SPILL music


During the 1990s Spill produced a series of compilations to highlight the exciting and diverse independent music that was emerging at that time. Decades later, these non-genre-specific collections serve as snapshots of a time when DIY musicians around the world were discovering each other and collaborating to create new sounds.

cover of Spill 1 compilation
Spill 1 compilation

We've placed online our Spill compilations ...

cover of Spill 3 compilation
Spill 3 compilation

... and are working to put the Melbourne Water series online

cover of Melbourne Water 2 compilation
Melbourne Water 2 compilation

We're hosting an archive of Bruce Milne and Andrew Maine's Fast Forward cassette magazine.

Fast Forward cassette magazine
Fast Forward cassette magazine

Spill helped organise these 'theme' compilations:

cover of Valiant compilation
Valiant compilation

The Spill Studio has also done technical work on compilations for other labels - see studio page for details.