gallery etc is filling in on "Left of the Dial" on 106.7 fm 3PBS until mid October. The show is on from 10-12 right before "Makeshift Swahili".
30 Aug 2006:
Nathan Gray (Snawklor, Hi God People) has a show 'Terrorium' at the 200 Gertrude st Gallery from 25 Aug to 23 Sep.
24 Aug 2006:
on Thurs 24th of August at Northcote Social Club: Khancoban album launch with Clinkerfield and Oliver Mann
24 Aug 2006:
on Thurs 24th Aug .. Bar Open at 10pm .. Embers (features Sean, Adam and Dave of Bucketrider with Kris Wanders on Saxophone)
24 Aug 2006:
on Thurs 24th Aug .. Popolice headline 'Shake Some Action' at 161 High Street, Prahran, supported by Fearless Vampire Killers and Bluebird
20 Aug 2006:
Sydney's Dual Plover label have released the third in their long-running Rebirth of Fool series of compilations, featuring scenes of horror and elation from label regulars and special guests.
20 Aug 2006:
the 3RRR radiothon runs from Friday August 11th to Sunday August 20th
20 Aug 2006:
the latest NMA rerelease at Shame File features, from a 1987 issue, Syd Clayton, Chris Mann, Rainer Linz, Amanda Stewart, Ernie Althoff
17 Aug 2006:
ABC music program Set ends with a bang on Thurs 17th Aug by featuring Rob Avenaim, Dale Gorfinkel, and Lucas Abela
12 Aug 2006:
on Sat 12th August at the Town Hall .. Flywheel + New Estate do two half sets each (free entry)
12 Aug 2006:
Panel of Judges go to Adelaide in August .. Fri 11th, Lizard Lounge with Hit the Jackpot and Pearly Eyed Thrashers .. Sat 12th at the Exeter with Lindsey Lowhand
12 Aug 2006:
Melb indie fans will remember Julian Teakle whose band the Frustrations ruled the 90s .. he's back from Hobart with a new band the Bad Luck Charms .. they're playing on Saturday 12th August at the Rob Roy with Baseball and The Dacios.
11 Aug 2006:
on Fri 11th at the Green Room, Elizabeth st .. 08:00PM - NOVI SPLIT (CANADA), 08:30PM - THE SALIVATION ARMY, 9:15PM - POPOLICE, 10:00PM - DANE CERTIFICATE, 10:45PM - TALKSHOW BOY, 11:30PM - ALEKS AND THE RAMPS
9 Aug 2006:
on Wed 9th at 133 Sydney rd Brunswickx .. Ash Wednesday / Seth Rees / Chris Smith
4 Aug 2006:
on Friday 4th August at Northcote Social Club .. Mid State Orange album launch supported by Panel of Judges.
3 Aug 2006:
on Thurs 3rd Aug at 11 pm, ABC tv's experimental music program Set features the Hi God People and Peter Blamey / Jim Denley
3 Aug 2006:
Silvermine Tapes play at Gertrudes later this week.
1 Aug 2006:
on Tuesday August 1st at Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place .. 8:00pm $5 .. the 2nd Defenders of the Axe .. featuring Chris Smith, Seth Rees, Barnaby Oliver, Winterville
31 Jul 2006:
Jason Heller's zombie musical Eat Your Heart Out is now on the internet (YouTube) .. features Melbourne bands Whitehorse and Hi God People
29 Jul 2006:
Flywheel have a new album What To Look For In Summer through the Karmic Hit label .. Sydney launch 15th July 2pm at the Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills, with the Cannanes. Melbourne launch at the Empress with Popolice and Aleks and the Ramps.
29 Jul 2006:
on 29 July at Pony .. benefit for 3CR shows Burning Vinyl and Two to the Valley, featuring bands Panel of Judges, Hand Hell, Tarantula, Love the Bomb, the Losers.
27 Jul 2006:
What will digital distribution mean for indie labels and artists? Forum at Experimedia, Vic State Library, 27th Aug 630 to 830pm .. features Mark from Synaesthesia, Phil Wales from RRR and other luminaries.
27 Jul 2006:
on Thurs 27th at Pony .. Zond (ex On), Popolice
26 Jul 2006:
on 25 and 26 July at the Corner .. Mogwai, My Disco, Ned Collette
24 Jul 2006:
on 24th July at the Palace .. Sonic Youth + Hi God People
22 Jul 2006:
on Sat 22 July at the Old Bar .. Actor/Model, Shoot the Genie, New Estate, Major Major, and DJ till late.
16 Jul 2006:
on Sunday 16th: Amateur Party (USA) with KES + Baseball .. East Brunswick club
15 Jul 2006:
From 13-15 July, Newcastle's Crab Smasher play shows in Melbourne, at Pony (+ Bad Cop Bad Cop, Y35.3, JKFuller), Old Bar (Go Genre Everything, Y35.3), and Public Bar (Hand Hell, Ryan Ferry).
15 Jul 2006:
The Melbourne leg of this year's Liquid Architecture starts on Thurs 13th at the Old Melb Gaol (free entry).
15 Jul 2006:
On Sat 15th, the Muddy Spurs play two sets at the Spanish Club
14 Jul 2006:
Go Genre Everything are playing on 14th July at the Old Bar.
13 Jul 2006:
ABC TV's experimental music series SET returns to air on Thursday 13th July.
8 Jul 2006:
on Sat 8th July Flywheel (430), Driving Past (3pm), and Gabriel Piras (2) do the afternoon shift at the Rob Roy .. DP have a new album out soon
8 Jul 2006:
on Saturday 8th July at 1030pm, ABC fm broadcasts sets from the Articulating Space Festival earlier this year
7 Jul 2006:
Friday 7th July: Fiery Furnaces, East Brunswick club, Lygon st.
7 Jul 2006:
on Friday 7th at the Corner .. Snog
4 Jul 2006:
At Acmi on 4th July, an advance screening of the new fan-filmed Beastie Boys live video AWESOME; I F**KIN' SHOT THAT!
1 Jul 2006:
The Shame File label has moved its extensive online (and often free) catalog to a new web address. Latest reissue of NMA tapes available now.
30 Jun 2006:
Friday 30 June at the Old Bar .. Panel of Judges, Fabulous Diamonds, Kill Boogie (Bris) and Lindsey Lowhand
24 Jun 2006:
Wolf Eyes are playing on Thurs 22nd at the East with Gray Daturas, My Disco, Chris Smith, and Sat 24th at Spanish Club with Hi God People, Snawklor, Ambarchi/Fusinato/Walls.
24 Jun 2006:
Empress hotel, 24 June .. New Estate + Tugboat + Worlds End Press
17 Jun 2006:
electronic duo Winduptoys launch their new cd (Clan Analog) at Bar Open on Sat 17th June.
16 Jun 2006:
at Laundry 16th June .. Popolice with DJs til 3am
11 Jun 2006:
Sunday 11th June .. Old Bar .. Human Six Billion, Jessica Says, Grey Tapes .. free admission
9 Jun 2006:
Panel of Judges play new venue the East on Friday 9th June with Love of Diagrams and the Young Professionals.
8 Jun 2006:
Hi God People have a new ep Shortwave Children. They play their first Melbourne show in 2006 with US folk singer Marissa Nadler, KES and Daytura Bros at the Rob on Thurs 8th June.
3 Jun 2006:
At the Rob Roy on 3rd June .. a benefit gig featuring Go Genre Everything, Aleks and the Ramps, Pinky Tuscadero, Dane Certificate, Popolice, Seth Rees, Innate desire, Teengod, Annabell won't tell.
2 Jun 2006:
at the Old bar on 2nd June .. New Estate + Ryan Ferry + Quo Vadis For Men
2 Jun 2006:
Melbourne rockers ON have a new album .. cd launch at the Rob Roy on Fri 2 June with BadCopBadCop and Birchville Cat Motel. Vinyl launch at Bar Open on 8th June.
28 May 2006:
Dave Graney and Clare Moore are playing every Sunday in April and May from 5-7 pm, at the Marquis of Lorne, corner George and Kerr sts Fitzroy.
28 May 2006:
seated at the Spanish Club on 28th May .. Laura Jean with Chamber Orchestra, Grand Salvo with Ensemble, Oliver Mann with Ke Foundation Choir.
27 May 2006:
Paper Planes have a new bassist and some shows lined up with Hand Held on 12 May and Muddy Spurs on 27 May.
27 May 2006:
Sat 27 May at the Dan-O-Connell in Carlton: Pink Stainless Tail, New Estate, Go Genre Everything.
25 May 2006:
Thurs May 25 at Gertrudes: Jessica Something Jewish, Alps, Pikelet, Guy Blackman
21 May 2006:
Julian Williams new one-man play NEW REPORT TO THE SUN OF HEAVEN is on at 68 Cassels rd Brunswick (see map) from 19-21 May at 7pm, and involves movement inspired by Mali, ancient Cambodia, and the 1969 moon landing. $4 Follow link for program
20 May 2006:
At the Old Bar on 20 May: Deep Where All Drown, Y35.3 , Go Genre Everthing
14 May 2006:
HTRK play their last Melbourne show on 14th May at the East Brunswick Club .. with special guest Rowland S. Howard .. before heading off to Berlin .. supports by 99 and Sir
13 May 2006:
Melbourne solo performer Always launches a new single at Bus on Fri 12th May, supported by Lakes and Guy Blackman.
13 May 2006:
Flywheel, the Tranquilizers and Dane Certificate play at the Old Bar on Saturday 13th May.
1 May 2006:
New Music Australia magazine and the cassettes accompanying it documented the experimental music of the early 80s - these are being rereleased as downloads from the Shame File label.
1 May 2006:
Panel of Judges play live to air on the 3PBS Left of the Dial program this Monday 1st May (evening).
28 Apr 2006:
Flywheel, Deep Country and the Muddy Spurs are playing at the Empress on 28th April.
28 Apr 2006:
Keith Fullerton Whitman aka Hrvatski plays one set as each persona at the Northcote Social Club on 27th April.
24 Apr 2006:
The Muddy Spurs have lassoed a posse of gigs on 7, 13, 26, 28 April .. too much detail for this page so follow that link.
22 Apr 2006:
On Saturday 22nd April at Bus Gallery, Panel of Judges, Lindsay Lowhand, Hit the Jackpot, Fabulous Diamonds (all ages show).
2 Apr 2006:
At the Old Bar on 1st April .. Motor Vehicle Sundown, Love Cuts Kill, Space Cadets, Go Genre Everything.
1 Apr 2006:
Deb Hall has an exhibition of drawings at 274 Fitzroy st Fitzroy on 1st April.
31 Mar 2006:
Julian Williams has a new album out. Pebble Arc contains 11 tracks and consists entirely of piano and multitracked harmony vocals. Out on JW's FTSM label.
31 Mar 2006:
Min Chips have a video for Goodbye available for download from Spiked Candy (21 Mb mpg)
31 Mar 2006:
James has put photos of the recent Cannanes tour of Japan on the web at https://www.flickr.com/photos/53041848@N00
31 Mar 2006:
Julian Teakle's post-Frustrations band the Bad Luck Charms have a single out and sold out, so label Consumer Productions has made it available as an mp3 at https://www.consumerproductions.com/
31 Mar 2006:
Dave Graney, Clare Moore, the Sand Pebbles and many more play at Friday March 31st at Don't Tell Tom (420 Sydney Rd) as part of the Brunswick Festival.
30 Mar 2006:
The second Melbourne Water compilation is back from the factory, for release on 6th March.
29 Mar 2006:
The new Mess and Noise magazine is out .. each copy contains a 15 song compilation cd.
20 Mar 2006:
New Waver have a new cd 'Neuters' out this month.
19 Mar 2006:
Panel of Judges go to Sydney to launch their new album on Saturday 18th March at Yvonne Ruve, with support from Rand & Holland and Naked on the Vague.
19 Mar 2006:
Japanese noise artist KK Null is in Melbourne on Friday 17th (four improv combinations at RMIT) and Sunday 19th March (NSC with Western Grey).
19 Mar 2006:
Sodastream, Grand Salvo, and Oliver Mann are at the Dan O'Connell on Sat 18th March.
19 Mar 2006:
Rumour has it that Dave Graney will appear in the tv special Australia's Brainiest Musician, on channel 10, Sunday 19th.
18 Mar 2006:
Min Chips, Panel of Judges and New Estate play at Manchester Lane on Thursday 16th March. This is the last Chips show for a while as members take time off for other endeavours.
15 Mar 2006:
Sydney / Newcastle improv group Castings are playing in Melbourne in early March ... Rachobite Hall Northcote on the 10th, instore at Cumbersome Records on the afternoon of the 11th, and the What We Do Is Secret launch on the evening of the 11th.
13 Mar 2006:
Launch-o-rama at the Spanish Club, Fitzroy, on Sunday 12th March: Robin Fox's laser show premiere, Pateras / Baxter / Brown cd launch, Francis Plagne cd launch, and Fusinato / Walls / Ambarchi.
12 Mar 2006:
The 33 1/3 compilation on Jacana has covers by 17 Melbourne bands and will be available - with some of them playing live - at Mia and Shane's 33 1/3, E2E4, 170 Abbotsford st North Melbourne, Sat 11th.
12 Mar 2006:
At the Central Club on 11th March, Dave Graney, Clare Moore, Mick Harvey.
12 Mar 2006:
Brisbane indie/expt 3-piece The Rational Academy are in Melb next week .. Friday March 10 @ The Old Bar w/ Go Genre Everything + Popolice, Saturday @ The Rob Roy (afternoon show from 2pm) w/ Sly Hats + Human
5 Mar 2006:
the Hi God People are playing at the Hobart Fringe Festival on 3rd March, their first foray out of Melb for a while.
5 Mar 2006:
On Sunday 5th March at the Spanish Club: a festival of Melbourne singer-songwriters, too many to list here but highlights include KES, Oliver Mann, Grand Salvo, Francis Plagne and Laura Jean.
4 Mar 2006:
At the Public Bar on Friday 3rd: Pink Stainless Tail, Go Genre Everything, Popolice.
3 Mar 2006:
Teen God launch their new album on Friday 3rd March at the Rob Roy with New Estate supporting.
28 Feb 2006:
The Muddy Spurs are back from Tamworth and have a residency every Saturday in Feb at 5pm, at the Retreat Hotel, Sydney rd Brunswick.
26 Feb 2006:
Bo, main man of 80s/90s band Clowns Smiling Backwards has a new act Winduptoys and a new cd which he is launching: Saturday 25th Feb @ 124a Johnston St Fitzroy, a large warehouse space, Winduptoys, Galactic Gangstars (Syd), Koshowko, Apell, Fly by wire
20 Feb 2006:
On Sunday afternoon 19th at Saint Jeromes: Love of Diagrams, Witch Hats, Mum Smokes.
20 Feb 2006:
In Brisbane, the Otherfilm festival is helping to bring experimental sound and vision together. Their opening party on Friday 19th Feb has a very strong lineup.
20 Feb 2006:
Pateras/BaxterBrown are playing this Sunday afternoon, 19th Feb with Czech band Sabot. Sabot are on at 3:30PM and P/B/B around 4:30 PM. Empress Hotel, Nth Fitzroy. $7 and $5.
19 Feb 2006:
Batrider and Talkshow Boy are at new venue Popshop this Saturday 18th Feb.
12 Feb 2006:
The Cannanes are touring Japan in early Feb - see their web site for show details.
11 Feb 2006:
On Friday 10th Feb New Estate play with the Tranquilizers at the Old Bar at a civilized hour, then are off to play the 2am slot at Pony.
10 Feb 2006:
A new documentary on Melbourne bands called Sticky Carpet premieres at ACMI this Thursday 9th Feb.
5 Feb 2006:
Panel of Judges are launching their new album at the Tote on 3rd Feb, with Love of Diagrams and KES supporting.
5 Feb 2006:
A new venue, 'Pop Shop', has opened at 18 Corrs Lane, Melbourne CBD. For the opening night on Sat 3 Feb they have the first appearance of Kirsty and Rene's post-Bites band 'Plus-Minus', along with the hardest working band in town, New Estate.
3 Feb 2006:
At Loop on 31st Jan, Defenders of the Axe experimental guitar night, featuring Ben Frost, North Atlantic, Three Month Sunset, Clinton Green and Bokor.
1 Feb 2006:
Function have a new album 'The secret miracle fountain' out on Chicago's Locust label in Feb.
31 Jan 2006:
The Cannanes, New Estate and Flywheel are playing at the Old Bar on 28 Jan (Australia day weekend), launching new EPs by Flywheel and New Estate
25 Jan 2006:
What Is Music taking a break this year ... in its place is the Articulating Space festival, Corner Hotel, 22-24 Jan
22 Jan 2006:
the NowNow festival, 19-21 Jan (Sydney)
21 Jan 2006:
Mum Smokes launch their latest album at Ding Dong on Friday 20th.
20 Jan 2006:
This news page now has an RSS feed. If you have Firefox or another aggregator you should see a little orange radio symbol in your address bar: click that if you want to subscribe to the feed (saves you having to check back for new news).
16 Jan 2006:
Synaesthesia have a new interactive web site and a new radio show Wake in Fright on RRR.
13 Jan 2006:
Thurs 12th at the Rob Roy: Happy Lonesome, Breaking the Law
5 Jan 2006:
Mum Smokes support the Dirty Three at the Northcote Social Club on the 5th of Jan.
Note: the format looks different before this point as were using a different way to display the news ...
December 05

