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cover of Spill 3 compilation
Spill 3 compilation

During the 1990s Spill produced a series of compilations to highlight independent sounds then emerging around Australia and beyond. Decades later, these non-genre-specific collections serve as snapshots of a time when DIY musicians around the world were discovering each other and collaborating to create new sounds. We've placed these Spill compilations online - click album titles to hear:

cover of Melbourne Water 2 compilation
Melbourne Water 2 compilation

In the 00s we collaborated to produce the Melbourne Water compilation series. We're working to put these online - volume 1 is done and 2 is on the way:

cover of Valiant compilation
Valiant compilation

We helped organise these themed compilations in which indie bands paid tribute to their influences:

Fast Forward cassette magazine
Fast Forward cassette magazine

We're hosting an archive of Bruce Milne and Andrew Maine's Fast Forward cassette magazine. Note that we had no role in making the original magazine - we just made this archival website!

The Spill Studio has also done technical work on compilations for other labels - see studio page for details.