SPILL music


The Spill project was started by musicians in 1980s Brisbane as a way of keeping a permanent contact address for records released by ourselves and others. In the 90s it became a more active label and studio, based in Melbourne, Australia, organized by Greg Wadley with help from a broad community of music makers.

Spill reel-to-reel studio
80s/90s Spill studio, Fitzroy

Over 350 albums have been recorded or mastered at the Spill studio - click for details.

The first release by Spill was a compilation cassette of Australian bands produced in 1991/2. The second and third Spill compilations were released on cd in 1993 and 1995. Spill has also released albums by individual bands.

first Spill compilation
first Spill compilation

At first the Spill multimedia presence consisted of photocopied mail-order catalogues placed inside record sleeves. We started this website in 1994 - early for a music label - with help from computer scientist Richard Hagen.

Hear Greg discuss 90s-era Spill on radio 3CR show And This Ones Introduced By.

launch poster for Melbourne Water compilation
Melbourne Water launch flyer

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