A good New Years Eve show is shaping up at the Old Bar with Panel of Judges, the New Season, the Dollars and DJ.

and another: Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist, Kids in Cults, Jape Squad, Clinkerfield, at the Green room, Elizabeth st.

Elise (ex On) has a new band called BadCopBadCop .. they're playing on Boxing Day at Pony with Deep Where All Drown, Fire Witch and the Grey Daturas (followed at 1am by Remake Remodel.

On Xmas Eve: Pink Stainless Tail play at the Pony with Faspeedelay and Ocean Canvas (door 9pm / $6).

Also on Xmas Eve, a big night at Hells Kitchen .. Jon Michell etc

On Thurs 29th, not only are Bucketrider playing a show with the full line-up, which doesn't happen often, but they're playing for free, two sets at Bar Open about 10pm.

KES (Karl of Mum Smokes, Bird Blobs etc) launches his new album the jelly's in the pot at the Rob Roy on Thursday 22nd Dec, with Oliver Mann and the Hi God People supporting.

Melbourne indie radio stations are adjusting their timetables for the new year. Good news for underground music fans as one of Melbourne's best shows Makeshift Swahili moves to a (slightly) more civilized timeslot: Mondays from midnight to 2am on 3PBS. 3RRR show Slanted and Enchanted is moving to a Sunday night 10pm - midnight timeslot. Pat O'Brien takes over the Monday morning (6-9am) slot on 3PBS from this month.

On Wed 22nd the Happy Lonesome play at Pony (free entry).

On Sat 17th at Cherry Bar: Paper Planes, Love Cuts Kill, Tiger by the Tail (early start).

Also n Saturday, at Brown Alley (Melb cbd), Ground Components, Young Professionals, Panel of Judges, Kiosk.

out now on Chapter Music, the debut album by Lakes - launch at Bus Gallery (117 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne) on Friday December 16, 2005, with Kiosk, Always and the Bohemian Knights.

Also on Friday, Keith Urquhardt's new band Nikita and the Snakes are playing at the Pony.

Another noteworthy show on Friday: Toy Death, Casionova and Pateras/Baxter/Brown, at the Empress.

Minimum Chips launch their new album on Thursday 8th Dec at Gertrudes with Crayon Fields and Barrage supporting.

The Muddy Spurs play with the Darling Downs on Sat 10th at the Dan, and with Wagons on Sun 11th at the Retreat.

Brisbane's 4ZZZ (one of Australia's first indie radio stations) celebrate their 30th birthday on the 10th/11th.

On Saturday 3rd Dec, two shows:

1. at the Tote: The Bites play their last show and launch their last ep, with Batrider and Panel of Judges supporting.

2. at Ding Dong: The Tranquillizers ep launch, with Minimum Chips and Mid-State Orange supporting.

on the Web ... a new Australian music magazine, Broken Spring Review

The Shame File label has released Volume IV of its 'Terra Australis Incognito' series of mp3 releases of new Australian experimental music. This particular release is "In Remembrance" by Adelaide's r.domain.

Another mp3 release out this month: an EP by Steve Law (aka Zen Paradox), on the Secession label.

The Radio Hostile podcast this month features keyboardist / vocalist Rotcod Zzaj.

This web site has downloadable interviews with 20th century sound artists and composers.

November 05

On Sat 26th Nov, at the Espy in St Kilda: Super Stupid, Panel of Judges, the Casinos

On Sun 27th: the Muddy Spurs and Jon Michell play the Town Hall Hotel, 33 Errol St Nth Melbourne.

Marc from New Estate is playing solo shows under his old nom-de-rock of Popolice. He's at the Old Bar on Wed 23rd.

New Estate and Ashtray Boy play at Trades Hall this Thursday 3rd Nov (book launch - early start).

The following night (Fri 4th) the Estate wind up their live year with a show the Dan O'Connell, with the Fuzz (Perth).

On Thursday 10th at Pony: a festival of two-piece bands: Go Genre Everything, Dance Creeps, ii, Fabulous Diamonds, Pig Slash Rhino, Hermetic Nemesis, BadCopBadCop.

The Cannanes play the Empress on Sat 12th Nov with Grand Salvo and Tugboat. On the same night, Dave Graney and Clare Moore are at the Wesley-Anne in Northcote.

October 05

On Sunday 30th: Peace Craze (formerly known as On) play at Pony.

Bucketrider play a rare Melbourne show this Thursday 27th at Bar Open, at 10pm. Then High Pass Filter and Ai Yamamoto play there on Sunday. Both shows are free admission.

Letraset (Julian and Nicole of Minimum Chips) are playing at Hells Kitchen this Saturday 29th.

On Saturday 22nd Dave Graney's Luris Yellow Mist play the new Carlton Room at the Dan O'Connell with the Swedish Magazines.

On the same night, The Sensational Alex Jarvis Band is launching Alex's new album 'Sixes and Sevens', at The Tote. On stage with Alex are Richard Andrew, Chris Smith, James Dixon and Mark Nelson. Supported by Black Cab and Joel Silbersher.

Then at 2am at Pony, also on the 22nd, catch Panel of Judges at Pony.

On Sunday 16th, Japanese groups Maher Shalal Hash Baz and the Tenniscoats play with Always and the Hi God People at the Rob Roy. After that they've off to Sydney, then back on Thursday at the Northcote Social Club with the reformed Essendon Airport. Tour details at the Chapter website.

On Monday 17th at 6pm, Reiko Kudo of Maher Shalal Hash Baz will play at Synaesthesia records, level two, 28 block place, Monday 17th Oct, free admission.

The Muddy Spurs are playing on the 15th at the Tote with Spencer Jones, on Monday 17th at the Retreat with Jon Michell, and on Sunday 30th at the Tote (3cr benefit).

On Wednesday 19th at 7pm, Bucketrider's Dave Brown (playing as Candlesnuffer) launches a new solo cd "apsomeophone" at West Space Gallery, 1st Floor, 15-19 Anthony Street Melbourne. Also on the bill: Anthea Caddy and Philip Samartzis, and Japanese performer Haco from After Dinner, Hoahio and Synapse.

Brisbane indie-rockers Iron On return to Melbourne for several dates this month: Friday 14th at the Rob, Saturday afternoon at the Empress, and Saturday night at the Green Room (follow link for details).

On Wed 12th at 6pm, Martin Mackerras launches his new cd at World Wide Warehouse easy St. Collingwood ( entry through Budd St car park). (Readers of this web site might think of Martin as "ex Wondrous Fair".)

Mia Schoen and the Victorian College of the Arts present Painters and Rockers at the Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy, on Thursday 6th Oct; a large lineup of "art rock" including New Estate, Always and many more.

On Friday 7th at the Old Bar: Panel of Judges, Barrage, Fabulous Diamonds.

On Saturday 1st: Oliver Mann's cd launch at Gertrudes; and the Sticks and Tones mass-improv at Pony (part of Melbourne Fringe Festival)

September 05

On Friday 30th, New Estate play at 730pm at Pony (as part of the Fringe Festival).

The next installment of Articulating Space features Oren Ambarchi, the Hi God People, Rohan Drape, and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang .. at Ignifuge, 11a Hope St Brunswick on Thursday 29th.

Nathan Grey of Snawklor has an exhibition at Alice Euphemia, shop 6 Cathedral Arcade, 37 Swanston st, Melbourne: Rock Bottom, 8 pen and ink drawings and a sculpture, 26th of september to 15th of October.

On 23rd Sep: Electrelane and Love of Diagrams at the Corner Hotel.

On Friday 16th, at a new venue, Fad Gallery, Corrs Lane, Melbourne: Children Collide, HTRK, and Love Cuts Kill.

On Wed 14th, Paper Planes and Magic Dirt at the Northcote Social Club.

Also on the 14th, Guy Blackman and Mia Schoen support US indie popster Dear Nora along with Melbourne's Sly Hats at Gertrudes, Gertrude St Fitzroy.

On Saturday 10th Sep at the Tote, the Bird Blobs play their final Melbourne show before heading to Europe.

On the same night, the return of New Estate, headlining at the Old Bar with Red Ink Spills and Go Genre Everything.

Two shows on Saturday 3rd Sep ... Hi God People "Symphony for Several Senses", with Barrage, at Hells Kitchen, 20 Centre Place Melbourne, free admission ... sadly clashing with Ernie Althoff's cd launch

Love Cuts Kill launch their new single at Pony on Friday 2nd, with Fangs and 20th Century Motorists.

On Thursday 1st Sep, at Fort Knox, 11a Hope St: Blark Bayer, Fabulous Diamonds, and one-off improv group Fusinato / Fox / Grier / I.Wadley ... $5 entry.

August 05

The US no-wave documentary Kill Your Idols runs at the MIFF on the 4th. In conjunction with the film screening there's a gig at Pony featuring Rowland Howard backed by the Devastations supported by the HTRK trio. Ticket-holders from the film can saunter in free before 10pm.

On the same night, 3RRR program The Australian Mood has a feature on 80s Australian band The Laughing Clowns (who are about to release a box set).

On Friday 5th at the Rob Roy: the Crayon Fields, Jon Michell and the Ancients, and Letraset.

On Saturday 6th at The Stage: O Belgium, Always, and Lakes, supporting NZ's The Coolies.

On Sunday afternoon 7th August, Clinton Green plays as Undecisive God, with Bokor and The Imperial Leathermen Duo, at Okayjustalittle, from 3 to 6 pm at the Empress Hotel.

On Thursday 11th at Bar Open, a benefit for 3cr radio show Yaks Go Bah, featuring Honest Engine, Armyish, Sonic Manipulator, Htrk, Meatwave, Bowl Of Dick, Screwtape.

On Saturday 13th August at the Old Bar: Flywheel, the Muddy Spurs, and the new look Ashtray Boy (featuring David Nichols on drums and Nicole Thibault on trombone).

The Darling Downs (Salmon and Peno) launch their new album at the Northcote Social Club on Wed 17th August.

Also on the 17th, the Bird Blobs play with Nine Inch Nails at the Rod Laver arena.

On Friday 19th at Bus Gallery, 117 lt lonsdale st: camilla hannan (bris), thembi soddell (melb), bruce mowson (melb), lawrence english (bris).

On Saturday 20th, HTRK, Panel of Judges, Jon Michell and the Ancients, Armyish, at the Stage, 2nd floor, 231 Smith Street, Collingwood. DJ Miri will be playing stuff like curtis roads, john zorn, faust, modern lovers, os mutantes, pateras, stravinsky, cabaret voltaire, chubby checker etc.

On the same night, Snawklor and Julian Williams play at Hell's Kitchen.

And if you're in Brisbane, do not miss O! Belgium at the White House on Sat 20th.

On Sunday afternoon 21st at the Empress, 3 to 6pm: Ai Yamamoto, Kaigen (Tokyo), Kim Kerze, and dj WindupToy.

On Thursday 25th, Dave Graney's Lurid Yellow Mist play at Manchester Lane (off Flinders Lane, Melbourne cbd).

On Saturday 27th Aug at Hell's Kitchen: Fabulous Diamonds (10 pm ish), followed by Dance Creeps, DJ Scraps.

July 05

TEKNIKUNST 2005 is a festival that runs over several weeks, with performers too many to list here, so follow the link to their web page for details ... As part of the festival the Hi God People present their new rock opera 'Creation', Thursday 28th at Ding Dong, with Essendon Airport, Qua, Francis Plague and Ai Yamamoto.

Saturday 30th at the Old Bar: Ashtray Boy, Simon from Perth's Airport City Shuffle playing solo, and Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie of New Estate, also solo.

On the same night at Hells Kitchen in the city: Chris Smith and Jarrod, and Justin and Marcus' new act Armyish.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore launch their new double album 'Hashish and Liquor' with full band at the Northcote Social Club on Friday 22nd July.

The new Volvox cd 'Egg, Pluto Pup and You' is out now. This is a joint release by Spill and Dual Plover.

This interesting newish web site has reviews and mp3s from Melbourne bands ... https://www.melbs.org/ . Some Melbourne band photos are here ... https://www.laurenbamfordphotography.com.au/

June 05

Origami play their last Australian show at the Northcote Social Club on 30 June. The band will tour North America in July and August, with Erica Lewis on drums, playing shows with Le Tigre, Electrelane and others.

On Saturday 25th at the Stage: a benefit for 3CR's 'Burning Vinyl' show featuring Batrider (New Zealand), Hate, Fibonacci etc.

On Sunday 26th Dave Graney and Clare Moore wind up their three-Sunday residency at Brunswick's Retreat hotel, a free-admission vibes and guitar show with jazz great Mark Fitzgibbon on piano (two sets starting at 7pm).

Some bad news for Brisbane's noise scene with the closing of one of Australia's better venues, Small Black Box. Organizer Scott Sinclair's project lives on via https://halftheory.com

Flywheel play on Fri 17th June with The Paper Planes, Red Ink Spills and Marc from New Estate, at Mayfields, 103 Smith St, Collingwood ... then on 19th July at Yak in Collingwood.

On June 19th, the Grey Tapes play with Sydney's La Huva at the Old Bar.

Bucketrider launch their new album (on the Dr Jim label) at Ding-Dong on Saturday June 11, with support from Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox, City City City, Whitehorse, and DJs Janette Howard and Xian from Black Lotus.

On Sunday 12th, Mia Schoen and Tracey Read warm up for their US tour with a show at the Empress Hotel (with Guy Blackman supporting), launching Tracey's new cd while they're at it.

May 05

Friday 20th May is one of those days when there are too many good shows on simultaneously:

1. Dave Graney and Clare Moore are are playing (with Mark Fitzgibbon on piano) at the Wesley Anne in Northcote, with Grand Salvo and the Muddy Spurs supporting.

2. Newcastle improv band Castings are playing with Panel of Judges and On at the Old Bar (after playing with Chris Smith the night before at the Tote).

3. New Estate are playing a "temporary goodbye" show with Amplifier Machine and Jon Michell at Pony, prior to Mia's tour of the USA with Jen Turrell and Tracey Read.

4. The Bites, Origami, Souls on Board, and Crayon Fields play a party for the new MessAndNoise magazine, at the Stage in Fitzroy.

On the following night the Bird Blobs, My Disco and Kiosk play the "other" MessAndNoise launch at Spectrum in Sydney.

Brisbane's Golden Circles (ex Wondrous Fair etc) have a new cd out called Playground, and they're playing shows in Melbourne in early May: Thurs 5th, Rob Roy, with The Ill Bravados, The Sly Hats and Ned Colette, Fri 6th, Vic Hotel, with New Estate and Varo, Sat 7th, Old Colonial, with Origami.

The Spanish Magic label, run by Castings, is releasing a compilation cd "It's Over, We Don't Care" on Saturday June 25th @ the Mandarin Club. Artists on the CD are: Hi God People, Pimmon, ii, Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, Keith Mason, HTRK, Hiss, The Garbage & The Flowers, North Atlantic, Castings, Peter Blamey & Anthony Guerra and Rand And Holland. Playing at the launch will be Hiss, Pimmon, Rand & Holland, Castings, The Garbage & The Flowers, Anthony Guerra & Peter Blamey

April 05

The first instalment of Indie-Scribable, a monthly series showcasing Australian independent record labels, opens with a CHAPTER MUSIC LABEL SHOWCASE, featuring Essendon Airport, Lakes, Always and Guy Blackman, Gertrude's (30-32 Gertrude St Fitztroy) on Saturday April 30.

On the same night at Pony: Panel of Judges, Chris Smith, Barrage.

Perth's Airport City Shuffle play the Old Bar on 29th April with Flywheel and O! Belgium, then the Tote the following day with New Estate and the Muddy Spurs.

Julian Williams is exhibiting at Bus Gallery: "its an exibition of julian williams called NOTHING NEW. its new collages ...and drawings from market research ennui. PLACE....BUS GALLERY, ADRESS...117 LITTLE LONSDALE STREET, MELBOURNE. TIMES...OPENING TUES APRIL 26 AT 6PM, THEN DAILY (NOT INC WEEKENDS) FROM 11AM TO 6AM. yep theres nothing new just a bunch of re-configuration.thats the way its always been.plus maybe a live performance at the opening.".

Chris Smith has a new record out this month, a 12" split with Ivy Tree on the Fat Cat label.

March 05

On Saturday 26th Melbourne scores a trifekta with three worthwhile shows on the same night:

  • New Estate, Black Mumba (ex Fur) at the Vic hotel
  • Panel of Judges, Htrk Trio, Young Professionals at the Rob Roy
  • Jon Michell launches his album at the Wesley Anne in Northcote

The Melbourne leg of the What Is Music festival winds up on Saturday 5th March.

The Muddy Spurs launch their new ep at the Vic Hotel on Friday 4th March, with Deep Country and Jon Michell supporting.

Panel of Judges are playing several shows in New Zealand during March.

Feb 05

Thursday 24th 8pm - midnight:Experimental + Interstate music: With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it often takes religion presents 'Ewe bleats harshly after lamb / Grows the seed and blows the mead'

featuring: the impromptulons - Hi God People - barrage - meatwave - scraps - grey skulls - night crash - das butcher - rory brown / dennis rappoport - old timey dj - an unknown film

Sweatshop Warehouse, 140 Barkly st Brunswick (near cnr Sydney rd.), donation for entry ...

The Improptulons are also playing at the Tote on Friday night with Shuriken and the Deveraux, and the Vic on Sunday with Meatwave and Barrage.

The Vic Hotel celebrates its first year as a venue with a gig on Saturday 26th.

Dunedin's Aesthetics are playing shows in Melbourne during February, playing with Tiffy, the Hi God People, and Lucas Abela on Thursday 10th at the Rob Roy, the Stabs on the 11th at Pony. This New Zealand noise-rock band has releases on the Ecstatic Peace and Corpus Hermeticum labels.

Singer Matt also releases material under the name Crude. He will perform a solo show with Chris Smith and Panel of Judges at the Old Bar on Friday 18th Feb.

New Estate launch their new EP at the Rob Roy hotel on 11th Feb, with Panel of Judges, Teen God, DJ Shave, and light projections. NE have a string of other shows in Feb, follow the link to their web site for details.

On Thursday 17th at Ding Dong: On, Lakes, and New Estate.

Minimum Chips have a new cd 'Sound Asleep' on Brisbane's SoundMalfunction label. They're supporting Le Tigre at the Corner on Thursday 3rd Feb.

Jon Michell (Breaking the Law, Mum Smokes) has a new solo cd 'The Ancients' out this month. Look for a launch in March.

Jan 05

On Tuesday 25th Jan at Bar Open, Brunswick st: Chris Smith, Justin Fuller, Elise and Dimitra, Alex Jarvis. 9pm start.

On Wednesday 26th January 2005, at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick St Fitzroy: the Melbourne Internation Festival of Improvised Music ... the list of players is too long to reprint here so take a look at their web site.

On Saturday 22nd January, the Dual Plover label presents Nora Keyes, with the corndawg, singing sadie, doctor z, justice yeldham, curse ov dialect, mc bushpig, purple duck, hamperman and toecutter, at Ignifuge: people’s palace of outsider culture, 11A Hope Street, Brunswick.

The Bites have a new three-song ep out, featuring one song from their forthcoming Unstable Ape album, recorded in the super-swish Sing Sing studio in Melbourne.

The Cannanes play the Empress Hotel on Saturday 8th Jan, with The Readies (11pm) and New Estate (10pm) supporting.

At the Vic Hotel on 15 Jan: Ohm, Jarrod of The New Season (solo), Bowl of Dick, Archaic Forms.

On the same night, New Estate, the Muddy Spurs, and Teen Wolf play at the Old Bar.

3PBS's Coolin' by Sound program is already a highlight of Melbourne's radio spectrum but with Outer curator Pat O'Brien taking the reins in Dec/Jan it will be a must-listen. Tuesdays 9-11am. "Strange and lovely sounds, sometimes scary."

Melbourne's Shame File label has made parts of their extensive back catalogue of Australian experimental music available for free download here.

Dec 04

Melbourne's indie hq the Vic Hotel is staging a huge New Years Eve this year, featuring:
9pm Flywheel 10pm The Muddy Spurs 11pm New Estate 12pm HTRK Trio 1am Panel of Judges 2am The Happy Lonesome The venue is open until 3am for your enjoyment.

On Wednesday 22nd there's a benefit gig at Bar Open for Alison Bolger's 3cr show 'Two to the Valley' featuring The Hi God People, Mum Smokes, Clair Birchall and Das Butcher.

On Friday 17th the Synaesthesia Records 2005 Xmas Party features live music by Morgue, Via Tania, Whitehorse, Hi God People, True Radical Miracle, Anthony Pateras + Robin Fox; short films from the synaesthesia archives, and DJs, at Ignifuge, 11a Hope St, Brunswick; $8 / $10, 8 till late.

On Saturday 18th Dec at the Tote the Bird Blobs play the Tote: their first Melbourne show after a few months in the US and the UK.

Also on Saturday at Gertrudes in Gertrude st Fitzroy: TABBY & MIFFY'S XXXMAS PARTY!!
Tabby and Miffy, Ida and Donald Resnik (Tabby with Adam from Curse Ov Dialect), Lowest Common Denominator, DJ Raycless
*At Gertrudes on Gertrude St, 9pm

Sydney/Newcastle quintet Castings are travelling through Melbourne & Adelaide to promote their new ep 'uh lotta ukulele' & the forthcoming release of a split 7" (with Melbourne band ii) on SteadyCam Records as part of the Background Frequencies series. Castings play on Thursday 2nd Dec with the Hi God People and the Bletchly Girls.

Speaking of the Hi God People, there's a photo and review of HGP's Julian Williams in the excellent new issue of US out-there-music magazine Bananafish.

Ashtray Boy are back in Australia after a few years based in Canada. Their new album 'Last Years Song' is out soon on Qld label Phonostatique ... launch at the Tote on Sunday 19th.

Melbourne noisemeisters Ohm (formerly 'On') have been working on an album for release this summer. They take a break from the studio to play a show on Saturday December 4th at the Birmingham Hotel in Collingwood. Guests on the night will be Justin Fuller (Breaking the Law); Bowl of Dick (Matt from the Stabs); arrant-eyed crazy men, LCDci; and Oh! Belgium. $5 to get in, 9pm start. Ohm's We've Got TV music video has been produced by LCDci's Jason Heller. The band changed their rather good name because too many other bands use it too.

Indie music/arts festival Straight Out Of Brisbane is on (in Brisbane) from 4 to 12 Dec. Highlights include: on Fri 10th, ex Wondrous Fair songwriter Deb Cavallaro's new band the Golden Circles (and many other fine groups); on Sat 11th a boat cruise featuring Minimum Chips, Small World Experience, the Zebras, Barrage, and Death Wolf. (Leaves Mowbray Park at 1pm); on Sunday 12th, the closing party featuring the Perfect Lovers.

On the subject of Brisbane, legendary underground label / early blues encyclopedia Shy Tone has a new web site.

US/UK indie rockers Boyracer have several new releases and a new web site.

There are rumblings within the camp of 90s indie pop group Clag ... a cd re-issue of old recordings is rumoured, and they've recorded a new song for a forthcoming multi-band comp.

Nov 04

On the 25th Nov Panel of Judges play at Ding Dong, with Breaking the Law and Dirty Lamborghini.

Wednesday 24th's Age newspaper has a feature article on Mia Schoen of New Estate

Reformed 80s Brisband The Pits are playing on Saturday 20th November at 101 with The Bites, New Estate, Flywheel and The Fauxxx (Newcastle).

Julian Williams (Hi God People etc) is staging another play: "The May Thor Hallow Variations" performed by Estaban David De Santos, Craig Peade and JW at La Mama theatre, 9, 10, 11 November

Iconic Melbourne indie pop label Chapter Music is back in operation following label boss Guy Blackman's return from two years in Japan. Their first two releases are a compilation of bands that Guy got to know while in Japan, and a re-release of early-80s Melbourne band the Primitive Calculators (with bonus video).

Oct 04

The final release in the Volvox trilogy is in production now, for release in early 2005. "Egg, Pluto Pup, and You" shows the band at their creative peak and includes their notorious cover of Wuthering Heights.

Sep 04

Origami road-test their new guitarist at the Rob Roy on Wed 29th Sep, before heading off for shows in Japan. Look our for new recordings on JJJ's Home and Hosed program this week.

Minimum Chips return to Melbourne on Thursday 23rd at First Floor, with Japan's Aki Onda. On the same night the Victorian College of Arts Painters and Rockers night is on at the Rob Roy.

On 23rd Sep On play at the Tote.

Look out for a new EP soon from the Bites.

Melbourne Water compilation cd launch at the Victoria Hotel this Saturday 11th September. Performers include The Bites, Panel of Judges, New Estate, Breaking the Law, On, Driving Past, The Cannanes, James Earthenware, Clinton Green and Julian Williams. Entry is $5 and the action kicks off at 830pm. The swish Victoria Hotel is on Victoria Steet Brunswick, right by the train line, near Sydney Road.

On 4th September, left-field Melbourne c'n'w band Wagons launch their superb new album with Machine Translations and the Wayfaring Strangers supporting.

And on the same night (4 Sep), Panel of Judges launch their new vinyl ep, with Love of Diagrams and The Grey Tapes supporting.

Aug 04

The Hi God People are playing at Gertrudes, Gertrude st Fitzroy, on Thursday 26th August.

On Saturday 28th August, the next Outer gig at Bus Gallery, featuring Tarab (Eamon Sprod), Chris Smith, Dure Dara, and Anthony Guerra.

On Friday August 20 at the Old Bar Panel of Judges with Mum Smokes and The New Season.

On Saturday August 21 the newly-moved-to-Bendigo Cannanes play at the Vic Hotel Brunswick, with Flywheel and New Estate.

Several good options on Saturday 14th: Chris Smith at the Public Bar, North Melbourne; Das Butcher at 101, Smith Street Fitzroy; Francisco Lopez at 45 Flinders Lane.

The Hi God People will provide entertainment at the opening of the Yume exhibition of hand-made toys, at Outskirts, upstairs 262 Brunswick St Fitzroy, on Friday 13th August. The opening opens at 7pm, with HGP going on shortly after. HGP will perform a short puppet play called "Three Naughty Mushrooms".

The classic Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes 1992 album 'Night of the Wolverine' has been re-released this month. The re-issue contains all of the original tracks in their original order, plus a six-song bonus sample of what the various band members have done since that album. Look our for a launch by Dave Graney 'n' the Lurid Yellow Mist this spring.

July 04

This month in Melbourne and Brisbane: Liquid Architecture.

Shows this Friday 23rd July: at the Rob, On and the Grey Dayturas ... at the Old Bar, the Bird Blobs ... at the Vic, New Estate

On Friday 23rd from 10pm, at Terra Firma, High St Northcote, Guy Blackman and Dylan Krasevac DJ at the inaugural Hi Fri, a monthly event where the concept is to imagine it's your last ever DJ set before being sent to the electric chair for a crime you did not commit.

There's a movie about the Moodists at the Melbourne International Film Festival, Monday 26th July, 7pm, at ACMI.

Chris Smith and Marney Macleod are organizing a tour of New Zealand sound-art practitioners. Shows include: Rob Roy Saturday 10th, Birchville Cat Motel and Mick Turner. The Vic Hotel on Thursday 8th July, Richard Francis, Hi God People, On, Green Beret, and Lucas Abela.

Flywheel play the Vic Hotel on Saturday July 17th (with Happy Lonesome). There is some stiff competition that night with the Bites at the Rob Roy, but Flywheel hope that some indie pop fans will find their way to the Vic, especially those near Brunswick.

Peter Loveday, novelist and ex-frontman of Brisbane/London 80s band Tiny Town, is playing at the Empress on Friday 16th, with Andrew McCubbin and the Hope Addicts.

On the same night, the Bird Blobs play with the Stabs, Adelaide's Love Like Electrocution and NZ's DieDieDie at the Evelyn Hotel.

June 04

The recent launch of the Undertow experimental-music compilation was recorded by organizer Clinton Green and is available here as a live mp3 release.

New Waver have a new track on The Undertow, and will also appear on the Out of the Bedroom compilation cd, being given away to payers at Liquid Architecture 5.

Volvox fans will be happy to hear that Lester and Glenn have been recording again, under the name "Smallgoodz". One track will appear on the 'Dennis The Menace Buttflaps' compilation via Japan's Temple of Be Saint 777 label, along with such luminaries as Jad Fair and GG Allin.

Sydney band Flywheel moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago after releasing several albums, most recently via French label Z and Zoe. The Melbourne line-up (James and Toby Dutton, Gavin Butler, Greg Wadley) play their first show at the Vic Hotel on Friday 4th June (9pm), along with country-flavoured Melbourne bands Deep Country and Happy Lonesome.

Julian Williams celebrates his birthday and road-tests his forthcoming solo album with a show at the Vic Hotel the following night (Saturday 5th June), with New Estate and Teen God.

After their whirlwind world tour, Melbourne band Function are back in the studio this month recording another album.

May 04

Melbourne's Bird Blobs have recorded their new album and wrap up their east coast tour with a show at the Rob Roy this Saturday.

Melbourne's Shame File label launches a great Australian experimental music cd The Undertow at the Planet Cafe on Saturday 8th May, with several local and interstate acts performing including the Hi God People, Sue Harding, Bokor, W.I.T., Screwtape, and Sadaiche. Listen for a special on The Undertow on 3RRR's Symbiosis program, midnight Sunday 2nd May.

Guy Blackman (ex Sleepy Township) is back in Melbourne (from Japan) and so is Tracey Reed (from Perth). They're playing together on Sunday 9th May at the Vic Hotel.

April 04

Julian Williams of the 'From The Same Mother' label has released a new compilation cd called Woodlot Surer. The disc features five one-minute songs from each of local and international artists Glands of Eternal Secretion, David Haines, Flies Inside the Sun, Jon Dale, Chris Smith, Green Beret, The Hi God People, Undecisive God, Keynote Speaker, LCD, Snawklor, and Julian Williams - about 60 tracks in all. Cd launch featuring Chris Smith, Green Beret, LCD, Snawklor and the Hi God People on 1st May at Brunswick's Victoria Hotel.

Melbourne's Origami launch their new EP "Crusin for a Brusin" at Revolver on Saturday 17 April.

Alison Bolger (Panel of Judges, Sleepy Township, Clag) has a new radio show at midnight Sundays on 3CR. Each week a local guest musician raves and plays their favourite tracks.

This recording took a long time to appear but it was worth the wait: The Legend recorded several songs here in summer 2001/2, with Everett True (visiting Melbourne at the time) on vocals, backed by Julian Teakle (gtr), David Nichols (drums), Mia Schoen (keys) and Greg Wadley (bass), recorded on the trusty Spill 8-track. Now two of the songs have made it onto compilations: "I'm Not Like That" on Kill Rock Stars' Tracks and Fields, and "The King Of Hobart" on Sink and Stove's Hospital Radio Request List .

March 04

On Friday 12th March at Revolver, Melbourne's Function play a final Australian show before heading off for some overseas gigs including South by South-West.

February 04

Our new idea is that when a release is no longer available in cd format, we'll put the contents online as mp3s. First up are the "Box" tv tribute compilation , the Hi God People's first album , and the early Spill comps.

Minimum Chips play Brunswick's new venue the Victoria Hotel (Victoria St, just west of Sydney rd) on Saturday Feb 28th, with KES (ex Bird Blobs) and the Grey Tapes.

This follows a class gig at the same venue on Friday 27th: Green Beret (new outfit featuring Justin Fuller with ex Dworzec members Henry and Arek) and Faber Castell.

Melbourne musician Mia Schoen has an exhibition of paintings at the 69 Smith Street gallery (Fitzroy) from 11 to 29 February.

Vice Magazine's Obsessions exhibition (Feb 14-21, 395 Little Lonsdale st) includes photos by Marcus of Das Butcher.

Melbourne's Deep Country launch their new album "Cautionary Tales For Young Girls" (sample track ) at the Cue Bar on Valentine's Day, 14th Feb. Support is from Sydney's Cannanes (their first Melbourne show since moving to Victoria) and the Hi God People.

The Small World Experience have three more Melbourne shows in their current tour:

  • Sunday 1 Feb, Old Bar with The Mosquitoes (Lucksmiths side project) and Hollie Brown (from Vancouver)
  • Friday 6 Feb, Victoria Hotel with the Tranquilizers
  • Sunday 8 Feb, Rob Roy with Panel of Judges and Mum Smokes (ex Breaking the Law, Bird Blobs)
December 03

England's V/Vm label has released a "best of" compilation of material from Sydney's Dual Plover label. The cd, called Athlete of the Week, features the stunning freak show you'd expect from V/Vm and DP, features some Spill-related acts such as Volvox and New Waver.

A launch for this cd and showcase for Dual Plover is visiting Melbourne and Brisbane this summer. The Melb show is at the Planet Cafe on Saturday 20th December, with lineup Winner, the Hi God People, Gary Bradbury (ex Severed Heads), Das Butcher, and Slesu and Dr Tape (ie members of Curse ov Dialect). This show also acts as something like a launch for Das Butcher's new 7" single.

Ease into the party season this Sunday 14th at the Rob Roy front bar - a free gig featuring the Look of Love Orchestra, the Grey Tapes, and members of the Hi God People. The Look of Love Orchestra plays boozy lounge covers and is the musical alter-ego of members of Minimum Chips, Panel of Judges, Snawklor, New Estate, Huon, and Breaking the Law. The Grey Tapes is Melbourne writer David Nichols' new band. They have an album out on US label 555 Recordings, and make their live debut in Melbourne this month. This gig is free admission and doors open at 8pm.

Julian Williams' new play, Signs/Skilti (the First Days of Summer), is on at Ceres Environmental Park, Brunswick, on the 13th and 14th of December, at 11am and 3pm, at the Ceres cafe. Free admission ... hi spillers,julian here.things are looking poodly for a great weekend.come along to ceres and mingle with the ones in the cafe,then be lead on a journey through eight dimension overlays. remember to come five mins early cause you will be lead to the performance area.if you get there late,well you wont know a thing about whats goin on.hope to see you there. Julian will talk about his play and music on 3PBS on Monday 8th Dec between 3.30 and 4 pm, in the Makeshift Swahili show.

New Estate launch their new cd "Considering" at the Cue Bar, Brunswick St, Saturday 6th December, with Grey Tapes and Deep Country supporting.

November 03

The experimental music series Outer continues this month, with a performance at Bus Gallery, 117 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, on Saturday 29th November, with Snawklor, Sean Baxter, Cleaning Lady, Statis Duo, and the Hi God People . The show is accompanied by the release of a cd featuring acts from this and previous Outers.

Ten years after it was released, Clag's influential "Manufacturing Resent" 7" has been immortalized here.

October 03

The Hi God People play at Bus Gallery, 117 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, on Saturday 18th October, with Snawklor, Sean Baxter, Cleaning Lady, Statis Duo .

Bands from the Victorian College of Arts present their wares at the VCA/Rob Roy's Painters & Rockers night, Rob Roy hotel, 1st October. This show will feature New Estate, a Melbourne four-piece featuring two ex-members of Sleepy Township. (New Estate album on the W.Minc label later this year; launch Nov 29 at Cue in Brunswick St. See the Estate also at the Espy on Thurs 9th.)

Julian Williams has another solo cd out this month, called 'The Mysterious Way of the Continuous Antenna'.

Keith Urquhart has been remixing Melbourne indie bands. The results are available on his web page .

Local indie groups The Cannanes and Origami have recently arrived home from overseas tours (to Japan and Europe/America respectively), and will probably be playing shows in Melbourne soon.

September 2003

The Small World Experience wind up their Melbourne sojourn this Sunday September 28th @ the Rob Roy front bar (Gertrude St Fitzroy) with Panel of Judges and indie supergroup Your Wedding Night (members of Architecture in Helsinki, the Bites etc).

Long-time zine the Taped Crusaders is now online.

After a 20 year break, Brisband The Pits have reformed, with original members Peter and Dave McPherson, as well as Donat on bass and Pat Ridgewell (Small World Experience) on drums. Their first post-reformation show is at the Melbourne Hotel (Brisbane), on Friday September 5th.

I Want A Hovercraft will launch their new four song ep at the Empress Hotel, Melbourne, on 5th September.

August 2003

The next Hi God People show is at the Rob Roy hotel, Gertrude Street Fitzroy, on Wednesday 27th August. This is a cd launch for Keith Mason (ex Vodka Party from Tasmania), and also features Skovordino, Zanzibar Cob, and Rhett Wade Ferrel & Rodney Cooper, dj Butterfingers.

Minimum Chips launch their new ep "Gardenesque" at the Rob Roy hotel, Melbourne, on Saturday 2nd August. Supports by Hardy Coxon, Viviano, & Your Wedding Night. The Chips next play at First Floor on Wednesday 13th, and the Hopetown in Sydney on the 14th.

July 2003

Sydney's Cannanes, Melbourne's Hi God People, and Brisbane's Golden Circles are playing at Ric's Bar in Brisbane, on Sunday 6th July. HGP are also playing at the Shamrock Hotel on Friday 4th July, with Brisbane acts PH3, the Perfect Lovers, 4 Layers of 9, Anal Cookie, and the Lost Domain.

June 2003

At the Builders Arms, Gertrude St Fitzroy, this Wednesday 25th: Minimum Chips, New Estate, and the Call In Sicks (members of Panel of Judges currently in Melbourne, with David Nichols on drums).

Ex Sleepy Township members New Estate play at the Pony on Sunday 22nd June, with Love of Diagrams and Perth's Tucker B's.

The new Sleepy Township cd has been released by Dutch Courage. This is the best release by this group - a great recording of some great songs. Recorded at Simon Knight's "Sublime Studio" and released post-breakup.

Synaesthesia is launching three new cds on the same night at Loop, Meyers Place, Melbourne (city), on Wednesday 18th June. Cds by Snawklor, Delire, and Pateras & Fox.

The last show of the Hi God People residency at the Kent St Cafe is on Sunday 15th June, from 8 to 11pm. The cafe is 201 Smith St, Fitzroy. HGP are also playing at the Terminus Hotel, Clifton Hill, Saturday 7th June, with On and Jodie Moore.

May 2003

Origami play their last Australian show for some time, at Pony this Thursday 29th, for Ladyfest Melbourne, with Breakfast of Champions, Slinkee, Sister She and DJs. Doors open at 9.00pm, and Origami play at 11.45pm.

The Cannanes play at the Warren View Hotel in Sydney on Friday May 23rd. The on Saturday some members perform in the reformed Lighthouse Keepers at Sydney's Metro, for the launch of the Tales from the Australian Underground compilation cd.

Minimum Chips play at the Rob Roy on Sunday 4th May, with the Emergency, Mimi Bourdeau, and Ockerchino djs. The band are launching their new lineup, with bassist Ellen Turner (Huon, Buck Fifty, New Buffalo) replacing Guy Blackman who is currently residing in Japan.

Sydney's Cannanes are off north during May. They play at the Alliance Tavern, Spring Hill, Brisbane on Saturday May 3rd, and at the Great Northern Hotel in Byron Bay on Sunday the 4th.

Julian Williams presents his new play 'A Circle for Medicine Wheel'. The play will be performed in darkness and features live backing music by the Hi God People. Rechabite Hall, Northcote, Fri May 9 and Sat May 10 at 7.30pm, and Sun May 11 at 3pm and 7.30pm.

Melbourne's Bird Blobs launch their new cd "Stihl Life" at the Rob Roy on May 2nd. The cd was produced by Simon Grounds, and is released on the Unstable Ape label.

April 2003

Melbourne computer-music duo Snawklor are off to play in Europe. Read about their exploits in their tour blog.

The Frustrations have a new cd out this month, called "The Dole Years", on the Consumer Productions label. Launch is at the Rob Roy Hotel, on Friday 11th April, with The Night Terrors, The Bites, and Michael Noga.

March 2003

Brisbane indie-rockers Iron On tour Melbourne this weekend (21 to 23 March). Their finalshow is at the Empress Hotel on Sunday 23 March, with Origami and Mia Schoen.

Origami play Bar Open on Sunday 23rd, the Corner on the 28th, Good Morning Captain on 1st March, and the Empress on 23rd March. They're supporting the Breeders in Melbourne and Brisbane during March.

February 2003

The new Moodists retrospective double-cd Two Fisted Art is out now. The launch (with original Moodists lineup) is at the Tote Hotel on Friday 14th Feb.

The next Hi God People performance is at the Tote Hotel, Collingwood, on Wednesday 5th February. This gig features the debut performance of On, a rock/noise band featuring ex-members of the Library Punks, Fong, F* Tourette's C* etc.

January 2003

To celebrate their 55th cd release, the 555 label invited bands they'd worked with and many others besides to submit short songs, the aim being to fit 55 of them on one cd. The result is the oustanding 555cd55.

Fresh from playing Sleater-Kinney supports, Melbourne's Origami next grace the stage at the Empress Hotel (Fitzroy) on Australia Day (Sunday 26th Jan).

Yet another new Julian Williams cd ... 'Leaf Rain' is out now on Adelaide's Rhizome label. This cd was compiled in mid 2002 and is a collection of JW's 'sound art' from 1995 to 2000.

December 02

The Small World Experience play the last show of their Melbourne sojourn on Wednesday 11th December, at the Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy.

Origami play at Good Morning Captain in Collingwood on Saturday 7th December, then support Sleater-Kinney at the Corner Hotel on Tuesday 10th.

November 02

At the Rob Roy hotel on Friday 29th November:

  • The Cannanes will launch the Australian release of their album "Trouble Seemed So Far Away". This is the first release on their own Lamingtone label. The album is already released in the US.
  • Classic Brisbane proto-indie-pop three-piece the Small World Experience will play their first show in several years, with their mid-90s line-up (includes two current members of Minimum Chips).
  • The Hi God People will launch a new Solids cd "The Possible Human". The cd contains best-of and unreleased material by this HGP precursor band. Sample song: Aquamarine.

Three-piece improv outfit Solids played and recorded in Melbourne between 1994 and 1999, whereupon synthesist Jad moved overseas, Dion and Dylan joined, and the band became HGP. This cd contains unreleased recordings made just before Jad left, as well as edits from earlier Solids releases. The cd is available now from spill-label.org and Synaesthesia. At this launch, HGP will combine their current somewhat indescribable show with a nod to their more rockin' Solids roots.

The prolific Julian Williams (Hi God People, FTSM label) has yet another new solo album out. He's launching this at the Builders Arms, Fitzroy, on Wednesday 27th Nov. Listen to this sample track if you dare.

Equally prolific is Antony Riddell (ex Volvox) whose latest book 'Fingerprints on the Surface of the Brain' is available now.

September 02

After recording all year, Origami have manufactured their new album. The ten song cd was recorded at the studios of Spill and Nick Carroll, and will be released during November, on 555/RedSquare (Australian distribution by Shock). Origami are touring North America and Europe in 2003.

August 02

The Chapter label has released a compilation CD called Double Figures, with highlights from the back catalogue as well as new and unreleased tracks from Chapter's current acts. Launch is on Friday September 6 at the Rob Roy Hotel, with Wagons, Minimum Chips, Jeremy Dower, Mia Schoen, Julian Williams, and DJ Chrissy G. Jeremy Dower's Music For Retirement Villages, Circa 2050 EP will also be launched on the night. This is the last Chapter gig before label boss Guy Blackman heads off to live in Japan for a year or so, which also means its Minimum Chips' last gig with Guy on bass.

The Hi God People play at the Builders Arms on Wednesday 14th August, with David Haines and Dworzec. Read about these musicians in this article by Jon Dale.

Sleepy Township have a new retrospective cd. Launch is at the Rob Roy on Friday 22nd August.

And Mia Schoen of Sleepy Township has a cd out on Library records. Launch is at the Builders Arms on Wednesday 28th August.

An exciting, rare release from four Melbourne sound artists: "Ohrwurm" is a compilation cdr containing 1-2 tracks, and an information page, from each of Ernie Althoff, The Voice of Invisible Speakers, Xrtoq, and Tarab. Microtones, found sounds etc.

Minimum Chips have done some recordings for the SBS "whatever" web site .

July 02

The Hi God People play at the Builders Arms on Wednesday 10th July, with Pumice (from New Zealand) and Tourette's.

Some new releases to look out for: Fog and Ocean cd, out now on the 555 label. This cd features 13 songs, done in an early-80s synth-band style, by members of Boyracer, Huon, Architecture in Helsinki etc. Also on 555, the debut album from Melbourne's Long Weekend.

Sleepy Township have two new albums in production: a retrospective of old vinyl, compilation and cassette releases, and a new album of unreleased material - in the view of this website their best yet.

And the Chapter label is putting together a ten-year-anniversary best-of cd, featuring classic indie pop from the label's diverse releases.

June 02

Minimum Chips are launching a new Chapter Music compilation CD of their early recordings called Portfolio. It covers the years 1994 to 1997 and includes tracks from their Chapter Music cassettes and 7"s, plus various other odds and sods, including previously unreleased tracks. The CD is being launched at the opening night of the new band room at the Rob Roy Hotel (51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy), on Friday June 7. Supports are Breaking The Law and The Emergency.

May 02

Melbourne computer-music duet Snawklor release their debut full length cd on Friday 24th May, at Planet Cafe w/ Delire, Andrew Barrie, and Chaun. The album is called Rushes and will be available cheap on the night. It is the first release by new Exp/Elec recording label; Marsupial Sounds . Rushes is available exclusively from Synaesthesia.

The UK 555 label and Red Square of the US are holding a weekend-long pop-fest at the Empress Hotel, on the 3rd and 4th of May. This will involve most of their Australian roster playing over two nights. Admission is $8 or $15 for both nights. The line-up is:
Lucksmiths 12.00 – 12.45
Origami 11.15 – 11.50
Other Peoples Children 10.30 – 11.00
Bend Over Boyfriend 10.10 – 10.20
Driving Past 9.35 – 10.00
Ashtray Boy 9.00 – 9.25
Jen Turrell 8.30 – 8.55
Boyracer 12.15 – 12.45
Huon 11.30 – 12.00
Minumum Chips 10.50 – 11.20
Even As We Speak 10.10 – 10.40
Julian Teakle 9.45 – 10.00
Fog And Ocean 9.15 – 9.35
Guy and Mia 8.45 – 9.05

A souvenier compilation cd given away free to the first 50 payers on each night. This comp is a bit of an indie classic, featuring songs by: Fog and Ocean, Boyracer, Long Weekend, Other Peoples Children, Origami, Bend Over Boyfriend, Huon, New Waver, Even As We Speak, Jen Turrell, The Lucksmiths, Mia and Guy of Sleepy Township, Steward, Min Chips, Julian Teakle of the Frustrations, and Driving Past.

April 02

At Bus Gallery, 117 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, on Friday 26th April, at 8pm, Letraset launch their new cd Snowy Room. Line-up: Letraset, the Letraset Look of Love Mini-Orchestra, Son of Ice Woman, dj Alpha 60. Letraset are Nicole and Julian of Minimum Chips.

At the Builders on the 17th, Place of Dead Sounds, featuring
Ernie Althoff
Voice of Invisible Speakers
Johnson Company
video by Paul Rogers.

The Hi God People play at the Builders Arms on Wednesday 10th April, with La Scimmia, Max Rebo, and Sylvester.

On Wednesday 3rd HGP play live-to-air on 3PBS's Auscultation show, between 1 and 3 pm.

555 have released a Soft Cell tribute compilation cd, "Soft Love". It's mostly overseas acts, although Huon and New Waver provide Melbourne input.

March 02

HGP are playing at the Tote with reformed experimentalist outfit Lung-UPC, on Tuesday 2nd April, $4 admission and $1 pots!

Chris Smith's new album "Map Ends", on US label Emperor Jones, has just arrived in Australia. See Chris live at Pony this coming weekend.

The Cannanes have two new cds out this month, Felicity (ep) and Trouble Seemed So Far Away (genre-crossing smooth electro versions care of Explosion Robinson).

February 02

New Zealand's Peter Jeffries plays two Melbourne shows this month: at the Empress on the 15th and Pony on the 16th.

After eight or so years, indie pop stalwarts Sleepy Township are calling it a day, and play their extravaganze last show at the Punters Club on Monday 11th Feb.

January 02

The new Hi-God People cd "HGP play to the temple of depth" is available now from Spill or Synaesthesia. The cd launch is at the Empress Hotel, on Wed 31 Jan, with Dworzec and Minimum Chips.

Out now: cd re-release of Volvox's first cassette "Bad Earth". Joint effort by Spill, Dual Plover, and Freedom From.

Anthony Riddell (aka Lester from Volvox) has a new novel out, "Pain is a Sign of Life".

December 01

The Hi-God People will play with Five Fold Galactic Bells at the launch of Undecisive God's new cd, at the Planet Cafe (Brunswick St, Fitzroy), on the 23rd December.

Mash 2 is on over two nights, Friday 21 and Saturday 22 December, at Bus, 117 Lt. Lonsdale st Melbourne
FRI 21st december, 8.30pm, living on borrowed sound, no nuff'n, snawklor, the emergency, soba
SAT 22nd december: 2 pm, Sound Forum and Garth Paine
8.30pm, Dworzec cd launch, collaborations with Chris Smith, Nicole Thibault, Justin Fuller, Dylan Krasevac, Ai Yamamoto.

November 01

The Hi-God People play with Dworzec at the Builders Arms Hotel (Gertrude St, Fitzroy), next Wednesday the 21st November.

At the Empress hotel, Saturday 8th December - New Wave Karaoke. Bands formed especially for the night will play your early-80s favourites, and the audience does the singing.

Nothing to do with this label, but it's very good news - the new TISM album is out.

October 01

The Chapter Music label has released a compilation of late 70s / early 80s Australian post-punk, called Can't Stop It. The launch will be at Revolver on Wednesday 5th December featuring Ron Rude and Ash Wednesday, as well as displays videos, posters and record covers of the era. The bands on the cd are The Moodists, Voigt 465, The Take, Essendon Airport, The Apartments, Ash Wednesday, Primitive Calculators, Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Ron Rude, Xero, The Limp, Fabulous Marquises, The Slugfuckers, Equal Local, Tame Omearas, The Pdds, People With Chairs Up Their Noses, Wild West, The Pits, Tch Tch Tch.

Julian Williams' next play "Mirrors of Transformation" is on soon - see poster at

August 01

The latest issue of Julians Williams's long-running 'From The Same Mother' magazine is out. This time it's an A-Z of music. As always Julian proves himself to be a master of photocopy collage, if not of spelling. More artistic, entertaining and informative than things you'd normally pay money for -free to you if you send a postage stamp.

This year's Electro Fringe festival in Newcastle features some interesting guests.

Australia's Clinton Green and Andrew Kettle have recently collaborated to produce a joint 3" cd "The Mundane the Stark / 6.99 ".

July 01

Melbourne's San Jose Cow Muzak have a new cd out this month, Rubber Man. Since Senor Coconut's notable Kraftwork covers were released last year, the marriage of techno and Latin probably doesn't pack the same surprise punch as it did before, but SJCM have been exploring this vein for a decade, in so doing gaining a reputation as one of Melbourne's more unique acts. I honestly don't know how to pigeonhole these people - when I had to describe their last album I said "sounds like a cross between Kraftwerk, the Mothers of Invention, and the Wiggles." For want of a more sturdy reference point, that will probably still do. The Latin influence is still there, the techno bloops and beats are strong, the pop and lounge sounds and odd instruments wander in and out of the mix. Rubber Man is better musically and technically than their last cd Bad Dog Day. The songs are stronger and stranger (reminiscent of their early-90s stuff), and the flirtation with prog-rock seems to be over. This 11 song, 30 minute collection is chosen from the live sets performed by their two most recent line-ups, in which regulars Richard (aka solo project Flip-Flop) and Christine (Crunkle, Rubys Spleen, New Waver) were joined by vocalist Kim, NW keyboardist Peter, and ex-Volvox member Glenn. No-one can like every moment on this album, but you will find gems here. Get it from Spill mail order for $7 (!) .

At the same time Richard of SJCM has released a new solo cdr under the name of Pyrolux.

Look out for an article on Volvox in the current issue of Bananafish magazine.

The new Ujaku magazine is out - look for it in shops (in Melbourne, Synaesthesia) or email ujaku@gibsonnet.net ... article subjects include Anticon, Antedeluvian Rockinghorse, Berzerker, Cex, Chris Smith and Justin Fuller, Melt Banana, Speedranch, and more reviews than you can poke a stick at. This magazine is worth getting just for the song-by-song review of Rage. [added 10th Aug] ... and there's a V/Vm cd you can get with the magazine, which I only just heard, as my copy was bereft. This cd, which trashes 'hits' of the 80s using some lovely effects, and includes a few things that are just plain weird, is one of the few that has made me laugh out loud in recent months and, again, would by itself warrant the price of the magazine.

Dual Plover presents The Rebirth of Fool, Volume Two, a compilation of 25 tracks, including New Waver's Chadstone and Lester Vat's Custard or Pus , and many a lot weirder than that.

March 01

Stewart of the 555 label has just released three new cds, mastered here recently, two by bands Famous Boyfriend and Saucer, as well as a label history comp 'Knowing We Was Right From Da Start'.

The new PANEL OF JUDGES cd Cool Fool is out now. Check out sample mp3 Cagey Madam.

The Cannanes now have their own domain name, and are coming to Melbourne to play on the weekend of 9th and 10th March.

January 01

Lester Vat of Volvox, now publishing under his real name of Anthony Riddell, has a new book out this month: his first novel "Betrayed by the Senses".

The new Cannanes+Steward album "Communicating at an Unknown Rate" is out now on YoYo and 555 .

Julian Williams of HGP presents his play "It runs faster than those who run after it" at La Mama theatre, Melbourne, from Tues 27th Feb till the following Saturday. "Chanting, rituals, abstract movement, ancient Hindu and Balinese theatre".

November 00

The Hi God People play at the Empress on 13 Dec, with Tasmania's KIND WINDS, Melbourne's LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR, and BUKAW.

The new Flywheel cd is out and will be launched at the Empress on Saturday 25 Nov.

October 00

Julian William's new short sci-fi film The All-Knowing Head will premiere at Revolver, Melbourne, on Tuesday 21st November.

The Hi God People will perform live to air on Melbourne radio 3CR, on the 11th of November at 6 pm.

September 00

A new FTSM (From The Same Mother) magazine from Julian Williams is out. the transformation of this periodical from music fanzine to uniquely-styled psychedelic comedic collage is complete. Send $2 postage for your copy.

After a hiatus lasting most of the 90s, a new issue of the Distant Violins fanzine is out.

August 00

There's a new Minimum Chips album out this month - "Freckles" - 8 art-pop tracks, recorded in convoluted ways here and at Shabtech, released on cd by the Trifekta label. The Chips are playing as many shows as they can before bassist Guy takes a month off to join the Cannanes US tour. Sample song Gun Metal Grey.

July 00

Julian Williams presents a ten year retrospective of his From The Same Mother sound label, from 21st to 28th July, at the Shin Sound gallery, Maples Lane, Prahran (next door to the Synaesthesia record shop). The exhibition features ten years of poster and flier artwork, mood music cdrs of old rare tracks, a documentary video, items from the extensive FTSM catalogue, and a monster compilation cdr of songs by artists including Panel Of Judges, Pip Proud, New Waver, The Lost Domain, Bruce Russell, Dworzec, Above Ground Pool, Chris Smith, Solids, Huon vs the hi-god People, Rhizome and more.

June 00

Available now, the new Volvox album damage begins at the mouth" (pictured left), from Spill and Dual Plover. Sample song Touched by the Mouth that's Wrong.

Henry from Melbourne's sparse-noise-improv group Dworzec continues to surprise with his country and western side project Wagons, whose second release "Wretched Soul" is out now on cdr. Eight original c'n'w songs, sounding like Johnny Cash left his practice room open and you can vaguely hear Dworzec next door, with the most outstanding liner notes I've seen in ages. For a copy, six-shoot an email to wagonsmusic@hotmail.com.

April 00

On Saturday 29th April, sound constructs - concrete mixes, an experimental music and film night at the Empress Hotel, organized by Glenn of Zyklatt and Aemon of Hard Listening. The night features:
voice of invisible speakers
canine harvest
the bearded ladies
sound sculptures by ernie altoff
film multimedia installations

Robin of Dreamland Happy Times For All and Sally has just released a new cdr from his solo project karaoke inferno, called "Schlager". 14 tracks of what might for want of a better term be called minimalist glitch techno, all produced on analog gear though at times you will wonder how. This is available only via Spill and Synaesthesia, for $7.

Out this month: two new Chris Smith releases, assembled at Spill, and released by Melbourne's International Trash label:
1) Peter Jeffries + CS single, on 7" vinyl
2) CS album "Replacement", on cd
The single features two songs by New Zealand's Peter Jeffries, with Chris on guitar. The album progresses the unique ambient / experimental guitar style of Chris's 1998 "Cabin Fever" album. Launch with Dworzec at the Punters Club on Wednesday 3rd May.

Adelaide's Blank Tapes label has a new v/a compilation of diy mayhem, via mail-order on well-priced cdr.

March 00

A new cdr release from Melbourne's Dreamland Happy Times For All: " ... play krautrock classics", contains covers of your favourite deutsche ditties by Kraftwerk, Cozmic Corridors, and Faust. High quality interpretations and recording. Limited edition on sale from Spill and Synaesthesia only, $7.

January 00

Some events coming up in the early part of this year: In early Feb, the What Is Music? tour at Revolver in Melbourne. Saturday 29 Jan, New Waver belated cd launch at the Empress. Thursday 20 Jan, Synaesthesia benefit at the Empress, to help set up the Synaesthesia sound gallery.

This took a while to compile and release, but the wait has been worth while: the Four Gods / Frontier Scouts retrospective, entitled "Amateurism", is out now on the Chapter label. The cd contains 18 tracks from these seminal early-80s "Brisbane sound" bands - liner notes by Robert Forster - some tracks live, some practice room, some studio - see article at Tape Op magazine site.

December 99

The proprietors of England's 555 label are in Australia this month, and Australian bands on the label are performing live to celebrate. The Melbourne show is at the Empress hotel on Sunday 12th Dec, with performances by Huon, Panel of Judges, Minimum Chips, Long Weekend and Steward. Sydney shows on the weekend of 15th Jan 2000.

The Hi-God People are playing live to air on 3CR on Saturday 18th Dec, on the show "Let Your Freak Flag Fly", between 6 and 7-30 pm.

October 99

New Zealand's A Handful of Dust are playing shows in Melbourne this month. Band members Bruce Russell and Alastair Galbraith are also doing solo shows while they're here. The dates are:
Thursday 21st October, Corner Hotel, HoD + Bruce solo + Chris Smith
Friday 22nd, Empress Hotel, Alastair + Huon + Hotel St Paul + hi-god People
Sunday 24th, Punters Club, HoD + Alastair solo + Dworzec.

You've read the zines, heard the music, now see the play: Julian Williams (Solids, hi-god People) presents his third play "Leigubalislod" on Sunday 24th October, at Victoria University of Technology, Footscray campus, Building L, room 406. I attended the preview performance and this is a must-see. Free entry!

Two new Huon albums have hit our shores. From the 555 label in Leeds, there's "Hung Up Over Night", and from US label Animal World, "Songs for Lord Tortoise". For you computer people both cds feature a cd-rom containing album information, comics etc. Contact 555 or Top Ten from the links page.

The long-awaited Small World Experience album "Side Projects" has just been released on 12" vinyl by Melbourne's Chapter label.

The Empress hotel in Melbourne is running a Kraftwerk theme night on November 27th. Live bands include San Jose Cow Muzak, New Waver, Letraset, the Case Managers, and members of Hi Pass Filter. There will be a limited edition cdr containing KW covers both from the bands who play on the night and other bands.

August 99

Dworzec launch their new cd album at Hard Listening, Wednesday 18th August, Musicians Union Club, 65 Wellington St, Windsor.

Driving Past have an album, "Real Estate", out now on cd on the Chapter label.

The hi-god People launch their cd at the Empress on 2nd September, with Jaguar is Jaguar supporting. HGP also play the Punters Club on Tuesday 24th of August, with the New Season and Dworzec.

May 99

The Hi God People have a new cd out now on the Varispeed label. Click band name for details.

A new New Waver cd 'The Defeated' is out on Spill.

April 99

New Zealand's Bruce Russell (Dead C, Handful of Dust, Corpus Hermeticum label) is playing two shows in Melbourne, on 23rd and 24th May. Supports are Chris Smith (both nights), Dworzec (Sat) and Solids (Sun).

March 99

Jaguar is Jaguar have a 7" ep out now on Million to One.

Panel of Judges have a 7" ep out now on Chapter.

January 99

Ruff Buff's cd album is available now - write to PO box 94 Heathcote Victoria 2523 Australia for your copy. Also: new albums from Huon and Crabstick.

Julian Williams of Solids presents his play "Many Small Swindles", based on aspects of Brecht's life, at Tenement Gallery, Melbourne, on 5th Feb.

November 98

Sleepy Township have a new album "Set Sail", on cd and vinyl. Click here for an interview with the band. Write to the Chapter Music label, po box 4292, Melbourne Uni, 3052, for details.

October 98

The Snawklor label's second annual Fifty Record Players, exhibition went to Brisbane in September, and starts in Melbourne at the end of October. Highlights include live shows at the Public Office and Revolver, and week-long exhibition at Tenement Gallery.

Out this month: the Static Modulation label's debut compilation cd, with 28 songs by New Waver, The Bobbits, Jaguar is Jaguar, Minimum Chips, The Dennis Lillies, PingPong, The Unknown, The Brian Apples, Ninety-Nine, Ianw, Pash, Silvermine Tapes, Psychotic Numbskulls, Kokoshkar, The Moonies, Fiona Beverage, Above Ground Pool, Panel of Judges, No Reason, Other People's Children, Barnacle Sisters, Sleepy Township, San Jose Cow Muzak, Unabomber, The Cannanes, Clag, Home for the Def, and Solids.

September 98

Chris Smith's album-length guitar-soundscape cd Cabin Fever is out now on the Avalanche Express label, po box 2055 Fitzroy Vic 3065.

August 98

Leeds' 555 label has released a 7" 33 rpm vinyl ep called "Truth against the world - Australian pop compilation". It contains a song each from Driving Past, Sleepy Township, Pip Proud, The Frustrations, Crabstick, Long Weekend, and New Waver. Get a copy from Spill for $5. or write to 555 at PO box HP41, Leeds, LS6 4XN, UK.

June 98

Melbourne's DRIVING PAST have a new 7" single out on the Chapter Music label - " Church Fete / Drive-By Impulse ".

Cassette enthusiasts will enjoy a new magazine called "The Taped Crusaders". Write to PO Box 356 Brunswick 3056 for a copy, or to send a tape for review. "This is the first issue of The Taped Crusaders, a zine devoted to promoting home-recording and cassette culture. Specifically, the aim of the zine is for people who record their own music/sound/etc, in whatever way, and distribute it via cassettes."

May 98

Julian Williams of the From The Same Mother label has published his latest FTSM newsletter. As you would expect it's 16 pages of reviews and article s with the best photocopy collage you'll see anywhere. Send a stamp for your copy.

We've received two lots of records in a swap from Michigan's Uprising label: Eugene Chadbourne's "Country Music of Southeastern Australia", and a split 7" featuring Shiva Speedway and Enduro. Snap these up for $10 and $5 respectively.

March 98

Melbourne's SAN JOSE COW MUZAK have released their new album-length cd Bad Dog Day. Click for RealAudio snippets of "Swedish Cow", "Rocker", or "Butter Lip Tango".

Out now: The Casio VL-Tone Challenge, from the JJ180 label, a compilation of songs by various Melbourne noise-artists, each song made entirely with sounds from the now-ancient Casio VL-tone. The VL was one of the first of the small plastic portable keyboards that began to appear in the early 80s. It was, bizarrely, a combination music keyboard and calculator, and sounds like it. The rules of the comp were that all sounds must come from a VL, but could be processed as much as possible. Here's the song list:
1. Fluff - Drunken Master
2. Too sober to fuck - New Waver
3. On the moon - The Worms
4. The Willi Studer story - Philip Samartzis
5. Naked Penitent - Karaoke Inferno
6. How does that grab you darlin - The Ezi-Tones
7. Some far off better place - San Jose Cow Muzak
8. Untitled - Unknown
9. The night - Tinnitus
10.Acorn - Transparent Skin
11.Casio Love - Kraft Cheese
12.How the future began - Clint Small
13.Steggel Dicker - Zyklatt
14.Peter North - Honeysmack
15.Butter Lip Tango - Buzz Stargate
16.Aphids Thin - Candle-Snuffer

Fans of the bizarre will enjoy the new compilation cd from the Dual Plover label, The Rebirth of Fool. Buy from DP, or if you prefer, send $10 to Spill, as we have a few copies here. The bands on the cd are: supercute bye byes, sabrina, runzelstirn and gurglestock, justice yeldham and the dynamic ribbon device, funky terrorists, merzbow, New Waver, menstruation sisters, scratch my nose, deano merino, the poo touchers, sports bra, flash moustache, volvox, the jerker, dj smallcock, the faxed head, ostomy, st crustacean, bass herd, mu-mesons.

January 98

SOLIDS have released a seven-inch vinyl two-song single, "The Something Sessions". It is available in New Zealand from Corpus Hermeticum, in Britain from Fisheye, and in the USA from FuseTron and Drunken Fish.

December 97

As a trial run, we've decided to run off a couple of old tapes onto cd-recordable disks. Cdr's are ideal for situations like this - the situation being that a couple of tapes have gone "out of stock" but continue to be ordered. So instead of running another batch of tapes, we're doing cds. To start the ball rolling we've done the "Box" compilation of TV themes by various bands, and some New Waver tapes.

November 97

LapDogRecords has released a new compilation cd called Especially Friendly. It contains songs by the following bands: Solids, The Silvermine Tapes, Squadcar 97, The Lone Gunman, Rover Fido Spot, Gouache, Andrew Souza, Flywheel, Ashtray Boy, O, Pash, Jaguar is Jaguar, Tucker B's, The Frustrations, Sleepy Township. To get your copy, send $10 postage paid to LDR at po box 2427 Fitzroy, 3065, Australia.

The new TDM album "Simple Life" is out. For details see their web site.

October 97

Sleepy Township have a new seven-inch three-song vinyl ep out on Chapter.

September 97

The Snawklor label and Tenement galleries are holding an exhibition called Fifty Record Players . About thirty individuals and bands have combined to make fifty polycarbonate seven-inch singles. These will be on display at the gallery, on fifty record players, over one weekend in October. Some of the bands will play live during this weekend.

August 97

There is a new New Waver seven-inch vinyl e.p. out this month, called "Darwin Junior High", released on Melbourne/Adelaide label "Walkabout". You can get this for $6 from Walkabout, PO Box 203, Mentone, Victoria, 3194, or from Spill.

July 97

SAN JOSE COW MUZAK's "Cuentas Exoticas" is now available on cd for A$15.

April 97

Melbourne band Above Ground Pool has released a new 7-inch ep, called "Red Green Confuser". It contains four songs on black vinyl, pressed at Corduroy, in a colour cardboard cover, printed at Pulp and Pigment. It is a joint From The Same Mother / Chapter Music release. It can be got from FTSM or Chapter for $5.

March 97

There is a new SOLIDS tape out this week, called "Alga Seven".

December 96

New Waver have a tape out this month called "Mr Loser-Boozer Goes To Town".

Chapter Music have just released a new seven-inch. It's a split, with three songs each by Melbourne's SLEEPY TOWNSHIP and Sydney's CANNANES.

There's a new book out this week by Julian Williams (FTSM, Above Ground Pool, Solids). The book's called "Ripples in a Pond of Matter". Contains 10 short stories, illustrations by various people, total 100 pages, from FTSM for $4.

November 96

A few bands here managed to find there way onto the new Shy Boy compilation cd "The Family Album". You can get this via mail order from Shy Boy, or Endearing. Here's a track listing:
Butterglory - "Flooded"
Moped - "Vague"
The Cannanes - "Land of the Long Weekend"
Molasses - "Nervous"
Tully Craft - "Pink Lemonade" (4-track version)
Nothing Painted Blue - "Passing up a kiss"
Kickstand - "Consolation Prize"
Thermos Cardy - "Coffee Shop"
The Northerns - "Rope"
The Receptionists - "Stamp Song"
Clag - "Santa's Shell Suit"
Sulk - "I wish I couldn't live without you but I can"
Ben Lee - "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)"
Ashtray Boy - "Kev & Phaline"
O! - "Narwhal"
Simon Joyner - "Hold onto your breath"

October 96

LESTER VAT, singer of Volvox, has a new book out. "Thumb" is a compilation of about three years worth of Lester's two-to-four page booklets. These were reprinted by Pulp and Pigment and bound in a softback cover. About 100 pages all up, text and drawings.

September 96

Richard of Wank Engine has released a compilation tape of various artists doing covers of TV show themes. It's called "Box" . Check out this veritable roll-call of Aust. Ind. musicians as they salute the tube.

There's a new SOLIDS tape out, called "Phobos".

June 96

Endearing have just released their new split seven-inch vinyl ep featuring Australia's CLAG and Canada's B'EHL. Songs are "Fresh", "Harry", and "Scum Manor" from Clag, and "Breathe You" and "Hot Rod" from B'ehl. Get it from Spill for $5, or link to Endearing for US and Canada ordering info.

April 96

Melbourne band ABOVE GROUND POOL have just released their first album, "Bolger Cupcake Dynasty". It's on hand-pressed polycarbonate, containing 6 songs, for $10, or cassette containing 8 songs for $5.

January 96

The From The Same Mother label has just released a Small World Experience tribute compilation tape, called ''Valiant''. It contains a bunch of Perth/ Melbourne/Brisbane bands and individuals doing songs by the SWE.

Brisbane band TRIPOD are currently doing a mini-tour of Melbourne. Copies of their new cassette are available from Shytone.

Richard from SAN JOSE COW MUZAK has released a solo tape of sound-card muzak called "Songs for Scientists".

October 95

We've swapped some Spill comps for records from two overseas labels - Endearing in Canada and Spit-and-a-Half in the US. So if you want to buy these records, and you're closer to Australia than America, you can get them via Spill mail-order. The records are all seven-inch vinyl: B'ehl / Cheerleader split, Cannanes / Small World Experience split, Felt Pilots, Blairmailer / Flywheel split etc.

The Chapter Music label have released a new split 7" single featuring Brisbane's MINIMUM CHIPS and Perth's MOLASSES. 4-track arty pop in a colour-photocopy cover.

September 95

DEVOTION and New Waver have released a split tape, "Instrumentals", featuring one 25 minute side each of music with sampled speech over the top.

SOLIDS and DOUBLECHIN have a new split 7" single on see-through vinyl: "Eliptical Tomb / Mainline Freeway, Island of the Birds".

April 95

We've just released another compilation cd - Spill-3. The track listing is on the compilation page at this site.

November 94

Brisbane's SMALL WORLD EXPERIENCE have a new cd album out this month, called Shelf Life, as well as a split-single with the Cannanes, on the Denver-based Spit-and-a-Half label. They'll be touring Sydney and Melbourne in early December.

June 94

New from the FTSM label, "Atomic Turnon XYZ" (C45, features Sally, San Jose Cow Muzak, Small World Experience, Baked, Dennis Lillies, New Waver and more), "Telethon" (C40), From The Same Mother magazine #6 (Tim Adams from Ajax interview, Atomic Turnon Guide plus more), available c/o Spill.

Malignant label compilation CD featuring Slow Loris, Strontium Dog, Venom P. Stinger, Queer, Not From There, The Gatekeepers, Small World Experience, Act, Acid World, Mr Bastard, Grubbage, The Invisible Empire, Hell Meat Loser, Space Cake, Thou Gideon.